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  1. I've spun the wheel once. Unfortunately I had to bet really low to make it that far.
  2. This is a waste of time. Shitcodes are like yetties no one really sees them and the fuckers that do are usually nuts
  3. To the chap who figured out the math, fucking bravo. To the casino, have you considered hiring this fool as an outside consultant and binding him to a contract. Sounds like he could have warned you. Facebook still has a $500 and employment reward to hack into their servers. FBI hires counterfeiters straight out of the pen. Just thinking outside the box. Maybe his first bonus gets paid in crypto.
  4. Perhaps we could put one somewhere visible? Or maybe a link to a link? Idc as long as it helps me avoid eth fees!!! costs half my deposit to send my deposit!!!
  5. what kind of rate of return are we talking on this particular venture??
  6. So my question is this: ?? Do we really NEED the extra memo on XLM? Personally it just cost me a hot dub. (Not because of BC Games). The site I sent from asked me; after I already typed in the memo, "if I really needed it". I know I clicked on yes, but well. The name is up there for a reason. So the last 72 XLM I had to play with has vanished into the blockchain forever. Anyone willing to do a mercy kill??? PS. I hate the air I breathe right now I'm so pissed. aaacccf08ab8a80a77de99b8ff6b4a29fd44290c4eafa7f91c9945f439ce660f
  7. Hey everyone, they say a fool and his money soon depart. Well I'm here to tell you that ain't no lie. If I'm not losing it I'm literally losing it. Follow me and find out.
  8. Hello cocos father, did you get your name the same way I got mine?
  9. 0x0Fd29FD68c158Aa9b8219e785dE44A13E7Ee0a70 Why not, I'm feeling stupid right now?
  10. This thing had a mind of it's own. Like something took over me and I could not win. I got all in my feelings about it, kept doubling the bet thinking there no way I can lose 15 hands of video poker in a row. And it turns out I was right. Because you see I can lose 23 straight hands back to back. Doubling the bet, changing the has seed, reset my browser, out every app to sleep and rebooted the device. Nothing worked until it was all gone. Even the tips from the chatroom rain.
  11. Dude, I have a streak on Egyptian that I thought would never end. It just kept counting up my multiplyer. Over 200x and I was still in the bonus. Ended up something over 1k times multiplyer. But I can't remember that. Because of what happened next......
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