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  1. So the feeing BC gives me would be a feeling of something more something much grander. As for the new interface the updates are very appealing to the eye which is perfect in this industry for the simple fact you want to keep people's attention. I would have to depict that I do like it. As for the game experience it keeps me entertained for the most part as well as thinking deeper Into numbers and problems which I enjoy. The only thing I saw that was off was the migratory center of plinking personally I would drop the payouts down or raise it up and drop the center down lower. You guys seem to be doing well and it is very entertaining I'd give you guys a hard 9.5 outta 10. Namaste
  2. humbly and patiently waiting Namaste
  3. well try and try again still havent got one i was within the time frame but beat by 1 minute to yukio
  4. May I please partake of a shitcode please my kind sir?
  5. Crash into Profits at Bc.game Where you can Plunder through Caves for Jewels that can change the way you shine. Crash on in and Plunder through today.
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