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  1. However - BC Scamming users. Their "Originals" are unfair. When BC Updated from 2.0 to 3.0, Every their game finally got marked as - SCAM . The *WIN Chance* is more lower than they show. Yea, i have strategies, which i calculated and tested, they are profitable up to daily +120%~ of start balance. But yeah, it's predictable, we can't use it, - Why? - Because BC have bad reputation in last 5 months. One of the worst sites of crypto gambling after 2.0 > 3.0 update. - They changed Site style from Classic to P0k3-Sh1t. -After Yoko Hall left from BC - Their Support Team was replaced useless and stupid ppl. Even in 70% of any issue, they don't know what to do. This is worst Online Support, because they can't help you. They have some list of forms, which they use to answer you, that's all. - "Tech. Support/Administration" is useless, they ignore a lot of people. - More than 35% of total online is Multi-Accounts to abuse Rain&Bag drops script. - "Mystical" hacked accounts with high balances. - Their Tech.Supp/Admins/Supp.Team ignore a lot of users after ban - it's normal for bc, there is a lot of users with that problem. They can help you - only if you lost there a lot , because they don't need users which will clean BC Bankroll with Auto-bet script strategies. I can continue this list up to 30 reasons, but my time is not worth of that. Lot of users got banned with their money on bc wallet. i know one guy, he got banned some few months ago with balance 4.81 BTC, just for auto-gambling in limbo 24/7. Any promo with "Deposit bonus" is obv scam. Everywhere. Before you will wager enough - to unlock all balance = you will lose all your money.
  2. 4539$ Edit: Idk , what is the maximum on bc LD
  3. Stop fkn flooding and spamming, brainless beggars. He posting always in +\- 2h as default. No body will post if you ask, this is a casino, not an forum for useless beggars site.
  4. @Danny777 Where else are you?! Few days no shitcodes!
  5. Fake. No tips. Posting old shitcodes. Just ignore this post and this kid.
  6. ☆°cocofucker°☆ https://bc.game/user/profile/676718 waiting for a tip
  7. still scammers posting few codes for bots ,hehe , toggled off the small coins on wheel, less codes.. hm mwhat will be next.
  8. https://stake.com/?c=eblonatorv7bonus Новая ссылка.
  9. Hey! Tired of one place? I have a Great offer for you! Try out this >> >> Click Me << Weekly / Monthly bonuses , Rains , Challenges , Active people! Rakeback , Each Level UP is a High Bonus in your Cryptocurrency! Hourly / Daily / Weekly - Races , Mega races ! Bet on sport , Bet on games! What ever You want! If you often make a deposit and bet - Message me in telegram: >> Click here << If you are a gambler, like bets, often do it, Show me a screenshot of your bets / deposits, If you really are Gambler, As a beginner, we will give you a Reload for 1 week. And you can claim your bonus every day for 1 week! You are Still here? Come one, come here and have fun!: >> Click Me << Every newbie with good statistic of betting/deposits on BC or somewhere - can write me in telegram and i will give you a Nice offer! Good Luck and Have Fun! Sign Up: >> Click Me << Rakeback Weekly bonus Monthly bonus Hourly reload VIP level rewards Bonus from VIP host in currency of your choice every level up Exclusively customized benefits
  10. Надоело это казино? Хочется попробовать что-то новое ? Тогда попробуй Стакан! >> >> Кликни сюда << << Если ты часто делаешь ставки, то можно оформить тестовую перезагрузку на неделю что бы опробовать весь сок данного сайта. Часто делаешь депозит? Много ставок и в пустую здесь? Пиши мне в Телеграм >> >> Кликни сюда << << Я всё расскажу и поделюсь своим опытом на стакане, подскажу что смогу. Я играю на Стакане уже с конца марта и если сравнивать эти оба сайта, то бц это полная дыра. Заходите к нам) Народ у нас тут дружелюбный, дожди куда чаще, много челленджов в которых может участвовать Любой! И победителей довольно много всегда! Так же доступен Рейкбэк, за каждую вашу ставку, в вашу копилку падает монетка За каждый полученный уровень - Вам платят бонусы, дойдёте до платинума - Получите бесконечную перезагрузку каждые 10 мин / 1ч / 1д (На ваш выбор) Каждую неделю бонус коды в вип группе телеграм, Каждый месяц бонусы и код на почту. - Пишите если что) EblonatorV7
  11. yeah buddy , they are fucking scammers
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