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  1. Hello again fellow gamblers. I've noticed alot of complaints about the hash dice game. So I'm going to shed some light on the situation. I find it fair, as fair as can be in the gambling realm. If your not having any luck try these two strategies. 1. You can always try the classic martingale script. It's been fairly profitable for me, but when doing so you have to keep an eye on it. It can quickly deplete your funds in a blink of an eye. Male sure you go in with a decent size pool, you have to be able to cover a few loses to hit a good win. 2. My other strategy is quite simple but overlooked. Increase your payout to a larger number while you in return lower your wager. So for exampleput your payout at 10. Which will give you a 9.9% chance of winning. Keep yourself at the minimum bet. I've noticed that alot of times you see clusters of wins in evenly dis. So I base my average on 100 spins. So far I've averaged 14 wins out of a hundred rolls. So that means I've profited 40× the minimum bet. This is not a guarantee I've had a few sessions of only hitting 5 wins out of 100 rolls. If you feel like it's not a hot machine, then BACK AWAY before you loose it all. Part of responsibil gambling is knowing when to cut your losses. Best of luck to you all. P.s. POWER TO THE PEOPLE
  2. I've been experimenting with choosing fewer numbers. So far I've had the best luck with 3 or 4 numbers. I've hit max payout severl times. The max pay is significantly smaller, but getting 50x your bet is still pretty righteous. Has anyone else been trying this out? I'm curious on everyone's viewpoints/ experience.
  3. Coco i like you verry much , but when i try to find any sweet code it is imposible. Can you give me one to see how sweet is that codes?
  4. I pledge my allegiance to the red legion. My death fall on their enemies heads.
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