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    Welcome to ShitCorner. This is the place where you can ask for shitlinks/shitcodes. It will be dropped on random basis, at random times. Do check forum everyday and keep an eye, you might find a shitcode waiting for you. Good luck! Note: Do use the code as soon as you find one, dont wait for anyone
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    Hi. I'm new here. Wen moon?
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    check above thread!
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    Hello there, we are glad to have you with us. Hope you have made and continue to make many great friends and enjoy overall gaming experience.
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    Just wishing everyone good luck.
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    Checking the forum, Twitter, Instagram, and other Social Media platforms may be the best way. I also believe maybe if you post in the forum and get lots of like, comments, followers etc, Master CoCo may send you something. I don’t know. Make sure to like and follow me and if I ever get sent something I’ll let you all know!! if you have any other methods also be sure to comment them below to help everyone on BC out!! Cheers, Rummel34
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    Para los códigos puede verificar a continuación! Buena suerte
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    Fuckin bc game is bullshit and a while ass scam bro I’m starting to be convinced
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    I think need claim bonus 3 hour, I remember when bc game bonus 10time martingale and you have eos, eth bonus, why no can create bonuses bcd or next coins?
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    Im sorry but this is not the proper place to ask about such things.
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    Shit code please?
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    Wow.. just saw that 100k loss.. I just recently started playing and I’m at a $1,600 loss I think. I have only 1 cent of btc, ltc, doge and bcd.. (hardly play anything over $1. Sad part is.. I’m not even trying to play for wealth and profit. Trying to win enough for dumb lawyer to help me get visitation to see my son.
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    Lets go sweet or shit codes
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    shitcode pls thanks
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    BEETOIN Airdrop Big Airdrop
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    var config = { bet: { label: 'Apuesta', value: currency.minAmount, type: 'number' }, payout: {label: 'Retirada', type: 'radio', value: 2.0, options: [{value: 2.00, label: '2x'}, {value: 1.40, label: '1.4x'}, {value: 2.20, label: '2.2x'}, {value: 2.30, label: '2.3x'}]}, } function main () { var current = config.bet.value; engine.on('GAME_STARTING', function () { var latest = engine.getHistory()[0]; if(latest.crash > 199) { // verde engine.bet(current, config.payout.value); } }); engine.on('GAME_ENDED', function () { var latest = engine.getHistory()[0]; // If we wagered, it means we played if (!latest.wager) { return; } // perdimos if (!latest.cashedAt) { log.info('Perdimos ' + current + currency.currencyName); current = current * 2; } else { current = config.bet.value; } }); }
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    Ok people how about some Shitcodes Share and share alike
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    Hello. I like ducks, they go "quack" The end.
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    @Danny777 GoodEvening Sir, ShitCode Please, Hope Thank you, love you
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    So i used to try and hit the rediculous 3k 2k random rolls and did a couple times which was badass, but i have developed a method where i always use 4x and just change my bet amount. It seems like it acts diff on manual than auto and you can get more by anticipating the hit but i have not found anything that works better.
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    can check there for codes
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    Danny in jail?
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    Next full moon will occur on June 24th. Btw welcome to the bc game, mr.father
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    I don't know if I'm doing this correct or breaking so.e rule but hello how's it going? I'm new obviously... Shitcodes? Real or not real?
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    ShitCode Virgin here, if anyone would like to take my V-Badge feel free to send
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    Hi guys, I'm new here, nice to meet you ... and Good Luck. Bye
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    I think BC game should add a extra faucet button in for bcd that people can claim every 30 min
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    Hello ...clint burton ..im from NC and love BC.game ..been playing a couple of months now...very happy with it
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    I think I come here for the comments. I honestly believe the codes are just that, shit. But we're the ones here begging like dope fiends. I gotta get back to the money. This shit is a waste of time. Don't waste your life BEAUTIFUL people. -xoxoxoxo much love P.S. Or your $$$
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    I'm to the point where I will pay for a shitcode! I just want to put one it that's works. One time before I kick buckets.
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    For shitcodes, please check here
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    Hello, Wht is this???? Its a joke i think thei are never active it was postet i was less than a min after tried all of them their deactivate..!!!!! If its true that thei where ever aktive it is clear that fcking 4 codes not even once a day is a joke for the sice of the Gambling casino...could be it was ok When thei started the casino with 50 People but now it is not !!!! Look how many People spend lots of money every Day !!!! Even in other Casinos wich dont call themselves ""probably Fair" you get more Bonus ore Freespins or wht ever for Loyality ore Wagering!! Just think obout if calling yourself probably Fair and Think anout WHT THE FCK this should be with this Shitcorner !! Everybody thinks it would be possibly to get a code to use a Shitlink on the side but how many % can use this Function 0,00000001 ore Wht?? Have a nice Day!! Good Luck to all the Fooled
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    @Danny777 @Coco_Father I want to make a suggestion..please the admin and all the influential people in BC Game to extend the "active shitcode" time from 5 minutes to 10 or 15 minutes for us customers who play in BC Game to get a chance to redeem "shitcode ".. 5 minutes is very short, after all we customers are not 24 hours holding a mobile phone just waiting for" shitcode ".. so please good service admin consider my suggestion .. admin must be fair then BC This game will last a long time ..
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    It stinks in here, one day we'll have to get some sweet codes to freshen this place up! Have a good weekend shit corner $[BCGAME-163URGIYQ4RGQBTARI9UWSPN6WUXBD1W33]$ $[BCGAME-15XDWHCV8GPFW51WGDLJRA8DVRVEQDMSSV]$ $[BCGAME-126XD8ZZDHYPPSFW6BFVDYOK5KOA2EAJS]$ $[BCGAME-163PBDIVQAZYW6AYQK7AGMFWYY4MEEU8UL]$
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    Shit me a shit code shit master coco
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