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  1. please post to join the game in chat thank you
  2. I tip a player and that player has to try and double it and pass half to any player they want to and tell them to do the same . the object of the game is to keep the coin going as long as possible and to try and pass to as many players as we can . you only have to flip it once and pass after that what ever you make is yours to keep .please do not pass to me . thank you ,have fun and win big i will play on random days and times in English and global
  3. https://app.stormgain.com/friend/BNS16432527 i make around $20 a month
  4. i would have to say i am impressed .There are some issues that need corrected but like any thing that is new there will be some problems at first .I see there are some that are not doing well with the change but we just have to give it time for every one to adjust and learn how to use things .we need to contact support with any issues with a full detailed description and screen shots to help them fix any problems . if we all help each other we will make bc.game strong and run smoothly. Lets give it a fair chance and help bc.game address issues and i think this new way will be good for us all .GOOD LUCK and kick coco ass win big lol
  5. a share medal- with in certain amount of time the person that gives the most tips, drops, rain most helpful medal - helping players in chat that have questions number 1 bitch medal - that's mine lol j/k
  6. I am going to try and start playing games in chat again every day i am asking for ppl to donate small amount to to this event . anyone that donates it will be posted in here and also the amounts of what was used for game play will be post .i will post all records in here so every one can see where the coins are going .for now the games will be only in English chat once and if funds come available I can do games in other chats .for now the time of the games will be random .any game ideas you may have please post them .thank you Donations date of game coin was used amount of coin used lilleybitch 20 xlm 3 games of bingo 1/19/21 15 xlm
  7. 50 swprl worth $20 i does take around 24 hrs to get them but i did receive them https://wallet.swaprol.com/ref/210118114241at4gx good luck
  8. Is this one of bc.game contest where no one wins lol
  9. @Coco_Father Entering from multiple accounts will lead to a ban from this and all future challenges. Multiple accounts are a perm. ban, lol
  10. The mining legend CRYPTOPATRA was know as the last ruler of the black market cryptocurrency she would Rome the under grounds to find the poorest of all the crypto miners and ordered them maintain and run the rigs .They worked for years to find all crypto .Cryptopatra had promised them that the would live among the riches and would never want again. all the crypto was mined and cryptopatra order all the miners to be killed ,she now was the ruler of the crypto world but she let greed get the best of her and the people entrapped her and the cryptocurrency into this slot machine for all eternity. If your brave enough to play and try to take the crypto from her be carful not to let greed get you or cryptopatra will come for you .
  11. https://www.freenanofaucet.com/ it sends to your wallet and you can claim every ten minutes i have tested it
  12. BC.GAME - The family of fun - come join our chat for good times and laughter
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