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Found 1 result

  1. BCGame Presents -“Sweet Code Redesign Challenge” Winners will receive a 50000 DOGE's SweetCode; Participants will receive a random number of DOGE's SweetCode! Release time: 03/10/2020 Deadline: 03/17/2020 It's good time for everyone who is eager to try! ‘Sweet Code’, the first of BCGame’s service to better serve loyal players, is now soliciting the “Sweet Code” format name for all players. We no longer want to use code that looks like a mess, maybe you can make it look more recognizable and make it more elegant. For example [#BCGame (code-fgvhbj2nfgvghbnjfcv)] /Shit[xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx]Alive/ -Hail Hydra[xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx] -Coco'shit[xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx] &iveadream-xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx& |Golden[xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx]Shit| *Lol-xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx-loL Solicitation time and scope Time: March 10th to March 17th, 2020 (one week) Scope: All humans, except animals Solicitation requirements 1. Brand new words are required to ensure the uniqueness of the name and the way of word creation is not limited. The word meanings have a certain positive association; 2. Avoid using geographical names, celebrity names, English words with multiple meanings (negative), numbers, and some special shape symbols; 3. Strive for simple spelling, beautiful melody, easy memory and oral communication, and easy propaganda and promotion; 4. Attach a brief creative description. Submission method 1.Submit online Post it under this topic, please mark #BCGame Sweetcode# on the topic of the post. 2.Follow notes One person can only have one valid post. If you repeat the post, the last post will be used as the valid post. Reward Standard Once the submitted work is adopted by the group, the collective or individual submission is rewarded 5,000 Doge! Participants will receive a random number of DOGE's SweetCode! Notice 1. Plagiarism is strictly prohibited! 2. In case of duplicates, the date of first receipt shall prevail. 3.The ownership and copyright of the collected works belong to the BCGame Team. 4. Contributors to this event are deemed to recognize the above statement. The event has ended, and the sweet code format that won the 50000DOGE is: $BCGame[xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx]$ The Winner is - Ifsxbkfnurb (whos hell account?) whatthehell.mp4 All right! Congratulations Ifsxbkfnurb get 50000 DOGE! A total of 61 people participated in the event and the total rewards received were 80000 DOGE!!!
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