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    BC.Game New Series Of Master Medal Opinions Collection Dear BC.Game Players, ️ Do you want to win DOGE SHITCODE? Top Up To 20k DOGE !!! Are you ready for an exciting event? We at BC.Game need your help! Our team is working hard since a few months to bring to you a new, improved and advanced BC.Game version! Amongst the many new features; we have a new MEDAL system too! We invite you all to give us your suggestions about the new medals! BC.Game wants to know what medals you want! The name, the details, the rules of the medal everything! You suggest and we will make it happen! 🎖 As you already know DOGE is our beloved coin which is used for rewarding our winners in community activities and events. 🎖 Therefore, each medal which is chosen will bring a reward of 1000 Doge for its creator! Rules: 1. All BC.Game players are eligible to participate 2. In case of repetition, the time of posting the comment will be considered. 3. Do not edit the post, but you may post a new one. 4. Each winning medal suggestion carries 1000 Doge in prize. 5. Actully you don't need use multiple accounts in this event, rewards can be issued repeatedly. What are you waiting for? Wear your thinking hats, create an Amazing Medal for BC and win TOP Up To 20000 DOGE ! End @ 04 / 30 / 2021 00:00 (UTC+0) _________ GOOD LUCK!_________ + ======================================= + Thank you for your enthusiastic participation. We have received thousands of comments, therefore we need time to review carefully. The draw time will be announced at 00:00 on 15th May, 2021 (UTC+0). The reward will be sent via notification and you can claim it to get the reward. Thank you for your support!
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    BC UNIQUE SLOTS IS COMING! ! ! Tell a story about "Cave of Plunder" and GET 10K DOGE Simple Instructions: When you spin to the Rose Bible / Cross Chain / Magic Ruby you will be rewarded accordingly If you collect a certain number of items, you will get additional rewards: Four Rose Bibles 7.5x Six magic rubies 21.0x Eight cross chains get one ActionSpin【✝】 But you will risk spinning out of skeletons or nothing Story No.1: Coco Alexander stole all the DOGE from players and hid them in the "Cave of Plunder" ..... Challenger needs to collect relics to get treasure. But Coco is the commander of the Red Skull Legion. He won't let you get rewards easily. He will send his competent staff to prevent BIGWIN from happening. No one can take a penny from the cave! Pledge allegiance to Red Legion and comment with a red creature to get 100 DOGE! Best story will get 10000 DOGE!
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    Welcome to ShitCorner. This is the place where you can ask for shitlinks/shitcodes. It will be dropped on random basis, at random times. Do check forum everyday and keep an eye, you might find a shitcode waiting for you. Good luck! Note: Do use the code as soon as you find one, dont wait for anyone
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    I’m Dreaming Of A Shite Christmas Dec. 14 - Dec. 25 Description: While every other casino out there is boring you with season’s greetings and the same old cookie cutter events year after year, BC.Game is the only casino that is giving you what you really want for Christmas….. Shitcodes, shitcodes and more shitcodes. That’s right. All you have to do receive these amazing gifts is to be present for the presents. How To Win: At random times, we will be posting long lists of shitcodes in chat. They will all contain a random amount of cryptocurrency. That’s not all. We promised you this would be exciting. Inside every list that we post in chat there will be at least one shitcode worth waaaaay more than the rest. So choose carefully and copy/paste quickly. Rules: One rule. Do not abuse this event with multiple accounts. If you are caught redeeming the codes from more than one account you will be banned and you will be forbidden to enter any future events.
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    Hello and welcome to TipCorner Here you can request for TIPS by completing minor tasks. React On My Post Qualifies You For A TIP.
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    What do you think of BC 3.0? How do you feel? How about the new interface? Do you like it? How is the game experience? Have you found a bug? If your feedback is a bug we haven't found yet, you can get extra BONUS. Any other suggestions? Leave a message, we will select 10 high-quality comments, and each user will be rewarded up to 100$. End time: April 19, 2021 00:00:00 UTC +===================================+ Thank you for your enthusiastic response! The event is end. We are glad to receive your comments. Since there are currently thousands of suggestions, we need time to review them. We will announce the list of winners and send reward in notification at 00:00 (UTC+0) April 27 th, 2021. Thanks again! Edit time: April 19, 2021 00:00:00 UTC +===================================+ Congratulation to the players who won the prize: observe $ 100.777 xup6ux96oplucky $ 100.777 Skele $ 100.777 🥷ReSircH $ 100.777 BitsCheerful $ 100.777 Kristalina $ 77.777 Ginko $ 66.777 iBxxxDracula $ 64.777 🎖Khosro pooly $ 60.777 🎗bassabar $ 58.777 🎗Alexord $ 56.777 🎗[]D [] []V[] []D $ 55.777 🎗Osho Dancing $ 52.777 🎗アみJohn Wick $ 49.777 Thank you for your participation! Looking forward to the next exciting event! Edit time: April 27, 2021 00:00:00 UTC +===================================+ [Event Ends]
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    I pledge allegiance to Red Legion! -Coco
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    React. React. React! Thank you for the opportunity.
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    BC.Game Slogan Competition Prize For The Best Slogan Is 1 ETH! We have been racking our brains trying to come up with the best slogan for BC.Game. A slogan that captures the very essence of what BC.Game is. Since none of us are mature enough to come up with a real slogan that didn’t involve something inappropriate, or in Coco’s case, completely NSFW, we decided to call upon you. Our amazing and creative community that has never once let us down or failed to deliver. So put your collective awesomeness to work and bring us the best slogan you can think of. 2 slogans maximum per player. The reward is 1 ETH. If there are two slogans that are very similar, the one that posted first will get the prize. If you edit your post then the timestamp of the edit will be used to determine which post was made first, in the event of similar slogans. Admins will be the judges. We look forward to seeing what you can come up with. I know it will be better than mine, which was, “BC.game Gamble Gamble” or Coco’s which I can’t even type because it was so NSFW that I would have to ban myself for repeating it. Here are some examples, the slogan should be loud and concise Nike – Just Do It. Apple – Think Different. Wendy's – Where's the Beef? Coca-Cola – Open Happiness. L'Oreal – Because You're Worth It. M&Ms – Melts in Your Mouth, Not in Your Hands. De Beers – A Diamond is Forever. Wheaties – The Breakfast of Champions.
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    Toilet Paper War Get Your Share Of The 10 BTC Event Jackpot! We just discovered that bankers all over the world have been buying all the toilet paper so they can use it to print fiat currencies on. Well, we are here to protect your butts. We have a huge supply of TP and it will never be used to inflate fiat. Come get your TP coins, crypto community. TP hoarding has never been so rewarding How to get fresh TP-Coin? Telegram Warm-up We have a week-long warm-up at the official telegram channel of BC.Game where we will give away 10 TP-Coin when you join us. In addition, if you invite friends to our channel, you and your friend will get 10 TP-Coin respectively. Telegram warm-up will start at UTC-5 1 April 20th 00:00 and end at UTC-5 April 26th 23:59 Wagering=Mining Wager 1USD (Support BTC/ETH/XRP/DOGE/USDT) to mine 1 TP-Coin Don’t have those coins? No problem, there are other ways. See below. Daily TP-Coin Faucet You have a chance to win 100-1000 TP-Coin every time you grab the toilet paper! You will get more chances to grab if you invite friends to the war. Up to 5 extra chances everyday! Invite Friends Invite 1 friend to join the war and you will get 30% of her/his TP-Coin. For example: You invited Coco and Coco mined 100 TP-Coin through wagering the supported coins.Then you will get 30 TP-Coin (Note: You will need to claim those TP-Coin at AFFILIATE page). Find TP-Coin sweetcodes in the forum Click this link to be redirected back to this post. Rewards Details: The war will start at UTC-5 April 27th 00:00 and end at UTC-5 May 3rd 23:59 During the war, top 50 TP-Coin holders will share 0.1BTC+bankroll share everyday (the rank is based on the how many you collected daily). The final jackpot will be sent out on the 10th day, top 50 TP-Coin holders will share 1BTC+Bankroll share. Jackpot up to 10BTC. Distribution ratio: 17.7% of the final jackpot for 1st holder 13.3% for 2nd holder 9.7% for 3rd holder 7.2% for 4th holder 🎖5.1% for 5th holder 2.4% for 6th~10th holders 1.3% for 11th~20th holders 0.9% for 21th~30th holders 0.7% for 31th~40th holders 0.6% for 41th~50th holders Notes: TP-Coin will be recalled for banknote-printing purpose after the war. Players can’t Coindrop/Rain/Tip/Withdraw/Deposit TP-Coin. Any player who attempts to use multiple accounts will be disqualified and banned from all collection of winnings and bonuses. All Cheaters will be made fun of by everyone and humiliated by Coco's butt without mercy. It’s a war! No holds are barred. Go get that TP!
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    BC.Game 3.0 Launch Event Scavenger Hunt Begins The Moment 3.0 Goes Live Deadline for posting your scavenger hunt finds is April 3rd We are sure you’ve heard by now about our new stable coin, BCD and are wondering how you can get your hands on some. Well, we are happy to announce that for the first week of BC.Game 3.0, you can participate in our very profitable scavenger hunt event to earn some of these sweet sweet coins. Good luck and happy hunting. How to play: It’s easy! Just complete the gameplay challenges and find the hidden items from the list below and earn your rewards. The more things you check off your list, the bigger your reward will be. That’s all. Easy money. (Please Note: All scavenger hunt items that require game play have a minimum wager of $0.10) Scavenger Hunt Items: Hunt Location Hunt Type Hunt Target 1 Classic Dice Roll 99.09 2 BC.Game Find/screenshot this sentence No bank, government agency, or individual could manipulate cryptocurrency 3 The Wheel Multiplier 9.9x 4 Chat Rain Rain any coin 5 Savior Sword Slots Spin Get the sword bonus 6 Cave of Plunder Multiplier 7.50x 7 Limbo Multiplier 13.5x 8 BC.Game Find/screenshot this sentence Encourage miners to mine 9 Right Here Free Point Congrats. Check this one as complete. 10 BC.Game Find/screenshot this icon 11 Classic Dice Multiplier 110x 12 Plinko Multiplier 7.1x 13 Hi-Lo Win with Two consecutive Aces or Kings 14 HashDice Roll 55000 15 HashDice Multiplier 30x 16 Plinko Hit 43x 17 BC.Game Find/Screenshot this sentence Generally speaking, each transaction requires 5-10 minutes before it can be confirmed by the blockchain network. 18 The Wheel Win with Two consecutive 9.9x 19 Keno Multiplayer Win with Two consecutive highest scores 20 Cave of Plunder Spin The action spin 21 BC.Game Find/Screenshot this sentence First we calculate the hash value of the combination with HMAC_SHA256. This gives us a 64-character hexadecimal string: hash = HMAC_SHA256 (clientSeed:nonce:round:puzzle, serverSeed). 22 Any slot game Multiplier 500x or greater 23 Any slot game Multiplier 1000x or greater 24 ??? Win with 3 red female pirates 25 ??? Win with A Jokerizer Mode Bonus 26 ??? Multiplier 14.1428x 27 Plinko Hit 1000x 28 Hi-Lo Win with Ace, 2, 3 29 Hi-Lo Win with Betting High 5 times in a row 30 Hi-Lo Win with Betting Low 5 times in a row 31 The Wheel Win with Two consecutive 19.8x 32 ??? Win with Two consecutive 39.6x 33 Limbo Multiplier 3000x 34 Limbo Win with Five Consecutive 3.0x 35 Limbo Win with Six Consecutive 3.0x 36 Limbo Win with Seven Consecutive 3.0x 37 Chat Tell a Mod That he or she is beautiful and you think they are amazing. (Screenshot the Mod’s reply) 38 Classic Dice Win with Five consecutive 50/50 bets 39 Classic Dice Win with Ten consecutive 50/50 bets 40 Keno Win with 7/9 with a pattern shape of a “b” Rewards: Each item on the scavenger hunt list is worth 1 point. Each time you reach a new rewards tier, it replaces the previous rewards tier. (examples: If you score 5 points, all 5 points are worth 1 BCD each. If you score 10 points, all 10 points are worth 2 BCD each and 10 doge each. If you score 11 points, all 11 points are worth 2.5 BCD each. Points Points Reward Reward 2 Reward 3 1-5 1 BCD per point 6-10 2 BCD per point 10 Doge per point 11-15 2.5 BCD per point 30 Doge per point ??? 16-20 3 BCD per point 50 Doge per point 2 EOS 21-25 3 BCD per point 100 Doge per point 5 EOS 26-30 3.5 BCD per point 150 Doge per point 10 EOS 31-35 3.5 BCD per point 200 Doge per point 15 EOS 36-39 3.5 BCD per point 300 Doge per point 20 EOS 40 5 BCD per point 800 Doge per point 25 EOS How to Submit Your Scavenger Hunt Progress: Let's do our best to keep this organized. Submit your finds in the form of screenshots and/or game IDs. Do not scatter all your different scavenger hunt items throughout several different comments. If you do this, our team will likely ignore your entries for this event. Seriously, please label the number of your scavenger hunt. Don't just post a bunch of screenshots and expect us to know what it means. RULES Only bets that were made after the date and time of this announcement will be counted. Entering from multiple accounts will lead to a ban from all future challenges Your BC.Game Forum name must match your BC.Game username that you use in the casino. VIP Level 4 or higher may participate. Reply to this topic only. Do not create a new topic thread. Do not quote anything on this Topic thread. Minimum bet amount is $0.10 in any cryptocurrency. JB coin is not allowed. In the event of a tie, the prize will be split evenly. I'm stupid because ties are not possible. Welcome To BC.Game 3.0 Good Luck, From The BC.Game Team
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    I'd love to see a medal for a 500x or higher medal in any 3 games - excluding classic dice, hashdice and limbo that being said, ill think of a few more ideas to throw your way edits/update: TRX Top 1 - SUSHI Top 1 - YFI Top1 - AAVE Top 1 - AVC Top 1 - BSV Top 1 - XRP Top 1 - USDT Top 1 - LTC Top 1 - XLM Top 1 - SATS Top 1 - USDC Top 1 - XMR Top 1 - UNI Top 1 - DAI Top 1 - VSYS Top 1 - DOT Top 1 - LINK Top 1 - WBTC Top 1 - SNX Top 1 - MANA Top 1 - BAT Top 1 - ENJ Top 1 - AMPL Top 1 - VNDC Top 1 - EURS Top 1 - NBX Top 1 - TRTL Top 1 - BCH Top 1 final master medal and most difficult to obtain should be 10,000,000 rolls/rounds played on all 16 (soon 17) games offered by BC.Game. points are only calculated from all coins in wallet with the exception of TRTL and JB. clause: If TRTL wager is to be counted towards this medal, minumum requirement is 10 Satoshi worth per wager placed. ill be back with more later.
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    Christmas Contest Deck Coco’s Halls Dec. 14 - Dec. 25 Description: Merry Christmas, BC.Game community! We’ve been so busy this holiday season that we forgot to decorate. We need you to Deck Coco’s Halls. Submit your very best BC.Game/Christmas themed creations. It can be anything as long as it is unique and creative. Videos, drawings, songs, poetry, or anything your heart desires. We’ve seen how creative the BC.Game community can be so bring your very best. If you really wow us, Coco won’t leave a Christmas shit under your tree. Rules: No plagiarism. Do not copy and paste or screenshot someone else’s work. All submissions must be your own creation. Maximum of 5 entries. All entries must be submitted before Dec. 25rth. Entering from multiple accounts will lead to a ban from all future challenges Your BC.Game Forum name must match your BC.Game username that you use in the casino. VIP Level 2 or higher may participate. Reply to this topic only. Do not create a new topic thread. Do not quote anything on this Topic thread. Prizes 1st Prize = $100 2nd Prize = $75 3rd Prize = $55 4th - 10th Prize = $20 Contest will be judged by the BC.Game Admins. All decisions are final. Payouts will be made as quickly as possible. Usually within 48 hours but may take up to 2 weeks after the close of the competition.
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    I pledge allegiance to Red Legion! Once upon a time there was a cave. Then the RED Legion took over the world and lived happily ever after. The End.
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    Qualified TipCorner Players React On This Post For Further Instruction. Good Luck
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    I think we should have a medal for Awesome loser You lose but you take it like a champ
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    Win Meme Coins Forum Event Prize Pools 10,000 DOGE 100,000 BANANO 1,000,000 TRTL Starts 04/24/2021- Ends 05/01/2021 Description Did you miss out on the recent meme coins being pumped? No worries. BC.game has your tickets to the moon . Post your highest multipliers on the three slots games listed below. The 20 players with the highest score will each take their share of the meme coins prize pool. Rewards Placement is decided by your total points. 1st - 50% 2nd - 25% 3rd - 12% 4th - 6% 5th - 3% 6th - 20th - Splits the remaining prize pool Games The Dog House (Minimum bet = $0.20) Loco The Monkey (Minimum bet = $0.25) Wild Pops (Minimum bet = $0.20) Points Your multiplier is your points. Example: 10x = 10 points 5x = 5 points 123.76x = 123.76 points How To Enter Post a screenshot and copy/paste your Bet ID You may only submit one multiplier per game. You must submit one multiplier for each game. Your total points will be the sum of all three multipliers. Bonus Buy-Ins are allowed. Your screenshot should look like this Remember. Only one score per game can be entered and you must submit a score for all three games. That’s a total of three screenshots and three bet IDs. No more than three. No less than three. In the event of a tie score, the player with the higher wager amount will be the winner. In the event of a tie score and ssame wager amounts, the prize will be split between the highest qualifying winners. Bonus buy-ins will be counted as the cost of the bonus buy-in. Rules Only bets placed after the time and date of this post will be counted. No using multiple accounts. When we catch you using multiple accounts you will be banned from this and all future events. No Spamming this thread. Keep it clean and organized so we can focus on counting points and giving out rewards. Please. All posts unrelated to this contest will be removed and my minions will destroy you. Tell Coco that you love his new hair style. It really compliments his eyes. No changing your username during the event. Your BC.Game username must be the same as your Forum username. Reply to this topic. Do Not quote anything in this topic. Tell Yoko that she has a nice personality… Remember, this is for fun and entertainment. So have fun and be entertained. Must be VIP level 4 or higher. No JB. All other coins are ok. Terms and Stuff BC.Game offers contests and rewards for entertainment purposes. Entering a contest or challenge at BC.Game does not constitute entering into a contract with BC.Game. BC.Game reserves the right to change any and all aspects of the contests and/or rewards. If you participate in an event, contest or challenge at BC.Game and do not receive a reward, it is because you did not qualify. If you are certain that you should have received a reward but did not, please contact customer service. Please note that once you receive an answer regarding any rewards, the admins decision is final. Please read and understand our full terms and conditions before participating in any contests. + =============================================================== + This event has ended, thank you for your participation. Rewards will be sent via reward notifications on May 6th, 2021. thank you again, and look forward to the next event!
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    I am the most beautiful in BC.Game
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    My official contest entry. I think it's safe to say I pretty much nailed it. Deck the halls with balls
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    React On All Post Of Mine You Come Across In Order To Unluck Special Gifts.
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    Best win of the day with 1 single bet should get a medal. Daily top dog!
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    Christmas Contest Dice Roll Hunt Dec. 14 - Dec. 25 Prize Pool = $10,000 Description: ‘Tis the season for hunting. No, we aren’t talking about shooting a Christmas goose. We are talking about dice roll hunting, of course. Every player that is able to land specific rolls while playing dice will be having a very merry Christmas. Courtesy of BC.Game How To Win: While playing Classic Dice, rolling any of the numbers below will earn you points. Some numbers are worth more than others. At the end of the contest, the winners will be decided based on which players have earned the most points.. Qualifying rolls and how many points each are worth: Roll Points 12.23 1 12.24 2 12.25 3 100 5 0.00 5 Rules: Classic Dice Rolls Only Only bets that were made after the date and time of this announcement will be counted. All entries must be submitted by Dec 25th. Entering from multiple accounts will lead to a ban from all future challenges Your BC.Game Forum name must match your BC.Game username that you use in the casino. VIP Level 2 or higher may participate. Reply to this topic only. Do not create a new topic thread. Do not quote anything on this Topic thread. Roll must be a win. Minimum bet amount is $0.10 in any crypto currency. JB coin is not allowed. In the event of a tie, the prize will be split evenly. How to Enter: Reply To This Topic Using: Your qualifying Game ID(s) A Screenshot of your bet detail screen showing the roll. (Click on your Game ID to see this) BC.Game username. If you have already submitted an entry and want to add more, you must include your previous rolls in your new entry post. If you create more than one post, only your last forum post will be counted. Please make sure screenshots are not blurry. Example Screenshot: Prizes: 1st Prize = $1,000 2nd Prize = $500 3rd Prize = $250 4th Prize = $100 5th Prize = $75 6th Prize = $50 7th - 25th Prize = $25 26th = Infinity = Will split the remainder of the prize pool. Good Luck! From The BC.Game Team.
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    Dear BC Game Players, We are excited to announce yet another event. Once again BC Game needs your help, this time we need your help to decide which logo is the best amongst the three. Since our inception, we always have listened and valued our players feedback and suggestion, and this time is no different. We want you to be part of this decision making. Event Details Event will run for 7 days Start Date:13.03.2021 9:00 UTC 0+ End Date: 20.03.2021 9:00 UTC 0+ Rules: 1. Event is open to all BC Game players 2. You will need to choose 1 logo that's most visually appealing to you and represents BC Game the best. 3. Enter your choice below and submit. 4. Editing is not allowed you can quote your previous post if you decided to change your mind. 5. Only one option can be chosen. 5. Winner Logo will earn its voters prizes, more on that will be updated shortly. 6. All forum rules apply. OPTION A OPTION B OPTION C Once again thanks for your dedication, loyalty and participation. Good Luck
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    #BCGame Sweetcode# nice coco.. i love you
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    Greetings BC.Gamers! Some of you may have already received rewards for your posts made here in the BC.Game forums and already know about this program - For the ones that aren't aware of this, I'd like to introduce to you our forum rewards program. We've started giving out rewards (yes, in real coin) for posts that we deem as high quality and/or interesting to the reader here in the forums. The rewards are directly sent to your BCGame account and there's nothing extra you need to do to claim your reward. How Much Can I Receive? What Kind of Posts Qualify? The amount you can receive is variable, and is based on things like content quality, relevance, post length as well as a few other hidden attributes when reviewing posts for rewards. Just about all categories are eligible, other than ones under the Junkyard section. Helpful posts, such as helping a fellow BC.Gamer in the Support section can also qualify. How Do I Ensure that I have the Best Chance of Receiving a Reward? One secret that I'll share with you is that we also look for user engagement. What i mean by this is creating posts that naturally promote user engagement (aka replies) amongst other BC.Gamers. Note that it is very obvious when users are attempting to create content just for this reason, and such posts will just be taken down for spam. Also note that any attempts to manipulate the system or using plagiarized content from another site will result in the content being removed and your forum account getting restricted or banned depending on the offense. With all of this being said, we look forward to seeing your quality posts here in the BCGame forums - Remember, the better the quality the bigger the reward! - Dash
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    should be a medal for 100 losses in a row. call it Straight Loser Medal
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    This is the moment everyone's been waiting for... Without further delay, I'd like to introduce to you, BC.Game VIP Rakeback Now you can get up to 15% back on ALL bets wagered on the site - We promised, and we delivered! Rakeback is available to claim every 30 minutes for VIPs level 14 and up, and continues to stack up until you decide to cash out! The balances are refreshed every 2 minutes. There's no expiration dates, no penalties for leaving rakeback to collect. Below is the rakeback % amounts for the various VIP level tiers: How is Rakeback calculated? Easy - To calculate rakeback, you just multiply your total wagered amount by the house edge of the game being played. Then, you would multiply that amount by 15% (or your respective % amount), which would be how much you accrued from that session. Each coin you play with stacks up separately for you to claim all at once. If you can, try going for longer periods without claiming your rakeback for the most effectiveness. You will most likely be very surprised at how much you saved up in free coin in just a few weeks! If you're not a level 14 yet, you need to get to wagering so you can get there - Once you do reach it, you should have a nice amount waiting for you Please keep in mind that this is our initial launch of rakeback, so we may need to adjust things and get them dialed in. If you experience any issues, please don't hesitate to PM me directly on here should it be regarding the rakeback platform. Good luck everyone, and thanks for choosing BC.Game - Looks like being a BCVIP is starting to pay dividends to its loyal players
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    PROMOTION DETAILS Receive rewards in Doge for quality topics created under any of the games within the Game Specific Discussion category on BC.Game's forum REWARD AMOUNT Between 50 - 1,000 Doge for each topic Depends on quality of content VALID BETWEEN August 6 - 13, 2020 We have a new promo for the forums that started today! Currently, we’re offering rewards in the form of FREE COINS for valid topics created under the Game-specific Discussion category (for any game subcategory). Each topic will be rewarded between 50 - 1,000 Doge. The amount we choose to give will be based on the quality of the content, topic length, as well as user engagement within the topic. PROMOTION RULES & DETAILS VALID FOR TOPICS CREATED BETWEEN AUGUST 6 - 13TH Only topics created under any of the Game-specific Discussions categories between August 6th - 13th will qualify for this promotion. NO SPAM OR JUNK POSTS Cannot say this enough times. Posting spam/junk will earn you 0 and get you banned from posting on the forums. MUST BE RELEVANT CONTENT The created topic must be relevant to the game category you post under. Don’t about your Saturday night under the Crash section, this will just get you banned. DO NOT PLAGIARIZE / COPY CONTENT FROM OTHER SITES We’ll be checking all content for plagiarism - any copied content will be removed and disqualified from this promo. TOPICS MUST BE WRITTEN IN ENGLISH In order to qualify for this promo, the topic must be written in English. TOPIC MUST BE CREATED WITHIN GAME -SPECIFIC DISCUSSIONS TO QUALIFY Topics must be created under one of the game subcategories within the Game-specific Discussion category. Here are the subcategories that are valid for this promo offer: REWARDS WILL BE SENT TO YOUR BC.GAME ACCOUNT All valid rewards will be sent directly to your BC.Game account as a bonus. Please do not bother support, mods or admins about when you’ll be receiving your reward on your topic. Doing so will not speed up the process at all. There is no max limit on how many topics you can receive rewards on, however if we notice that you are creating poor quality topics just to try and receive more rewards, you’ll just be disqualified from receiving rewards on any of them. In other words create quality topics that others want to naturally reply to. Keep in mind, a single well written, high quality topic can receive 20 times the amount as just a decent one. Lastly for clarification, this promotion is for NEW TOPICS CREATED and not for replies to the topics. However, we will be scanning through the replies and if your reply is considered high quality you just may receive a reward as well. If all goes well, we’ll select different categories which will be eligible to receive rewards for topics created during a set period of time. Hope some of you end up making some extra coin from this promo! Ready to write some quality content now? Click Here to get started.
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    Requests Are Coming In On BC.GAME In Large Numbers Reply To This Post With Your BC.GAME Username For Identification React To This Post Good Luck
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    Do we need to comment, or will Liking the post do?
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    I pledge allegiance to Red Legion! Cave of Plunder is new many red crystal/treasure #AllInRed
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    Folks , KEEP IT CIVIL HERE, no fighting and abusing/insulting one another
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