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    I have always wanted to test a strategy for days or even weeks. So now im gonna start it. Start is 5000 BTT My strategy: 6.6x payout, 20% on loss with 0.0001 BTT BB If my calculations are correct, i have a 0.000072% chance to bust. I will keep yall updated!
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    Some countries have stricter gambling laws than others.
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    Gryphon's Castle Betting ID: 1711460680988787975 multiply: 552.2x
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    Рейтинг этого казино не из лучших ... https://prnt.sc/1t0zazk ... может администрация задумается...
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    Этому казино уже несколько лет, и это уже не первые жалобы.. но воз и ныне там(( Будем надеяться что казино не захочет еще больше портить свою репутацию и пойдут на встречу игрокам.
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    after the end of the challenge, all of you who tried to cheat will get banned
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    Updated promos section to include archive subcategory for easier viewing Created Site & Forum Updates under Announcements which will be used as a changelog Updated spam filter to reduce the number of posts that need to be reviewed before visible Popular posts updated to display from the last 12 hours - updated from 1 hour Minor CSS updates That's all for now! If there's something you found that needs to be updated/fixed, feel free to PM me. Please DO NOT PM me regarding bonuses or anything related to them. I don't do that, thanks. - Dash
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    Coolguyaye is my username
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    I mean, im all for that for sure.. I hope this tip isnt some kind of joking haha kinda tip
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    React. React. React! Thank you for the opportunity.
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    Starts: 14, September 17:00 GMT Ends: 21, September 17:00 GMT Welcome back, this week we have a Mascot Gaming slot event, with a huge $4,000 prize pool! What's the Challenge? Mascot Slots Multiplier battle - Get the highest multiplier on any of the Mascot slots below Wild Spirit Book of Amaterasu Riot Gryphon's Castle Each player can only win 1 prize per slot, if a player submits more than 1 entry for the same slot, only the highest multiplier will count. You do not need to post entries for all the slots, but if you do want to post an entry for all 4, then you can! Minimum VIP Tier Must be VIP10 or higher in order to enter this challenge. Minimum Bet Size Wild Spirit - $0.40 Book of Amaterasu- $0.20 Riot - $0.30 Gryphon's Castle - $0.20 Eligible Coins All coins are eligible (excluding JB) Available Prizes Wild Spirit - 1st place.....$500 2nd place.....$300 3rd place.....$200 Book of Amaterasu - 1st place.....$500 2nd place.....$300 3rd place.....$200 Riot- 1st place.....$500 2nd place.....$300 3rd place.....$200 Gryphon's Castle - 1st place.....$500 2nd place.....$300 3rd place.....$200 How to Enter To enter, copy the bet ID of the bet you'd like to submit Once you've copied it, post it as a reply to this thread like so: Betting ID: 1708854428417660423 In the same post, upload a screenshot of your win by clicking the game ID WITH VIEW IN USD mode ENABLED (accessible at the bottom of dropdown menu for your wallet up top. This way, we can ensure that your bet indeed met the minimum requirement at the time of placing it:
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