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  1. Im waiting for u Im waiting for u Im waiting for u Im waiting for u #Monday Shitcode when u arrive!! LOL!!!
  2. Gd mrng everyone and happy friday yo!!! Let us pray and work together to break the chain of covid19 disease around the world. Amen
  3. Lol.. Honestly Just wanna kidding n give little pressure with bro@Danny777..
  4. thank you for your sincere answer bro @Danny777
  5. @Danny777 Bro.. Can i get personal DM from u after u post the shitcode at this Forum?? Tq bro.. A.S.A.P
  6. Congrts to all got the shitcode today.. Gd luck everyone..
  7. Bro@Danny777 gd night.. I hope so this tyme i will get the wonderful gorgeous shitcode here.. Haha
  8. I hope i will catch the shitcode today...
  9. Yo yo yo... Where r u shitcode.. May god bless for all waiting shitcode..
  10. Yo yo yo... Where r u shitcode..
  11. Always miss the shitcode.. No luck this 2021.. So sad..
  12. Hellooo...  My beloved BC Game...  

  13. This is last choice if in BC Game Acc olready -0.. Hihi.. Just kidding
  14. .. Dont just say it dude.. Do it and show to us...
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