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    Guys, let's vote for the countdown timer, it's definitely gonna be a game changer.
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    Welcome to ShitCorner. This is the place where you can ask for shitlinks/shitcodes. It will be dropped on random basis, at random times. Do check forum everyday and keep an eye, you might find a shitcode waiting for you. Good luck! Note: Do use the code as soon as you find one, dont wait for anyone
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    Hey all. This is not investment advice. This is not a referral link either. I am not being paid for this nor do I receive anything if you decide to join. This is just me sharing with you a project that I think will be super successful. It's brand new so the cost of buying in is the lowest it will ever be. I'll disclose how much I'm holding, how much I'm farming and the progress of the project as the weeks go by. Project info The project is called Sphynx Network. The token is SPH on the Binance Smart Chain. The website is https://www.sphynx.network/ (not a referral link) This is the BSC Scan link to the smart contract: https://bscscan.com/token/0x8bac6b4af65c8c1967a0fbc27cd37fd6059daa00 My Info I'm holding: 430210653 SPH I'm currently farming: 5000 / 3sec. That's 5000 tokens every 3 seconds! I've farmed just over 10 million. Only 7.5 million of my farmed tokens are included in my balance above because the rest are still in my vault. I can withdraw them any time. Most of you know I don't shill for projects. I would never post about a project that I did not believe in. In the spirit of transparency and full disclosure, I've included a screenshot of my holdings and a screenshot of my farmed balance as well. This project has just launched so as always DYOR before making any purchase decisions. I have just recently starting being interested in BSC DeFi projects but I have a 100% success rate so far out of the 19 different tokens I've bought. Not one of them is in the red. Proof that I am the new Warren Buffet of Binance Smart Chain DeFi projects below. This is my BSC portfolio. You can see that every token I have has only increased in value. This highlighted blue line below is my SPH on the same chart as the pic above. For tracking, I'm using Bogged Finance Tools. If you would like me to continue updating this forum regarding my DeFi adventures and top picks, let me know in the comments. Also, let me know if you decided to support this project in any way. I might have something special for you. wink wink.
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    Where is my prize? I totally have to win something for this high of a multi in Hilo.
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    Let's do this guys. Let's vote for the Timer. It's gonna make a huge difference.
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    Gotta say I'm happy as all hell with this one... thanks bc... granted yall will have this back in like 5 mins knowing my degenerate lead handed self lolll
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    This is the best thing i ever heard here!! Everybody must remember and follow this ..
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    میشه یه نفر بگه چجوری شیت کد بدست بیارم ممنون
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    Haha.. tell me this win is big or not big???
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    Folks , KEEP IT CIVIL HERE, no fighting and abusing/insulting one another
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    step beginning..... Good Luck!
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    Danny,Danny,Danny.Im newish here and i heard you are the one to ask for shitcoinz
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    What are the odds that our deity, Coco, would bestow a sweet code upon me so I can water the English chat area really well? Coco teaches us that it's good to share our fortune with others. Let's vibe up! All hail Coco! Sincerely, Lowly VIP14 just tryna earn badges and level tf up!
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    just hope i hit, oh yeah, and i like turtles
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    Hi there. Hope you are loving our site. Would love to see some great hits from your side
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    Lol think big . Imagine if it was btc
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    Hi everyone im new here.
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    Hello there and welcome aboard BC Game community, hope you have an awesome time here
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    Hi Scooter glad to have you with us, welcome to BC Game community!
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    Just thought I would say Hi to everyone as I will soon be and all of your faces is totally addicted to the games it's awesome love them
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    Sorry meant to say smash those shitcodes out Danny!!!!!!!
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    Hallo kannst du mir vielleich ein tipp schicken ? wäre super bin recht neu hier 3 tage!
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    Je suis nouveau et je me fait un max de bitcoin. Alors Svp besoin de vos conseils
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    Wake up @Danny777! It's Shitty time.
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    For only a few shitcodes, you can support the effort and save these poor souls from the pit of financial despair. Be kind this year, make a contribution for them. Contact us in this forum today!
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    hummm .. i think its yesterday
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    any new ...
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    I have proven it. The URL glitch on crash on your guys end allows the url to refresh mid game and take the players coins even if their game is still going and hasn’t crashed yet. That’s scam number 1. Second I watched the hash’s that come out and I know how you have a bot tracker set because when a player bets small the bot plays nice it methodically picks when a player bets big to begin giving 5, 10, 20, sometimes even 40+ losses in a row mathematically that is not even possible unless you believe 1 in 10-20 trillion is probable essentially you would have a better chance of winning the lottery 10 times in a row at that point. You use this bot to manipulate the seed hash script and you can deny it all you want. I went to MIT for programming and I know the sketchy behavior here. You tweaked the script because big players started winning here, online casino’s do this all the time who are not legally regulated because you can do it and not face criminal charges. If you had regulations you would already be shut down. You can fool most people but not me. You crooks can steal from players by cheating them out of their money which is immoral and wrong but what goes around comes around and since you refuse to fix the URL glitch on crash that causes the url to refresh mid game and you refuse to address the many glitches I have sent to support aka the bot you are using, I reported the site to the regulatory bodies who manage these issues, Odds are your URL domain will be pulled for illegally operating without measures in place to prevent money laundering and you are offering interest on assets without a license that’s 2 infractions right there. I don’t even want my crypto refunded I would rather see another site like this one that’s shady be taken down to protect innocent players who think they can have fun and make some money here, when you ensure they won’t even have a chance. When you know programming it’s easy to spot when shady behavior is going on in the scripts. Continue running the scam but once the reports done expect the domain to be pulled in a few weeks.
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    Im A platinum VIP with 1.8M wager and im not playing anymore in here. how they takecare of VIP benefits is the worst compared to stake and roobet. it lacks in many aspect. and the games is noticeably has less provability of winning. it doesnt feel right the lost streak. well i guess they will just find another players to milk. imoutahere
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    @Danny777 stay away from this corner! it smells like shit!
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    What do you think of BC 3.0? How do you feel? How about the new interface? Do you like it? How is the game experience? Have you found a bug? If your feedback is a bug we haven't found yet, you can get extra BONUS. Any other suggestions? Leave a message, we will select 10 high-quality comments, and each user will be rewarded up to 100$. End time: April 19, 2021 00:00:00 UTC +===================================+ Thank you for your enthusiastic response! The event is end. We are glad to receive your comments. Since there are currently thousands of suggestions, we need time to review them. We will announce the list of winners and send reward in notification at 00:00 (UTC+0) April 27 th, 2021. Thanks again! Edit time: April 19, 2021 00:00:00 UTC +===================================+ Congratulation to the players who won the prize: observe $ 100.777 xup6ux96oplucky $ 100.777 Skele $ 100.777 🥷ReSircH $ 100.777 BitsCheerful $ 100.777 Kristalina $ 77.777 Ginko $ 66.777 iBxxxDracula $ 64.777 🎖Khosro pooly $ 60.777 🎗bassabar $ 58.777 🎗Alexord $ 56.777 🎗[]D [] []V[] []D $ 55.777 🎗Osho Dancing $ 52.777 🎗アみJohn Wick $ 49.777 Thank you for your participation! Looking forward to the next exciting event! Edit time: April 27, 2021 00:00:00 UTC +===================================+ [Event Ends]
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    Awww I like this group!! It represents a family of cocos :^ Also the words next to them fit well:)
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    PROMOTION DETAILS Receive rewards in Doge for quality topics created under any of the games within the Game Specific Discussion category on BC.Game's forum REWARD AMOUNT Between 50 - 1,000 Doge for each topic Depends on quality of content VALID BETWEEN August 6 - 13, 2020 We have a new promo for the forums that started today! Currently, we’re offering rewards in the form of FREE COINS for valid topics created under the Game-specific Discussion category (for any game subcategory). Each topic will be rewarded between 50 - 1,000 Doge. The amount we choose to give will be based on the quality of the content, topic length, as well as user engagement within the topic. PROMOTION RULES & DETAILS VALID FOR TOPICS CREATED BETWEEN AUGUST 6 - 13TH Only topics created under any of the Game-specific Discussions categories between August 6th - 13th will qualify for this promotion. NO SPAM OR JUNK POSTS Cannot say this enough times. Posting spam/junk will earn you 0 and get you banned from posting on the forums. MUST BE RELEVANT CONTENT The created topic must be relevant to the game category you post under. Don’t about your Saturday night under the Crash section, this will just get you banned. DO NOT PLAGIARIZE / COPY CONTENT FROM OTHER SITES We’ll be checking all content for plagiarism - any copied content will be removed and disqualified from this promo. TOPICS MUST BE WRITTEN IN ENGLISH In order to qualify for this promo, the topic must be written in English. TOPIC MUST BE CREATED WITHIN GAME -SPECIFIC DISCUSSIONS TO QUALIFY Topics must be created under one of the game subcategories within the Game-specific Discussion category. Here are the subcategories that are valid for this promo offer: REWARDS WILL BE SENT TO YOUR BC.GAME ACCOUNT All valid rewards will be sent directly to your BC.Game account as a bonus. Please do not bother support, mods or admins about when you’ll be receiving your reward on your topic. Doing so will not speed up the process at all. There is no max limit on how many topics you can receive rewards on, however if we notice that you are creating poor quality topics just to try and receive more rewards, you’ll just be disqualified from receiving rewards on any of them. In other words create quality topics that others want to naturally reply to. Keep in mind, a single well written, high quality topic can receive 20 times the amount as just a decent one. Lastly for clarification, this promotion is for NEW TOPICS CREATED and not for replies to the topics. However, we will be scanning through the replies and if your reply is considered high quality you just may receive a reward as well. If all goes well, we’ll select different categories which will be eligible to receive rewards for topics created during a set period of time. Hope some of you end up making some extra coin from this promo! Ready to write some quality content now? Click Here to get started.
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    Cac loai tep duoc chap gif,jpeg,jpe,png,NPR,3gp,mov,egg,ogv, mpg,mpeg,flv,webm,wmv,avi,m4v,tong kich thuoc toi da 48.83MB
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