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  2. my door into the crypto casinos world. I had already had a gambling problem before ( that being its a problem when I dont win lol ) carona hit and I had actually stopped playing all together while being locked up in the house for months , we'll fast forward to September or so and I had just moved in with the gf she not knowing it was technically gambling had brought up bc.game to me and even when I started playing there I hadn't realized yet that I was gambling . The reason being because I only played crash at first because she had heard of the martingale strategy and in my head it sounded like garanteed profit so not a gamble. (Bullshit ) anyways one of the main perks of bc.game is its vault . The vault pro is probably the best vault on any of the sites that offer a vault and the reason being that the sites vault actually earns you 5 percent api daily. I believe anyways but don't quote me on that. But it does earn interest on what ever u decide to keep in there daily . Another cool thing about bc.game js that it keeps track of your stats,wager ammounts per currency, win loss ratio and all that good stuff. You can view other players stats as well. Bc game also offers a very wide variety of crypto options to play with as well as the ability to switch out crypto or "convert " bassicly. So if I had btc but wanted to play with ltc it's as simple as a few button clicks. Another perk is thier daily wheel spin that even has chance at getting 1 btc. They have 2 different brand currency, one has no monetary value but can be used to purchase boosts to your rakeback once you hit that level as well as some other purposes I can't recall at the moment. The other is a new site currency that they will always keep a value of 1 usd . You can earn the second one by completing daily tasks and other such tasks. They have your basic welcome match bonus with a decent eager requirement to it. They're not to exploding on the bonus scene right now though because they very recently had a complete site overhaul. Before this they had about 16 in house games such as keno, hilo, ect. Included in the OG 16 were 3 unique and original slots games you won't find anywhere else. .but as I said a sentence or 2 ago they recently upgraded and have added slots from some of the most popular providers around like pragmatic or bgaming to name a few and they're still expanding. Now I'm sure I'm missing some other details but this was was already long enough. Overall I'm very glad it was my starting point and with it's easy to understand ui and cartoonish mascot coco it makes for a good starting point in your crypto gambling journey as well
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