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    $10k Top Tier Oriental Beauties Challenge #12 Welcome back to our new weekly event with a prize pool of up to $10,000! Sometimes you need to immerse yourself in the beauty of nature to realize that new leaves, new flowers, are the infinite blessing of a new beginning. Challenge your skills and have fun with our exclusive Oriental Beauties game. What's the Challenge? Win a bet on Oriental Beauties with the highest possible multiplier, bonus rounds (free spins) are also valid. We have 10 ranked prizes on offer. More details are given further on. In case of a tie, the player with a higher bet amount will be given the advantage. If there is a tie in the amount and payout, the one who posted or edited his post first will be considered in the Ranking. Minimum VIP Tier Must be VIP08 or higher in order to enter this challenge. Minimum Payout Minimum payout to qualify is 10x Minimum Bet Size $0.05 USD equivalent Eligible Coins All coins are eligible (excepting JB) PRIZE POOL & REWARD BREAKDOWN How to Enter To enter, copy the bet ID of the bet you'd like to submit. Once you've copied it, post it as a reply to this thread like so: Betting ID: 40013697740965431 In the same post, upload a screenshot of your win by clicking the game ID WITH VIEW IN USD mode ENABLED (accessible at the bottom of dropdown menu for your wallet up top. This way, we can ensure that your bet indeed met the minimum requirement at the time of placing it: Please combine all of your hits together in a SINGLE post. Edit your existing post for additional hits, don't create a new post. Bets must be posted within 24 hours of placing bet in order to keep things fair for everyone. Bets must be made during the specified time window stated above. This thread will lock automatically when the time period is over. One (1) entry per household. Anyone found attempting to win multiple prizes will be disqualified from this challenge as well as all future challenges. Failure to follow instructions will result in your submission being null and void. By entering this challenge, you acknowledge that BC.Game has the final decision on results and placement. Payouts will be made within 72 hours of challenge completion, please be patient, we promise you that we haven't forgotten. We check and double check to make sure the rightful winners receive their prize. Prizes will be paid out in BCD. Good luck everyone!
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    #BCGame Sweetcode# nice coco.. i love you
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