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    Win Meme Coins Forum Event Prize Pools 10,000 DOGE 100,000 BANANO 1,000,000 TRTL Starts 04/24/2021- Ends 05/01/2021 Description Did you miss out on the recent meme coins being pumped? No worries. BC.game has your tickets to the moon . Post your highest multipliers on the three slots games listed below. The 20 players with the highest score will each take their share of the meme coins prize pool. Rewards Placement is decided by your total points. 1st - 50% 2nd - 25% 3rd - 12% 4th - 6% 5th - 3% 6th - 20th - Splits the remaining prize pool Games The Dog House (Minimum bet = $0.20) Loco The Monkey (Minimum bet = $0.25) Wild Pops (Minimum bet = $0.20) Points Your multiplier is your points. Example: 10x = 10 points 5x = 5 points 123.76x = 123.76 points How To Enter Post a screenshot and copy/paste your Bet ID You may only submit one multiplier per game. You must submit one multiplier for each game. Your total points will be the sum of all three multipliers. Bonus Buy-Ins are allowed. Your screenshot should look like this Remember. Only one score per game can be entered and you must submit a score for all three games. That’s a total of three screenshots and three bet IDs. No more than three. No less than three. In the event of a tie score, the player with the higher wager amount will be the winner. In the event of a tie score and ssame wager amounts, the prize will be split between the highest qualifying winners. Bonus buy-ins will be counted as the cost of the bonus buy-in. Rules Only bets placed after the time and date of this post will be counted. No using multiple accounts. When we catch you using multiple accounts you will be banned from this and all future events. No Spamming this thread. Keep it clean and organized so we can focus on counting points and giving out rewards. Please. All posts unrelated to this contest will be removed and my minions will destroy you. Tell Coco that you love his new hair style. It really compliments his eyes. No changing your username during the event. Your BC.Game username must be the same as your Forum username. Reply to this topic. Do Not quote anything in this topic. Tell Yoko that she has a nice personality… Remember, this is for fun and entertainment. So have fun and be entertained. Must be VIP level 4 or higher. No JB. All other coins are ok. Terms and Stuff BC.Game offers contests and rewards for entertainment purposes. Entering a contest or challenge at BC.Game does not constitute entering into a contract with BC.Game. BC.Game reserves the right to change any and all aspects of the contests and/or rewards. If you participate in an event, contest or challenge at BC.Game and do not receive a reward, it is because you did not qualify. If you are certain that you should have received a reward but did not, please contact customer service. Please note that once you receive an answer regarding any rewards, the admins decision is final. Please read and understand our full terms and conditions before participating in any contests. + =============================================================== + This event has ended, thank you for your participation. Rewards will be sent via reward notifications on May 6th, 2021. thank you again, and look forward to the next event!
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    Welcome to ShitCorner. This is the place where you can ask for shitlinks/shitcodes. It will be dropped on random basis, at random times. Do check forum everyday and keep an eye, you might find a shitcode waiting for you. Good luck! Note: Do use the code as soon as you find one, dont wait for anyone
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    There has been a slight delay with the rewards distribution. So many of you didn't follow the rules, spammed this thread, and used multiple accounts. If you are one of the few that only posted three bets, one for each game and used only one account, this message doesn't apply to you. For everyone else that broke some or all of the rules...... Don't do that! ATTENTION: If you do not get a prize, it is because you did not qualify for one. Do not spam the Live Support asking for your meme coin event prize. You will be ignored. Please read and follow the rules before joining any events. If you do not understand the rules then ask for help. It's simple.
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    Thank you to all those who took the effort and time to provide us with your valuable feedback. I am positive and thrilled on how this new slots is going to turn up. Stay tuned for further announcement. Big thank you again
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    سلام به همه دوستان (یه چالش ساده) چالش شعرنویسی به 20 کاربر که اشعار زیبای دوبیتی ارائه بدن شیت لینک و شیت کد تعلق میگیره (توجه داشته باشید که فقط دوبیت شعر) منتظر اشعار زیبای شما هستم پ.ن جایزه فقط به کاربرانی تعلق میگیره که در لیست دوستان حضور داشته باشن،پس قبل از هرچیز فالو کنید متشکرم برندگان چالش شعر: Fatemeh Aliarkan Shahinfalahi M790 taktaz Nargesttt Sara1378 Amooamir Lord_5 Bcgame_Alireza81 Narges90 hamed778877 Mybose youknowpym Yasin_power Army_of_one_ Hojjat0098 molimolian artist Hossein refahii اسامی ذکر شده لطفا تو پیوی سایت،به @saraᒪiOᑎess پیام بدن و کدها رو دریافت کنن موفق باشید
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    Dear Community, If you are a true BC Game member, you must already know that we truly value your suggestions and feedback and make our site features revolving around your feedback. This time is no different, we need your help to build a new slots game from scratch, which will be by BC Game Community and for BC Game Community. We are super excited and looking forward to your critical and valuable suggestions and top high quality feedback could get you prizes in Doge. Event Rules -Event is open to all BC Game players -Top constructive and valuable suggestions and feedback will be awarded prizes in Doge coin. -You can enter multiple suggestions, make sure to quote your previous posts. -Editing of suggestions is not allowed, you can quote your previous suggestion if you have something more to add -Forum Rules apply Below attached photos can serve as a foundation to base your ideas on. Once again many thanks for your continuous loyalty and support. We hope that you all are as excited as we are. End date 6.05.2021 10 am UTC(0 +)
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    Hello Dear participants. Just wanted to give an update. Top constructive comments will get doge rewards. If anyone of you does not get, please dont be upset, there is 2nd part of this event coming live today. Stay tuned. Thank you all again for your efforts and feedback! Follow up thread
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    Bc.game - Bet small, win small, Bet Big, loose all
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    Thanks for detailed suggestion, appreciate it
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    Thank you for your efforts, appreciate the suggestion and feedback!
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    Fuck yes I never get any. Like wtf maybe if I sit on the shitter itll work.
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    Please do not make jokes about playing from restricted jurisdictions. As stated in our terms and conditions ........
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    Dear BC Game Members, We are excited to do a follow up of New Slots Event and would love to get more in depth feedback and suggestions that you would love to see in a slots game. After all the final game will incorporate your suggestions/feedback. Please base your creative and innovative ideas around slots game. Your suggestions could include newer design, aesthetics, payout table, bonus rounds and more. Any Doge design and themes are also welcome Event Rules -Event is open to all BC Game players -Top constructive and valuable suggestions and feedback will be awarded prizes in Doge coin. -You can enter multiple suggestions, make sure to quote your previous posts. -Editing of suggestions is not allowed, you can quote your previous suggestion if you have something more to add -Forum Rules apply Below attached more sample photos that you can take inspiration from. Lets Built it Together. End date 21.05.2021 10 am UTC(0 +)
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    An idea which came into my mind was that it would be nice to add some new feature in the form of a contest within a slot. Imagine a slot where for example 10 players have to buy in to take part of that round. The game consist to battle eachother by the same amount of spins. The player with the highest score wins and takes the complete buyin of all players (minus housedge ofcourse ;)). During the game the leaderboard with rankings with scores during each spin has to be shown. After this the amount of spins have been played the round ends and the winner is known. I don't know the average amount of players on slots, but perhaps you could implement also a second round with all winners competing again with eachother (with for example 50% of their amount won in round 2) and same concept, final winner takes all. Maybe a winner of the day prize etc.etc. To add some strategy into the game perhaps players start with the same amount of chips. And can choose the amount they want to play each spin before it begins with and the risk level, etc. This way it would become a game based on luck compared with some skills. I have some other concepts in mind, which I will publish later on.
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    please read previous thread announcements, it will be today
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    Last week I take 1 BCD from lvl up reward and make it 60... But I was so deep in the game that forgot to stop playing..
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    Hi , 1. Win Big Dream Big 2.Win - It Looks Good On You. Good day.
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    BC.GAME- Be Cool, Bet Crypto. MyDomain@BC.Game-L0VEBIRD@bc.game Maybe you guys could offer a domain creation service and a member/player may use jb coins for this; " my domain's at bc.game " simply sounds cool.
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    Hello, you can find shitcodes from below forum thread, good luck
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    HOW Can I get some shit code..?? Please help..
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    maybe we can add like, free spin then stack up for multipliers.
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    Shit code or sweet code plz. Anyone help me
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    Your the asshole you judgmental cunt! He had his days mixed up, and your goofy ass accused him of being crack addict. And then (in an online casino forum) start with the “you better change your ways “ bullshit! He didn’t ask for your opinion jerkoff. Oh and give me a shitcode for fuck sakes
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    Hello and welcome to BC Game community. You can do tasks and earn some bcd, use daily free spins and check out shitcorner for shitcodes
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    Hello, you all can find shitcodes from below thread. Good luck !
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    welcome to BC Game community, i wish you much luck and success in your gambling journey
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    Welcome friends wish all of us a lucky a shitcode catching Crypto casino player since 2010(primedice) Best Regards Mumi22
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    @Danny777 may I request for a Sweetcode rather than a ShitCode.
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    There's one scrawled out by the urinal in the public restroom at the park up the street from my house, and i didn't put it there. It's deactivated of course, but i never expected to actually find one like that. Stabbings happen there frequently. And abductions.
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    please react on my post
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    Hearty welcome to each one of you to BC Game Community
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    I'm sorry. I wasn't trying to make a joke about playing from a restricted jurisdiction. Thank you for showing me this clause in the terms and conditions.
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    Dear CoCo Father, Are there alternate games for the US customers to play in order to participate? Wild Pops for example is unavailable to me. Well... Most Yggdrasil games for the matter ( That's another topic, another day.) Side note, Good luck on the competition everyone!
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    Im so disappointed .... damn it
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    thanks i finally wasnt too late!
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    I will be writing more information here to further improve my first suggestion, which can be found on this page. I was thinking and really cool ideas popped into my mind, which can be put into BC.Game's new slot game. The new Slot game could have an option to buy bonus rounds. For example: Buy 10 special spins for $ 1, and have a chance to win up to 100x or to win a percentage of the Jackpot. It could also have a secret chest with bonuses, multiply or free Dogecoins coins, that secret chest could be opened by a key that would appear after every 100 completed moves, it could have 3 chests and 3 different keys, each chest would have a higher value or prize , the key that the player would receive will depend on the bet amount or he may be lucky to find the master key in the free bonus rounds. There could also be a Dogecoin symbol, this symbol would have the color of Gold, within that symbol there would be a special gift, which could be: Win a $ 2 recharge for 7 days, win 10 free spins in the Slot game, or win a special physical gift from Casino BC.Game, for every 500 spins played, this option would be available. I'm glad to be able to help with my suggestions. Good luck and good profits for everyone!
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    1. The Dog House ( Game ID:59717348187 ) 2. Loco The Monkey ( Game ID:59719499244 ) 3. WildPops ( Game ID:10029589971 )
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    Oh and Coco I really love how your eyes look, now that its covered with your hair. Yoko, I like your 2nd personality. Remember this is just for fun and entertainment. ♥ Loco the monkey Bet id: 1698054327203726855 Wildpops Bet id : 1698053877034492800 The dog house Bet id : 1698053393974022016
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