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  2. Want to earn money from playing games without investment
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    the gambler

    A gambler is always alone ... The gambler dreams in wins and is in a black hole in losses ... In the end he is a loser.
  5. I can't believe it it's like finding an Las Vegas wandering through the desert haha Seems like a cool community of people can't wait to see what's all happening here!
  6. Hey guys. Just here to introduce myself and letting you know i would really appreciate a Bitcoin. Ny name is Olle and i like to play bridge. Swedish guy. Going to have my first child now in May. So the extra income from a Bitcoin is much needed Best regards.
  7. Especially this late in the crypto game people aren't passing it out like candy anymore for little things or surveys or ads.
  8. The greatest Loser, the player who bets and losses almost his/her crypto LOL
  9. Yesterday
  10. ha i voted gtfo I kinda like it doe
  11. Capone


    Any time I have e ever asked I never recieved 1
  12. im can learn more about what the battle is about
  13. I'd rather say it so you know it was me. Hey lets have a rock paper scissors clan tourney too that would be boss.... group things when it comes to bias almost rng just makes no sense maybe if everyone was playing off the exact same seeds to make it fair but then everyone would find out results are not random like stated now where is my 100 eth? I proved it right there i want that 100 eth its not random if there is a mathematical equation to get an answer its not random and predicted by the games and can be altered yes altered coco says it himself its said tip can increase luck. 100 eth please and thank you.
  14. Vote and see if we can make it happen!!!
  15. Or like him. Him search every time in his shit. He is a good shit lover.
  16. You ask for it in here. And when you see something like this: $[BCGAME-121WKFZFSPFACTRJYTTRLZOGYCXJIZGSA]$ Copy fast and paste how fast you can.
  17. FFIsOn


    take a shit... find the code in your shit
  18. TUWUAN


    How do I obtain a shitcode please explain.
  19. Make small gift as a shown of gratitude to be sended out monthly via post to best player of the month (something like a coffe cup with logo of crypto user won the most and wrritings below the logo bc.games and user nick it dont need to be nothing special but it can be just memory on good times at bc.games
  20. More! M O R E ! ! ! ---shitcodes---
  21. <a href="http://www.freebiebitcoin.com">Earn free bitcoin</a>
  22. FFIsOn


    Fuck you
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