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  1. Tonight I noticed that during the free spins round in Oriental Beauties, only 1-2 out of total winning spins landed, were being credited to my balance! I thought at first that's surely not what's happening, so on this last free rounds I won, during all 10 of the free spins you get, I stared at my balance and out of 4 winners, only 1 was added!!! I immediately contacted support and didn't even get a hello which is weird for live chat support and I saw that they read what I sent so...... Anyone else experience this on BC.Games website???
  2. Has anyone received their tips yet?
  3. Hello Dera, If you have a moment please help me understand the final steps of this script that I can't seem to figure out. 1st- do I need to start with the same amount of coin and crypto type the copied name is using the build from there? When you copy and paste name and bet amount of chosen user, where all do you do this and what happens next?
  4. WHY do some people feel the need to copy and reprint Danny's shitcodes!?
  5. Site rewards you using a Coinbase wallet address to deposit $10 worth of BTC. <a href="http://www.freebiebitcoin.com">Earn free bitcoin</a>
  6. Hi all. I was wondering, how often do you think the codes are posted? It seems like it's roughly every 24 hrs. Any thoughts?
  7. Not only do the codes confuse me but what is finding coco?
  8. <a href="http://www.freebiebitcoin.com
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