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  1. was not me this time @danny777 anychance for alittle something for a guy that has posted his shitcode rewards before you asked hah?:)
  2. happy easter all you shitters. jk and to all that dont have agood sunday lilke lthe boss said
  3. yo @danny777 @ BCGame_Joe you guys take alot of shit for giving shit out to shitty people just wanted to say thanks to you both and bcgame.... dont take the shitty people thing to hard people we are chillin on shitcorner
  4. I just wanted to stop by and not only thank but give credit to the moderator known as @digitaldash not only have i seen him manage to lasso the the global chatroom and turn it into a civil conversation with veryvery minimal negativity from anyone. digitaldash took time to answer everyone individually with very caring and respectable replys and just down right a good person. deserves a raise:)
  5. you have to have on to be on dooty to recieve shitcodes. not for #1s you gotta really work for #2 around here. then you will only be blessed by a BCshit code
  6. Honestly i find it extremely appealing, easy to use, and overall nicely done. not that i wouldnt recommend bc.game the world already. But now it is very very attractive and user friendly. Nice work team and thanks for having us
  7. check your notifications in the casino not forums
  8. what vip lvl do you need to get one from support
  9. did i miss the first official night of Shitgames hosted by BCGAME_Joe?
  10. whats the deal with the red ones?
  11. gz guys that was impressive all i did was micslick bonus with affiliat and boom gzggz and ty danny
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