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    @Danny777 @Coco_Father I want to make a suggestion..please the admin and all the influential people in BC Game to extend the "active shitcode" time from 5 minutes to 10 or 15 minutes for us customers who play in BC Game to get a chance to redeem "shitcode ".. 5 minutes is very short, after all we customers are not 24 hours holding a mobile phone just waiting for" shitcode ".. so please good service admin consider my suggestion .. admin must be fair then BC This game will last a long time ..
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    I have a game for you to play Orientals Beautis until February 16, and those who win the highest amount will be awarded from $ 100 RULES 1. KEEP STORAGE IN ANY CURRENCY (JB NOT APPLICABLE) 2. MAKE THE GREATEST WINNING CATEGORIES OF SCREENS AND IDEAS THROUGH THIS PURPOSE 3. ONE PERSON MADE ONLY ONE SCREEN CHANGE 4. ONLY THE WINNER IN WHICH THE WINNER WON Game organizer and award-winning supplier Hot Adorl Start the game on February 9, finish on February 16.we ji
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    I liked and followed, will a shitcode really come we shall see
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    hey im pretty sure i like everyone of your post from the last 2 days followed messaged . shit on me just something super shitty lol
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    7 дней подряд казино только заберает,рейкьек вообще зачем он нужен например проиграл 200xrp dthyekjcm 0.01 xrp/ пещера грабежа вообще стала самой плохой при ставке в 3 xrp 50 ходов не дал не чеего.можно аккаунт на полку.пойду в другое казино,может там повезет.
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    hello how are you ? My names Megan and I would like to say Hello. I suppose I have nothing further to say un;less you respond..okauy bye.
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    I just wanted to win and I never have enough money to do so
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    Yo man I'm new here. Hook it up with a sweetcode for the homies man?
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    Hello, I suggest that you rain online, which means that at the moment, everyone who is chatting belongs to him, and this helps to clear up the ambiguities in this case, by typing a certain number of words or sentences in the system. Allow the user to grab a rain and, at the system's discretion, most chatters rain in order, and this is repeated until it reaches everyone, not that you chat now and receive rain tomorrow or two days later. With this method, there is no word left and no protest. Will not and most importantly will trust more in the rain receivers.
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    Drive fast take chances! Straight roads never made a skillful driver!! Yes that’s an s6. Yes mine.
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    I got daddy issues... so I feel like I should get to know you.
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    Have u like my post on medal event ? Support me there guys!!
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    I WANT KISS MY ASS ..I WANT U . U GOT IT? JUST SEND ME "redeem code" please
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    how can i add the casino to my actual website???? REAL QUESTION. I wanted to add a casino to my website.
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