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  1. How do you feel? I thought the re-design was gonna be bad, I couldn't get any sneak-peaks from Coco so I was very nervous that I would hate it. When i first saw it i knew it was gonna be great, and it is. Everything about that was drastically changed, was much needed. The site feels more modern and sleek then before. How about the new interface? Do you like it? I love it. It's to me a much needed update that you handled very well and produced something that will compete with other casinos like BC How is the game experience? Game experience is pretty good. I feel like things move a bit quicker, one thing I noticed right away. Hotkeys are 100x more responsive then 2.0, before you had to pause between betting for 0.5-1s and then press the hotkey you wanted, now I can do it at a high speed without issue. Have you found a bug? If your feedback is a bug we haven't found yet, you can get extra BONUS. I reported this to Joe a couple days ago with some video of it happening. But i found a bug on Wheel (any settings) where sometimes it will deduct the bet twice on one press of the bet button. Any other suggestions? Just keep listening to the community and the site will continue to get better and better.
  2. No, you have to complete KYC, deposit $50 or more, and thats it. Btw, just deposit $50, wait for the $30 to show up, withdraw the $50.
  3. With Cake you are able to put your crypto to work and hold at the same time. Cake is the first fully transparent (decentralized) platform that generates constant cash flow for you. They offer Liquidity Mining, Staking, Lending Batches, and they have a Freezer where you can freeze your crypto for up to 10 YEARS(!!!). Freezer is identical to staking you just can't remove it at any time, as a result they give you %85 of the fees that come with staking, back, when you use the freezer. They support BTC, BCH, DASH, DFI, DOGE, ETH, LTC, and USDT(erc20). All of those are eligible for each of the services I mentioned above (with the exception of freezer which only allows DFI). You are free to withdraw at any time. Rewards are paid out multiple times a day right to your wallet on site, where you can have them auto compound, or just sit and be available for withdraw. They do require KYC but I've done a bit of research on the company and I didn't find anything that i saw as suspicious. Sign up under this link to get $30 of DFI after you complete KYC: https://app.cakedefi.com?ref=687159 Sign up's that don't go thru that link above are only eligible for $10 of DFI upon completion of KYC.
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