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  1. I appeal to those who do not repay debts. Boys and girls, when I have the opportunity, I shed rain, give coins, because I want those with whom I share to be happy too, But I am offended and very sorry for those who, under the pretext of lying, begging for coins from me, swear that they will return them at the appointed time and just ignore me. I am not a God-fearing person, I do not want to offend anyone (religions) there are 2 types of people
    -1 - a person who believes that there is a god.
    - 2-person who knows that there is a creator.
    do not confuse these two different concepts and their weight is different,
    I will say this: let the creator be the judge of these liars, and karma the executioner, you may not believe this, but all this believes in you. You deceived me at 326. BCD / 120doge / 400trx / (I will not write the names, because two people have already changed. Remember
    you will lose 10 times more. for me, the insult is not because of material resources in the form of cryptocurrency, which were not returned to me.I will tell you so, be careful in your actions, because they are always followed by consequences, and only you are responsible for your actions, when your time comes, we will see you here, you can be sure.
    It's a shame that a person is ready to overstep himself, sell his body for pleasure, material means only in order to rise in the material world only for a moment, imagining himself as a creator, they understand what it cost and fall down this is called rebirth again here and again from the beginning - this is not just a person forgets everything and starts all over again until he learns the lessons.

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