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  1. "Pharaohs Curse" Starting in the present year of 2021, we find our hero in the biggest underground SPC facility. SPC facilities are used to teach, research and contain anomalies. Today our hero, is up for a promotion, but in order for him to fully achieve the salary of the new promotion, the SPC wants to test the hero to see if he can act on his own for the better good, ,solve the problem with the least amount of casualties, and get the job down!! The SPC has recently uncovered a strange, cosmic energy coming from the tomb of King Tut. They decide this could be the perfect test for our hero. During briefing, they explain to our hero the mission, the goal, and any other information they have on the tomb. At the end of the briefing, they tell the beloved hero, that they are deciding to send the hero to check out the site and neutralize and contain any anomalies, they also enclose that the hero is up for a promotion, and how they handle this situation will determine whether he is promoted or not. They also tell him, in order to avoid to much attention or casualty deaths, they decided to send the hero with a small 5 man unit to escort him to the site. Upon arriving at the tomb, the 5 soldiers get stuck at the door by some sort of invisible field. Some how only the hero is allowed into the tomb to investigate. As he enters the tomb, the hero trips and rolls into a trap door which drops him to a gigantic maze deep inside the tomb. Than as the hero starts to recollect, a dream like vision takes over his eyes, as he starts to embark on the memories of King Tut. The memories tell him of a curse that is deep inside the tomb, and the time for the curse to activate and fill the whole world is near, and the hero has to conquer the puzzle maze in order to access the code and destroy it. The hero learns that King Tut's spirit is trapped in the tomb bound by the curse and in order for him to be free, the puzzles needed to be solved so the hero could destroy the source of the curse. Being the good-hearted, strong minded person the hero is, they decide to take on the quest!! Now its up to YOU to help the hero clear the slot puzzles and destroy the curse!!! Be careful, watch your step, and if your lucky, you might get rich if u come across King Tut's treasures through the slot puzzles.
  2. i aint seen one yet. Its crazy i actually just got on the forum to try to find shit codes lol
  3. Hows everyone doing today in the BC community! I am kind of new to the site, but not new to gambling. I been playing BC for about 2-3 weeks now, and I probably invested a total of $10 USD. I have profited allot already, but still havent been able to cash out, but I know its coming! But a quick fun fact for all BC users, if you go to the wallet symbol, you will see a vault selection. Click it, and utilize it!! One thing about real casinos, they dont let u put ur profits away, and they definitely dont let you stack interest. But a benefit of BC is the vault option, when i profit, I put my profits away into the vault and keep bare minimum to play with. This will help you keep your profits, build interest, and not lose everything. Whenever you sit with your balance while you gamble, itll only be a matter of time before you spend everything, its just human nature! There are no cheats in gambling, to my experience, its best to look at gambling the same way you focus on building your business. Invest minimum, Profit, save your profits, and capitalize, but on top of all that, while you save with BC you also build 5% interest holding coins in the vault, and to withdraw all you need is the 2FA code, which makes it easier to not pull it out and spend it! This site is very fun and addictive, but like any addiction, it can take everything from you. So play smart, save, and GOOD LUCK TO ALL!!!!!!!!
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