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    Welcome to ShitCorner. This is the place where you can ask for shitlinks/shitcodes. It will be dropped on random basis, at random times. Do check forum everyday and keep an eye, you might find a shitcode waiting for you. Good luck! Note: Do use the code as soon as you find one, dont wait for anyone
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    Hi everyone! BC.Game Is Hiring Community Managers. We Are Especially Interested In Hiring Community Managers Based In India, Phillippine, Indonesia, and Veitnam Territories. This will be a work from home full-time job with monthly salary! Candidates must speak the language of their target region fluently. The tasks for the job will be the following: 1. Chatroom maintencace in the corresponding language. 2. Collect problems toward the bc.game product. 3. Game feedback and any other suggestions. Generally the role is a bit customer service+ MODS. Please fill out this form if you would like to apply. If you qualify, our hiring manager will reach out to you for an interview and to discuss the details of the position. Your responses will not show in this forum. As always, your information is secure. https://reurl.cc/Lbl7ly Also send your CV to joliebc@protonmail.com Thank you!
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    Folks , KEEP IT CIVIL HERE, no fighting and abusing/insulting one another
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    BC.Game Slogan Competition Prize For The Best Slogan Is 1 ETH! We have been racking our brains trying to come up with the best slogan for BC.Game. A slogan that captures the very essence of what BC.Game is. Since none of us are mature enough to come up with a real slogan that didn’t involve something inappropriate, or in Coco’s case, completely NSFW, we decided to call upon you. Our amazing and creative community that has never once let us down or failed to deliver. So put your collective awesomeness to work and bring us the best slogan you can think of. 2 slogans maximum per player. The reward is 1 ETH. If there are two slogans that are very similar, the one that posted first will get the prize. If you edit your post then the timestamp of the edit will be used to determine which post was made first, in the event of similar slogans. Admins will be the judges. We look forward to seeing what you can come up with. I know it will be better than mine, which was, “BC.game Gamble Gamble” or Coco’s which I can’t even type because it was so NSFW that I would have to ban myself for repeating it. Here are some examples, the slogan should be loud and concise Nike – Just Do It. Apple – Think Different. Wendy's – Where's the Beef? Coca-Cola – Open Happiness. L'Oreal – Because You're Worth It. M&Ms – Melts in Your Mouth, Not in Your Hands. De Beers – A Diamond is Forever. Wheaties – The Breakfast of Champions.
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    Guys, let's vote for the countdown timer, it's definitely gonna be a game changer.
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    Hi. I'm new here. Wen moon?
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    Hey all. This is not investment advice. This is not a referral link either. I am not being paid for this nor do I receive anything if you decide to join. This is just me sharing with you a project that I think will be super successful. It's brand new so the cost of buying in is the lowest it will ever be. I'll disclose how much I'm holding, how much I'm farming and the progress of the project as the weeks go by. Project info The project is called Sphynx Network. The token is SPH on the Binance Smart Chain. The website is https://www.sphynx.network/ (not a referral link) This is the BSC Scan link to the smart contract: https://bscscan.com/token/0x8bac6b4af65c8c1967a0fbc27cd37fd6059daa00 My Info I'm holding: 430210653 SPH I'm currently farming: 5000 / 3sec. That's 5000 tokens every 3 seconds! I've farmed just over 10 million. Only 7.5 million of my farmed tokens are included in my balance above because the rest are still in my vault. I can withdraw them any time. Most of you know I don't shill for projects. I would never post about a project that I did not believe in. In the spirit of transparency and full disclosure, I've included a screenshot of my holdings and a screenshot of my farmed balance as well. This project has just launched so as always DYOR before making any purchase decisions. I have just recently starting being interested in BSC DeFi projects but I have a 100% success rate so far out of the 19 different tokens I've bought. Not one of them is in the red. Proof that I am the new Warren Buffet of Binance Smart Chain DeFi projects below. This is my BSC portfolio. You can see that every token I have has only increased in value. This highlighted blue line below is my SPH on the same chart as the pic above. For tracking, I'm using Bogged Finance Tools. If you would like me to continue updating this forum regarding my DeFi adventures and top picks, let me know in the comments. Also, let me know if you decided to support this project in any way. I might have something special for you. wink wink.
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    are u fucking serious I was the first person on here it said so. I copy and pasted and it was deactivated. bro I just sat three fucking hours four that this is a fucking joke man. fuck all of this
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    @Danny777 stop deactivating codes so fast or everyone will quit your site, it isnt fun or fair. today the codes were deactivated in 20 seconds and no one is gonna stick around for that kinda bullshit
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    yeah playing with someones mind is a sure way to make them stay away, your just posting the same old codes. i have a level 31 account for sale as of NOW.
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    @Danny777man I'm serious bro, this is some straight bullshit. man I have been waiting here day after day after day today for three straight hours. then I'm the first one to see it post and the code is deactivated before I had time to copy and paste it. the first person and it was deactivated. come the fuck on man , this shit is fucked up. I'm really starting to feel some type of way about this shit. it's disrespectful. why even have the fucking things if you're gonna do us like this? do u guys think it's funny? man what the fuck?!
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    This is my first time wanting shitcode i love you
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    Shitcode is low value crypto, Sweetcode is high value, like 1 ETH Etc from what I had googled when I first joined lol
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    Shit code please?
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    Where is my prize? I totally have to win something for this high of a multi in Hilo.
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    Let's do this guys. Let's vote for the Timer. It's gonna make a huge difference.
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    Gotta say I'm happy as all hell with this one... thanks bc... granted yall will have this back in like 5 mins knowing my degenerate lead handed self lolll
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    This is the best thing i ever heard here!! Everybody must remember and follow this ..
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    I had a good run on Sushi the other day and withdrew a few thousand. I have since then for the past 5 days been plagued with next to no hits. We are talking about $300 worth of EOS, $200 worth of Tron, $100 worth of EOS, $250 worth of btc, $50 of LTC. So far and my hourly recharges are 8-10c so various other crypto. I have played multiple times throughout the day and not once have I managed to build on $1-2 not even 20c to 50c when low. They throw a last spin hit usually some shit change you had left. They manipulate the seeds so changing to custom seeds is useless. If you win and withdraw, do not touch this game. You have been warned. As for you BC. I have recorded everything and will be having your regulator take a look. Good luck.
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    BC Games - Bust or Beat BC Games - How much do you want to win?
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    @Danny777 why do you deactivate the codes after around 20 seconds now its a joke
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    Hey guys, im BikBoii! I came i saw i fell in love BC has actually succeeded at making true community. No other online casino can truly give a sense of home, period. First Truly fair and transparent in the world. Coco has done so much to achieve this. im making this thread in hopes of gathering like minded professionals to maybe collaborate on ideas, maybe BC game soundtrack, content, etc, so we can show the world what true home is like and a comfy home , is a home we all took part in building. At least its worth a try thank u coco
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    Thank you very much for your positive feedback, it means a lot to us.
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    Checking the forum, Twitter, Instagram, and other Social Media platforms may be the best way. I also believe maybe if you post in the forum and get lots of like, comments, followers etc, Master CoCo may send you something. I don’t know. Make sure to like and follow me and if I ever get sent something I’ll let you all know!! if you have any other methods also be sure to comment them below to help everyone on BC out!! Cheers, Rummel34
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    Hello there i see you had a bad run, and i can understand the frustration you go through but why only bash the site when you lose and what about the times you won? so if manipulated how did you even win? Please do understand that this is a casino and there will be a risk of losing as there is for winning. All games are fair and you are free to check and verify game results against manipulation. Everything is very transparent. i wish you a great day ahead, but know site is very much fair. If you need further assistance with regards to your bet and result please feel free to reach our support.
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    Haha.. tell me this win is big or not big???
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    A ShitCode starting today, please, i'm new and i want one.
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    Welcome all fri
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    Fuck u sand niggers, i'd slit ur throat right now if i could.
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    please use the correct section to seek help Roll activity happens once every 24hrs, please see the countdown clock when viewing the event. It has to be 00:00:00 to be able to roll - 3am UTC (+0) You also need to be VIP level 3 and need to have done a few bets the previous day to be eligible
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    194 BTT. Thank you
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    I would not send you one if you spoke to me like that It costs nothing to be nice esp for free stuff
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    HEYYYY! My name is Kylie! I absolutely love this game. Other than my chat permissions turned off. Guess cause I'm a beggar. I just asked for tips I thought we were allowed to. Lol anyways message me thru the forum and let's get to know each other. Tips still accepted.
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    Can I get a /shitcode please?
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    Hello world - We’ve been hard at work here at BC trying to include new and exciting bonuses/incentives for our players. Our latest addition is an incentive called RECHARGE, a limitless VIP Cashback perk with wager-incentives. WHAT IS RECHARGE? -> Recharge is a new wager-based comp we now offer to our VIPs here at BC.Game. Players with Recharge activated have the ability to receive cash back at set intervals based on recent wagering. The more wagered, the higher your comp amount will be. Currently, we’ve left it open without a max cap! HOW IT WORKS -> Its quite simple - Once you activate Recharge on your account, it will calculate an hourly rate based on the last 7 days worth of wagering. The calculated amount is then locked in for the next 7 days. Comps are received by claiming them at the end of a user-set interval. You can choose from every 10 minutes, hourly, or daily intervals. On the players side, we’ve added the unique ability to change claim intervals on-demand. Know you’ll be busy tomorrow but want to get maximum comps now? You have the ability to set to 10-minute claims, and at the end of the session change to daily so you don’t miss any of them while busy the next day. Our recharge program was set up to work dynamically with your constantly changing schedules in life. After all, gambling should be fun - not another chore. ELIGIBILITY -> In order to be eligible for Recharge, you need to have achieved at least VIP Level 22 or above - In addition to this, you need to have wagered a minimum of $1,000 in the past 7 days. — Keep in mind that we built this program from the ground up, so its likely that there will be flaws that need to be updated along the way. If you have any discrepancies with the platform, please let support know so that we can review it.
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    PROMOTION DETAILS Receive rewards in Doge for quality topics created under any of the games within the Game Specific Discussion category on BC.Game's forum REWARD AMOUNT Between 50 - 1,000 Doge for each topic Depends on quality of content VALID BETWEEN August 6 - 13, 2020 We have a new promo for the forums that started today! Currently, we’re offering rewards in the form of FREE COINS for valid topics created under the Game-specific Discussion category (for any game subcategory). Each topic will be rewarded between 50 - 1,000 Doge. The amount we choose to give will be based on the quality of the content, topic length, as well as user engagement within the topic. PROMOTION RULES & DETAILS VALID FOR TOPICS CREATED BETWEEN AUGUST 6 - 13TH Only topics created under any of the Game-specific Discussions categories between August 6th - 13th will qualify for this promotion. NO SPAM OR JUNK POSTS Cannot say this enough times. Posting spam/junk will earn you 0 and get you banned from posting on the forums. MUST BE RELEVANT CONTENT The created topic must be relevant to the game category you post under. Don’t about your Saturday night under the Crash section, this will just get you banned. DO NOT PLAGIARIZE / COPY CONTENT FROM OTHER SITES We’ll be checking all content for plagiarism - any copied content will be removed and disqualified from this promo. TOPICS MUST BE WRITTEN IN ENGLISH In order to qualify for this promo, the topic must be written in English. TOPIC MUST BE CREATED WITHIN GAME -SPECIFIC DISCUSSIONS TO QUALIFY Topics must be created under one of the game subcategories within the Game-specific Discussion category. Here are the subcategories that are valid for this promo offer: REWARDS WILL BE SENT TO YOUR BC.GAME ACCOUNT All valid rewards will be sent directly to your BC.Game account as a bonus. Please do not bother support, mods or admins about when you’ll be receiving your reward on your topic. Doing so will not speed up the process at all. There is no max limit on how many topics you can receive rewards on, however if we notice that you are creating poor quality topics just to try and receive more rewards, you’ll just be disqualified from receiving rewards on any of them. In other words create quality topics that others want to naturally reply to. Keep in mind, a single well written, high quality topic can receive 20 times the amount as just a decent one. Lastly for clarification, this promotion is for NEW TOPICS CREATED and not for replies to the topics. However, we will be scanning through the replies and if your reply is considered high quality you just may receive a reward as well. If all goes well, we’ll select different categories which will be eligible to receive rewards for topics created during a set period of time. Hope some of you end up making some extra coin from this promo! Ready to write some quality content now? Click Here to get started.
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