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  1. React. React. React! Thank you for the opportunity.
  2. So sad, I pathetically tried every single code knowing they get swooped up in a minute and a half tops. Round two.....
  3. I appreciate you sharing your insight, do you have an affiliate link to the website, I'd gladly click to access using that link.
  4. Hopefully Me as much as I've lost this week...
  5. So sad I've been stalking the forums waiting... them I got off and what do ya know
  6. I've never hit it, and look at my wagered amounts on Cave, with multiple different currencies. At 100x,200x, and 500x But Best of Luck to you
  7. I celebrate, may I please have one?!... Happy Easter by the way!
  8. Would be cool to have the percentages back when depositing/withdrawing to and from the Vault. Something small, but very convenient. Thanks for listening!
  9. Posting to come back after I've had suitable time to review update
  10. awesome! super excited! thank you for this opportunity and challenge.
  11. its already gone i'm so sad i swear i was so fast
  12. I'm just going to go ahead and assume that the ShitCodes you've posted thusfar are all one use, is this a correct assumption?
  13. By reading all of the different replies, I'm confused whether you meant the 3 orange coco's or bcgame chat/participants/mods as a whole. I think the images are cute, but kind of lacking personality, just reading the casino chat "CoCo" as an idol or image is portrayed to be more magnificent, even magical sort of, definitely seen as bigger than, and to be respected. If you were asking the latter, I think that bcgame is great, we get the nay sayers in chat or the bums with their constant begging which is obnoxious, but I think everyone generally has a pretty upbeat and positive attitude! One thing I would definitely suggest is that BCGame update their social networking pages better and more often.
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