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    #BCGame Sweetcode# nice coco.. i love you
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    ️️️️️️ The Team at BC.Game has been working around the clock designing the perfect way to thank our loyal players. Our brand new VIP Club will be launching within the next 24 hours! Many of the new benefits were created as a response to community suggestions. You spoke, and we listened. We aim to accommodate our most valued players as much as possible. You will love the benefits that come with the prestige for our VIPs. From bonus opportunities to extra features in chat- its going to be a lot of fun. Thank you for choosing BC.Game. ️️️️️️️
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    “Happiness is hitting the coco”
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    “Life is like this contest - It doesn’t always make sense, but If you wait long enough, sure as shit you will stumble on something that will make you chuckle and it’s all worth while.”
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    “Even a broken clock is right twice a day” 🕰 ”Men are like the bus, if you miss one another will be along in 15 minutes.” ”Even a blind squirrel 🐿 finds a nut once in a while”
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    I love the pockets on the back of your jeans. (I had one guy tell me this, when i wasnt wearing jeans nor did i have pockets. lol)
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    ok this ones for coco.. what do u call an alligator detective??? .... ..... An investi-GATOR #corny/funny
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    What do you call a fake noodle .... ..... An impasta!!
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    #BCGame Sweetcode# #BCGame(code-MoonOrSpoon)
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