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  1. I mean clean your house. sickos.
  2. Idk if I did this right btw I have never done it before
  3. Shit wouldn't that be nice, right? I still have never gotten a shitcode.
  4. Idk about anyone else but I have not caught a single shit code. Not one. I'm on here (or try to be) as much as I can and everytime is  miss. 

  5. Unfortunately no. I keep missing them if they are actually around:/
  6. COCO!!! WHERE ARE YOU COCO?!? I'VE BEEN ON THIS SITE FOR A WHILE AND NOT ONCE HAVE I SEEN YOUR ASS! you're like bigfoot. or my will to live
  7. ayeee😎👉


  8. so technically I'm a shitcode virgin. I finally figured this shit out and let me tell you...that one scene from the second dumb and dumber movie...I'm ready like Bob Saget clearly was not. "THERE'S SHIT EVERYWHERE !!" Shit my bitch up BAAAM
  9. I've accidentally pulled an all nighter with a friend recently because I was hitting big then lost it all by morning.
  10. I dont think I've ever gotten nor given a shitcode. hmm...
  11. ok so I've been on this site for a while now and still don't know wtf I'm doing or how to transfer currencies to wallets.
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