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  1. Fuck u sand niggers, i'd slit ur throat right now if i could.
  2. Cry me a river fagboy sensitive lil cock sucker arent u
  3. yikes, didnt know u were gay, im outtie
  4. Lets go shit code, i havent had one in forever, feel like im a virgin again, hit me baby
  5. Like the Jack in a Royal Flush bc.game is a joke You want to retire? BC.Game is not for you BC.Game a place you can call "home" but don't want to. *LOL*
  6. @coco_father i love ur signature bahah all in on red
  7. I have no co int o join this event but doesn't mean I can 't compliment your new hairstyle coco_faja
  8. where them dat pieces of shit at danny and joe? if there was any more slack from you two dont think you could even wipe ur own ass.. ;\
  9. Damn i miss codes aiding my mother with cancer.. she is not looking too great, grats on codes y'all take care.
  10. Yes I second this, been having this issue myself
  11. The new User Interface(UI) is rather nice compared to the old but in some ways it's bad, like the chat hide/show button placements and then the new navigation panel. Though these are negative displacements as I am not used to them, that will change today heh heh. I also love the removal of minimum withdrawal holy lord that is some serious change of led to this site
  12. but, that's the best part, least i thought it was hehe
  13. i just developed one of the worst imaginable migraines trying to read your message properly.
  14. u sound like u need a dickdown or something depending on ur what kind of shit tip u can send me i can cover u... fuck u got issues
  15. Yeah all were deactivated immediately lmao
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