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  1. BC 3.0 has so many bugs, so many blatant algorythm crypto grabs, Rains are fucked up now, Everyones basically getting JB on the Daily Wheel, If you get TURTLE you should buy a lotto Ticket, The Coinbags were great, they were being collected by real people again, now, are being Autograbbed again, Provably no longer comes into play on this site, No matter the seed, cryptocurrency, bet size, the very noticable changes to our favourite games are full repo, the wheel is more fucked up than it was pre-3.0. The Upgrade saw the bank profits reset back to 0 in turn resetting hit chances back to repo modes, The regular VIP are screaming and the SVIPs are being raped. Hell, support will refuse to close your account if you ask. They argue with you instead for half an hour. This is an Illegal practice in itself for a casino. I think its time that there was a complete 3rd party audit on BC Game, the source code is open source, sure, but the algorythms are not provably fair. Take the Wheel for example. it is a 1/50 chance of a hit on each bet.. A number from 1 to 50 is selected through their SHA blah blah bullshit that was likely copied and pasted from somewhere. Now i have clocked over 800 spins repeatidly where i have somehow NOT ever landed on 50. Thats over half a day of constant playing. Support advised there was a 2% chance per spin to hit the 50. How has it consistently taken over 800 spins and only drop a mercy hit when you run out of crypto. If you want proof that there is something seriously wrong with BC and its algos for Rains, Drops and Hits.. Just sit and peruse the chat rooms for 10 mins.. Take note of each VIP's Level complaining and you will see that there is a pattern. BTW, What is a Sweetcode? Aside the AMA promo of 1eth last year, noones said they have seen one.
  2. What do you call a hen looking at a lettuce? Chicken Caesar Salad.
  3. Shitcode is low value crypto, Sweetcode is high value, like 1 ETH Etc from what I had googled when I first joined lol
  4. I'll never see a sweetcode in my lifetime so hopefully there's a few more shitties coming
  5. What is a 'sweet code'? My luck always turns to.. shit. Boom Tish.
  6. I'd like the site updated and for you to remove the 3,000 doge 5 medal prize. I achieved it yesterday, today received $20USDT. It takes 24 hours for a medal to credit, nevermind I completed this yesterday and site still says 3000 doge. You can attempt to hide your dog act under a new veil of competition but you have lost my loyalty and likely my business, just like Bet Fury did. In terms of a medal, you should have a medal for yourselves awarded by us.. 'Doge Act' its perfect, because if doge went down, guaranteed this competition wouldn't exist as a blanket to smother the negativity over your wrought and the 3000 doge prize wouldn't have rose to compensate the drop in price, in fact you were down ~$8 USD to all players who achieved the 5 medals before Jan 2021 when 1 doge = $0.004 3k = 12usd My favourite line from chat that has shown your greed.. "..a $20 prize as it has always intended to be" - Van, live chat
  7. BC-SWAP I would love to see a uniswap option where we are able to swap one currency for another within BC.Game with no minimum so players can trade any amount of one for equal value of another instead of having to transfer out to a wallet/cctip and swap which incurs too many fees. CCTIP REFERRAL THEFT/MONOPOLIZING I would also like cctip to stop monopolizing and stealing our referrals by forcing users to create a new account with BC.Game (By causing users to have duplicate accounts at no fault of their own) and for BC.game to force cctip to re-instate the logout option in their app they have removed and our main accounts login option re-instated. We do the hard work of recruiting. If you have a special agreement then provide another alternative where users can just type the command on twitter, discord etc and the amounts auto credited to the saved cctip username in our profiles. To withdraw without opening cctip, have the option to input your or another cctip username alternative deposit/withdrawal address option. Also remove the fees associated with withdrawing to cctip as it's an internal transfer not external. BETTER VIP TREATMENT (NOT SVIP ONLY) I would also like to see you take better care of your higher level vips, (ie: 50K+ WAGERS) Not just SVIP. Coco, roll and the most demeaning cashback/rakeback system I've ever experienced is actually an insult to those of us who spent thousands with you to reach levels prior to SVIP. The Daily wheel should be better randomized for those who deposit a lot instead of turtl and jb 99% of the time.. "Oh, you deposited and lost a few thousand? Here, have 0.3 DOT or some eth for your loyalty today. Oh, wow, you deposited/wagered over a bitcoin or two yesterday and lost? Here, have 200 xrp on us, good luck! RAIN FOR DEPOSITORS Rain chances should include depositors as well, chatting optional for even better chances, chat is very undesirable at the best of times and having to chat in the sea of too much info, my boyfriend/gf is not treating me right, should be saved for beyondblue or oprah, not for general chat. NEW USERS/TIP GRIEVERS Beggars are more fierce than before, warning leniency needs to be addressed. Maybe create a special room for newbies to auto join that randomly posts a rule, tip, links to specific task bonuses as a lot of new players are not aware of the bonuses upon joining every now and then until they reach level 2, 3 or 4 then enable other chats. They can still private chat to their mates freely or receive tips from their loved ones who nagged them to join. Exceeded these levels re-offending still asking for tips? Chuck them in the newbie room or a Special "Naughty Corner" with more frequently displayed tips and timer count down to learn the rules again for 24-48 hours. If you are concerned about alienating new users, have task bonuses updated or a popup invoked when changing rooms for the first time with a questionaire on ettiquite, tipping and the consequences. They can't say they were not blatantly warned. TIP AND LENDING ALTERNATIVE (Totally out there idea) Lastly, lending people is very high on this site. I'm happy to help others and don't borrow from anyone myself but this elephant in the chat rooms isn't going anywhere.. A really good option would be that BC.game acknowledge this trend and look into building a lending type option where an alternative to tipping could come into play ensuring that if someone does profit off a lend, it could be returned automatically to the tipper with a % bonus agreed by both parties when a certain win multiplier is exceeded (as frankly repaying the exact amount back, not a thank you tip included is actually rude seeing you had nothing to begin with) barely scraping the borrowers balance or filled out when the borrower pays it back manually in any currency equal to the agreed amount. I am aware (and have been burned so many times) that lending is at our peril but the bitching and name calling and overall negativity isnt a good look to new players this incites passively less scamming if they hit a big win, can only be used by a specific minimum vip level or takes bits here and there from each lenders wins (even from their own deposits wins until its fulfilled) and auto sends it to the tipper, the lending can be paid in equivalent crypto types to the agreed amounts.
  8. 1. Megaways: Anubis 2. Megaways: Afterlife 3. Riches of Necropolis
  9. I would start by asking if it is just me or has BCGames tilted the vajay out of this slot, but chatter between players has confirmed it. This slot is broken to the point compensation should be given to all players who have played this since your ninka updates. Why? I have never seen so many skulls, you are literally set to lose from the first press. You are unable to build your multipliers before being slaughtered by either dead spins (i just had 15 dead spins, again) before the skull comes a good 13 times out of 20 spins and it is repeatedly, no matter how many different seeds you use, or create, OR how many times you refresh the seed (i usually spam it for 10 seconds or so for total random selection). This is a SERIOUS glitch and it NEEDS to be fixed immediately. Ever since the apparent upgrades which coincidently aligned with their massive BTC Voting Campaign there are lower multipliers, dead spins, red/green and stupidly low yellow crashes in a row not just on Cave. You need only read the chat and see its across the board. Those of us higher VIP play here because it was trust worthy. Now, along woth CCTIP removing the logout button and auto creating an account killing off Affiliates hard work in recruiting, its becoming a scam. I don't care how you cut my next slice, i'm calling it as it is, you are participating in deception and theft. Fix this game and ease up before there are repercussions. Also, don't bother asking me for screenshots, or proof in hopes of deterrence, you have the data, fucking look it up yourselves, You get paid/lance enough of peoples "cryptobits". Not impressed.
  10. Thanks, I registered. Christopher or token_box as i signed up with twitter
  11. Since the update to the algorithms, Cave now rips you off a 1x when you win and lose. Take a look at my screenshot. The 7.5x full book meter multiplier. I am Betting 1.0 Doge. I want these refunded, and from other currencies i have played since the update (BCH ETH etc) and the game fixed thanks. It's bad enough you have increased the skulls and blank spins let alone daylight robbing a whole 1x from every single wager.
  12. # BCGame Sweetcode #Nice CoCo.. i love you
  13. Definitely GROUP A. It keeps with the overall theme and aesthetics of bc.game without looking out of sorts like the others.
  14. This game is addictively frustrating. The skull appears far too many times. I'm almost VIP4 and yet to get the middle past double x or activate the orange bonus. Aside the mass losses, its a good game overall.
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