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  1. Is this tournament and the prizes applicable just on BC.Game or is this tournament connected to other casinos that have Spinomenal as a provider and opted in to this tournament? Makes a big difference for sure. Just BC players can qualify and its worth playing then. Otherwise Spinomenal is meh, just alright as a 3rd party provider. If a mod could tell me the answer to this plus perhaps provide answers to life's great existential and metaphysical mysteries of the universe that would just be wondeful but I will settle for just the answer to my first question pertaining to this tournaments prize pool. Also why in the hell are all these players spamming this post with their winning bets on BC Originals?
  2. @Danny777 @BCGame_Joe Bros, Bruns, Bree-Bras...............slide into my dms with a titty-shitty code for your boy. A. Because I'm awesome B. Because I dont take money off the site. Its true. I just went through my deposit/withdrawal history and its a sad site to see from a players point of view but awesome for Coco's. C. I am an outstanding community member that only does magnanimous acts of the most grandiose nature. Check my tip history last week alone. Thats is just the icebergs nipple. Also I only rarely cuss.............at another player but if I do it is in the most justified manor and probably defending another player from some gremlin troll being a wanker. So thats all I got. Whatever happens happens. I just dont come in here ever to catch one. Love you guys and you are doing fantastic things here at BC.
  3. Hello admin and mods, there is an unsolved cold case at BC. One that nobody seems to be able to solve. I wanna get this perp bad but you gotta give me some help. How on earth is the faucet master trophy earned now? It cant be just claiming the wheel for a month straight cause Ive done that and then some but @Fizzwins just got his faucet master trophy september 26th and he had no clue how either. Please help solve this mystery.
  4. Japakar, did you thoroughly read my post. I mean from start to finish and then process it. I'm guessing you didn't or English isn't your first language even tho you might be fluent in it, interpretation can always be tough to read between the lines. My problem with turtle isn't just that it is worth Jack and also crap. That is in reality the main issue, fundamentally, but it is not the main issue in the context I wrote of. My issue that the coin known as turtle is given to every player everyday in the wheel spin. Every player receives it. Every player receives no other coin daily but JB and once you are level 22 now, JB is far more valuable than turtle as it has use cases. Turtle has shit in cases and on cases but does not have a feasible us case unless you want to grind it up to 1 million turtle and then cash out the $12-$14 that you would have and it to one of the few exchanges that is dealing with that shitcoin and then send it to your wallet or whatever you chose the destination of the crypto you just exchanged for to go. This still is not my biggest problem with turtle, nope. My problem with turtle isn't gets rained by far the most out of any coin on BC.Game by far. It is rained with such regularity that I can come back on after being off the site for say 8+ hours and when I come back what do I have of 5 turtle rains and nothing else. Why is that the case? Why does that make me so upset? Well when you give away a coin for free that is worth 1/1000 or less of a penny then make the rain minimum only 1000 then it equates to a shit ton of rains of it. Most of those rains are around the minimum as well so screw turtle. You wanna know why that really bothers me? There is a rain algorithm and it typically cycles you to the pool of people at the top then when you receive a rain you get bumped down and sit out for a few at least. So when I receive 10 or 20 turtle that is the fakest regifting I've ever witnessed because nobody is being kind or generous by giving away 1000-10000 turtle. They just aren't. They think they are but they who do that don't know much about life and what it really means to be generous. I Im guessing you yourself have rained some turtle haven't you, Japakar? How many times would you guess you have rained a worthless coin thinking you were the man? C'mon be honest. Anyways don't dish up anybody that weak ass sauce bro. People want the heat, we want what's hot, we want the fiyah. We don't want that, it's nothing close to fiyah. Keep your turtle to yourself. Also in my OP I said I like Doge coin. A lot of people do that is why you see it tipped so often. I am not a snobby man and I dont have a heavily discerning criticism of any crypto except when it has no value and we are on a casino site. Let me break it down this way. 1 Doge is about 1/3 of a penny. One turtle is 1000 of a penny. Minimum rain for Doge is 100. Minimum rain for turtle is 1000. That means fiat value of a min Doge rain would be about 33 or 34 cents, min rain for turtle would be a penny if that. Turtle has such little value its not worth my time to check the price of it on even a weekly basis. I think the minimum doge rain is too low also. I think it should be more like 250-300. However I will accept a rain of 2 doge all day. Thats almost a penny right there. 20 turtle makes feel a turtle head somewhere just not anywhere someone wants to feel a turtlehead poppin out. Last but not least you made a reference to VNDC. You stated that I should hate VNDC as much as turtle ae it has around the same amount of value. Guess what Jakky? I cant ever remember getting any VNDC nor seeing anybody post a winning bet with it because nobody plays with it. It also certainly isnt given out for free to every player every single day is it? Here is one more news flash for you. VNDC MIN TO RAIN IS.......DRUMROLL PLEASE..........JAPAKAR I SAID DRUMROLL, START DRUMMING.........20,000 VNDC OR 20 TIMES THE AMOUNT OF TURTLE. Your arguments are as weak as sauce you serving for dinner with that dry, overcooked rubber chicken. Tastes just like turtle tho, your gonna love it!
  5. Wow nothing says trust me more than a Russian posting literally every scam drop on telegram with a whopping $373 wagered on site. People DO NOT FOLLOW THESE LINKS!!! THEY ARE SCAMS AND POTENTIALLY DANGEROUS TO YOUR FUNDS. This person does not know a thing except how to regurgitate airdrop announcements from a very sketchy persons telegram channel. Don't press that link, you will regret it. Trust me. I smell scams and scammers like a basset hound on a nootropic regime. Yeah go Google nootropics.......there we go. That's how you beat a scammer, mesmerize the potential Vic's with an even more distracting carrot.
  6. OlieJuice

    unloved trtl

    I like what you did here. Plus seeing Burch here gave me no choice but to follow suit and add a comment. I just posted my possible options for Turtle shit......coin. seeing this tho makes me happy that if I ever rage bet and actually hit my allin with astronomical odds I can withdraw to this sweet raffle. Quick follow up question. Are you handing out raffle tickets in proportion to amount of turtle sent to the wallet? I mean if Burch sends 2 million turtle and the next day I send 100k turtle he hasnsent 20 times more so he should have a better chance at winning right? If you don't have this worked out may I suggest you give one ticket in increments of the min cashout amount of turtle. I think it's 50k? I don't know exactly cause I never intended or would have even wanted to withdraw turtle cause I had I so damn much. Lilley, I support this option and I think it is a really smart and creative way for that gangrenous coin on a half shell to get a damn job already and start working for the people it has caused so much peril, famine, and the fall of at least three dominant world civilizations. Not unlike the flu shot...........the real silent killer is not CO2. Just a lil prick and all of a sudden black plague sick? Thats what you get for trusting a nurse standing at a foldable table outside your local Walgreens. I'm pretty sure Chi-mo's have a very similar tactic yet they are given prison time, rightfully so, but should these candystripers of doom be treated as well as they are? Anyways, I did so well staying on topic.......until one of my Andy Rooney hotbed topics popped into my mind. I'm leaving it just in case someone has the same thoughts as me but keep them bottled out of fear they would get exiled. Hey Im still here, it's ok. Speak out against free supermarket shots that they swear won't get you sick, are free, and will just take a few moments of your time. Replace those descriptive words with free candy, I promise I'm friends with your parents, and do you have a second to help me find my lost puppy...........thin thin line my friends.
  7. In the exchange Tab that is in your wallet. However I will warm you BC.Game while they have a currency exchange, it is not for low or even mid stakes players. I highly suggest not even attempting to exchange on the site unless you are holding over $100 of the specific coin you want to exchange. Otherwise most withdrawal mins are in the $12-$20 range so while it's an extra step unless you are holding 0.01 Btc or equivalent then you aren't going to have any luck on site. May I suggest Atomic wallet however. They are completely anonymous, support 100's of coins and tokens with more added all the time, atomic wallet also lets you buy crypto directly in the wallet, but best of all they allow exchanging of almost any coin or token for any other coin or token. The charge a small fee but mostly around $0.50-$1.00(a dollar is high, and not typical price but Is seen them get up to a dollar once or twice). I will not even include any referral codes and I swear I get nothing from you using Atomic wallet other than your crypto happiness. I use them often as say Trust Wallet has an exchange but only will exchange coins on the Binance blockchain so not too user-friendly unless you want BNB only. Now take an exchange such as Coinbase or Binance. Coinbase gives members free exchanges on their site but they also make you go through kyc/aml verification plus they essentially are giving all their customers info to the U.S. government, and who likes NARCs. Nobody. Binance has looser restrictions as far as kyc verification but they also have received scrutiny as of late for being so loose that they let criminals exchange stolen or tainted dark web crypto and eventually cash it out on their site too. I don't like that much better than CB NARCing on its customers. If Binance plays the ignorant cared like well we so much volume, I'm not buying it. It makes me feel like they are either letting criminals transact for a higher fee or working with them all the way. Another thing is Atomic wallet will not just let you swap one currency for another from a entirely different blockchain. They offer so many pairs there is no way you wouldn't be able to find a swap you wanted to make. It also is pretty cheap for what you get and didnI mention you literally don't have to give any personal infp but an email address. Create a. Protonmail account just for your atomic wallet and yourngood to go? You could withdraw from BC send to your atomic wallet swap currency and then have that redeposited to BC in less than 30 mins if all sides were cooperating as they should. Can't beat it wit Coco as your weapon. Hope this helps you a little. Good Luck and take Coco's money with no remorse. Cheers
  8. I don't have a relevant reply other than wanting to address the OP's username. I love Latryx! I have seen them as a group maybe 8 times live and Latest and Lyrics Born as solo artists probably 5 or 6 times each as well. Latest gets extra mention as he would always be an unlabeled guest at, I swear, all but one of the Blackilicious/Gift of Gab shows I saw.......which easily was 6 or 7 as well. All I'm saying is at least one BC player gets your reference.......and I fucking dig it more than you could know. Bay area girl then? Not me one principality from the golden girl state. You made me smile really wide seeing your username. I hope you see this and it makes you smile in return. Man, Latryx........too much. That is all........don't delete this please.
  9. First off let me apologize as I checked the forum pretty hard and didn't see this specifically addressed so it it is please move this post to the appropriate thread. Ok *deep inhale* I hate turtle! Strong word yes but no other word could convey the utter disgust I get when I log on to see I have received 4 different rains from 4 different people all for 20 turtle a piece. I hate these people that think they are being generous by spreading less than a penny worth of crypto to 50+ people and I hate the shitcoin that is turtle. There are counter arguments to mine and I have a few solutions in mind but their points are more valid now that JB has some use cases. I personally only rage get turtle when I've lost everything else and personally it doesn't help me one bit losing all I've accumulated going for 100,000x in crash in one swift kick of the turtle. Other than this coin being essentially worthless and clearly the players agree or they wouldnt be so quick to send out those turtle as soon as they get to the 1000 coin threshold to rain upon it's victims. You can prove me wrong and post a non specific withdrawal chart of turtle coins by players in say the last 6 months. I have a feeling that you could do that counting on one hand tho. Hence worthless shitcoin. My other biggest issue is that when I receive turtle as rain it is then dropping me out of possibility of receiving any coin other than turtle. I love Doge and its worth 1/3 of a penny per coin. That is still some value tho. I am not alone and I ask any players who read this to argue against or share in my hate for this coin and how often it is rained by people who would give their best friends a re-gifted item that they didn't want and call that kindness. I call that no longer my friend as well as smacking myself in my turtle eggs as ai should never misjudge an idiot jagoff as my friend or even a friend's friend but I digress. Here is my proposed solutions to all of my and also compromise to the sick bastards that say "I like getting turtle" or "hey a coins a coin". No just no. So first and most fair to everybody at BC would be just raise how much you need for a min to rain. 15k or 20k does that seem steep? Let's keep Fiat value as perspective and that would mean as now he equivalent would be to set Doge rain min to 1.42 that gets spread to 50+ people. Nobody wants that either. Set it to an equivalent fiat value and I can't argue even tho I still will hate that coin forever. That is the most fair and logical answer to something that makes my blood boil quicker than a walk in hell. Option two, one that I prefer but doesn't act as a universal fix. This option would be to allow players to opt out of turtle rains. Just let me watch and never ever be jealous of these turtle orgies going on..........like they are frickin rabbits and not turtle after all. Hmmmm. It's too late ai already painted the image and your imagination took it from there. I would love a self exclusion from any players attempting to give me their literal unwanted garbage. Those are my two ideas please utilize one and quickly. I can't take much more. I think I'm allergic. Do Turtle count as shellfish. Oh God! Where's my EpiPen!!!!! That is all. May those that agree let their voices call to the admin like sirens in the night, you old sailors, you. Thank you for hearing my grievance. It is of the utmost importance to me..........and my survival.
  10. I concur with Sir Burchram Beery here. I'm not sure if any of the kids of than, our Father be his name, and Super Sodium Chloride Man but I write often and with the length of words per post that would be envied by the likes of J.K. Rowling herself. At times I admit I'm over the top like Sly Stallone bringing his 12 year old cross country in his semi to compete in a truck driver arm wrestling competition. If that movie didn't own up to it and knock on the fourth wall by naming the movie after the ludicrous premise itself, I would turn all from such a film but instead they owner it and boy what a classic that picture turned out to be. So while sometimes a touch too much for even myself, I feel many of my posts are coated and creme filled with fun facts, useless nuggets of knowledge, a witty gift of gab, with a heavy dose of reality to all those that dare enter chat for any reason other than its original purity law. Beggars be gone, men think they can throw a feminine sounding name with an photo that surely has copyright infringement all over it yet they show up playing damsel in distress, or just the standard human pestering fool that can equate to an entire blackberry Bush of thorns in everyone's......um.......backside or if I may my photogenic side(pics to follow). Mods can't always be in the room to regulate otherwise your inter-office pissing contest of who will be first to wager Elon Musk's net worth would be futile. Anyways now my point be made with my thesis to finish. Do you think somebody who has found what the max characters allowed for so many different media that one should literally never max out in their lives would want to retype the masterpiece that was just deleted but I thought it was sent.......so I wait thinking there is lag in the chatroom..........then I realize it's never coming.........I done deleted it and now just smash my phone or tablet to pieces in frustration. I'm writing this on my 6th phone since I joined not two months ago. So please for the love of Coco_Father Father, Coco_Gramps, will you move that stupid x somewhere else, please. I also wanted to throw in I'm a southpaw and x seems to have no prejudice to whom it choses as victim. (I don't know how or why this is highlighted but I couldn't figure out how to undo it, sorry).
  11. OMFG!!!! BURCH!!!! I can not believe that is you in every one of those pictures. I will say this, if this was a second grade soccer team instead of a grown man beard comp, where as everyone gets an award(you know so feelings dont get hurt) then Mr. Burch you sir when the bearded chameleon award because almost everyone of those pics you look completely different. Also Im saying this as a very comfortable and very straight male but that first pic with I think a sepia filter.........I was like why is Burch showing Jake Gyllenhaal on set of his new film. Then I realized, nope he is better looking than Jake Gyll. Thats Burch! Thats my boy!!!! Wait is this competition still going? I mean not for me........its for a friend. No Im joking......not about entering, cause whilst I have facial hair it is none worthy of any prize given for the likes of these fascinating facial follicle festivities. I was just curious if it was still going. I am growing out my chin strap tho so maybe in a couple weeks when I can rival Burch's speed metal bassist thing he has going on in what I assume is his current look. J, am I correct there? Anyways I just want to give props to all that entered pics. It is an interesting thing to learn peoples personalities and make mental projections of what you then think that person looks like........and Penguin just showing how off one can be with all they have to work with being Spaghetti Burritos, an animated pic of a Penguin, and an animated pic of a toaster. Well those did me no help as I would have guessed you as a clean shaven type but perhaps similar age. Anyways that segues me perfectly into what is an even bigger surprise to me and didnt realize I had my throne being challenged............ That being the Lisa Lampanelli of BC.Game, Intelligence, ladies and gents. I dont know how to put your name down all cool as fuck like you have for your user name but I figure that will work. Where in the shit did the Kenny Rogers Roasters come from man? Who would have thought that you would be going to places that I wouldnt dare go(sorry Penguin). I mean I am starting a slow clap with my jaw laying on the floor and Im pretty sure I alleviated at least half my bladder down my left leg too. You sir were brutal savage but very much not fair. The thing about roasting is you have to be able to take as well as you give. Show some humility. So I propose this. You and I since our identities have remained entirely hidden, yours more than mine but I do have the richest cartoon in the world as my profile pic. Here is what ai suggest. We both for one day change our profile pics to ourselves, a real profile picture of our choosing..........no I wont make it a dick pic........unless its unanimously voted thats what is wanted by the people. One day tho, Intelligence. We change it for one day, but you have to be in chat long enough for people to realize you dont have a picture with a dude wearing a gas mask and its a real human. I think that would be cool. Now that we are BC.Games two top roasters. We are the venom vipers bitches. Dont talk shit to us or you leave or you leave covered head to toe in fecal matter. Period. Im just playing, I cant take a shot as well as the best. Oh shit well thats my proposition to you, Intelligence. I can reveal my identity alone too if you would rather remain covered up like a 13 year old Iranian bride/rape slave then suit yourself. I just think its nice to know what people look like once youve been in enough conversations with them. I played a game called, Dragon Soul on Android for 2 years all of which but one month I was in the same clan. We ended up breaking apart our original clan but the core of us promised as long as we kept playing we would stay together as we wouldnt be isolated and have some clout then. Well I never knew what any of these people looked like at all. Not until right before I stopped playing and it kinda drove me crazy. That could be just a me thing and you all dont agree. Holy fuck am I a nonstop talker/writer!!! Not a question so save it. Well sorry Im not really sorry for the length and like I tell people on Reddit. I will not write an abbreviated version of what my key points were. You can read it all or you can skip it but length and size is something Ive never had a problem with so if you do that sounds like a personal issue. I will cut this short but it is too long even for me considering the forum nature. I have spent too much time writing to go back and edit now. Maybe later. So if you are one if the few that get to read this as a "directors cut" well this is your "Blade Runner" my friends. Just a whole different ballgame when its the uncut version huh? Your welcome.
  12. Group D all the way. As a man that curses Coco's name far too often, if these widdle cutie wooties were Coco then how could you ever be mad at that face? It makes a 39 year old man want to make sounds that a 39 year old man should never ever make..........*squeals loudly* But you are just too adorable and cute........yes you are, you widdle cutie bah-tootie with those widdle baby Coco cheeks!!! Im gonna squeeze em!!! *Squeals loudly again* Too cute!!!
  13. 1. BC.Game-Winning here is only a matter of time, your time is now. 2.Its as easy as A BC.Game, Winning at our casino couldnt be simpler.
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