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Found 32 results

  1. Project "Solana Farm" - The first BSC token available for staking for Solana, carries out an airdrop of SOL tokens. For participation you can earn: Up to 1000 SOL (~10$), for 1 referral: 500 SOL (~5$). Participation in the airdrop in the Telegram bot - https://t.me/SolanaFarmAirdropBot?start=776434220 The distribution will be received by all participants in the airdrop. Airdrop budget: 50 million SOL (~500.000$). Air Date: Jan 15, 2022. Social tasks to be performed in the Telegram bot: * Join the group and subscribe to the "Solana Farm" Telegram channel. » 250 SOL (Mandatory task). * Subscribe to Twitter profile and retweet the pinned "Solana Farm" tweet with 1 friend. » 250 SOL (Mandatory task). + Subscribe to the project's Facebook page and share the pinned post. » 200 SOL (Additional task). + Join the project group on Facebook. » 200 SOL (Additional task). + Subscribe to the "Solana Farm" promotion channel in Telegram. » 50 SOL (Additional task). + Follow the "Solana Farm" promoter's Twitter profile and retweet the tweet with any airdrop. » 50 SOL (Additional task). You can also participate in a good IDO pre-sale of SOL tokens. Link to IDO - https://solanafarm.finance/?ref=0x06DA2BfEeDa768EA37152307Cf04A6814060D027 Your profit will be - 30% BNB and 100% SOL from the investment of each referral. The number of referrals is not limited. Your referral link will be generated automatically if on the project website in the "IDO" section, in the "Create Your Referral Link" subsection, enter the address of your BEP20 wallet in the appropriate field and press "GET REF LINK". 4 rounds of IDO pre-sale planned: Round 1: 1 BNB = 1.000.000 SOL Round 2: 1 BNB = 900.000 SOL Round 3: 1 BNB = 800.000 SOL Round 4: 1 BNB = 700.000 SOL Round 1 of IDO will end on December 20, 2021. In the 1st round, the price of SOL tokens was underestimated by ~17 times compared to the listing. ++ Additionally, you can also take an airdrop of 400 SOL for a commission on the project website by clicking on "CLAIM 400 SOL". The address of the SOL token contract on the BSC network is : 0xfea6ab80cd850c3e63374bc737479aeec0e8b9a1. Listing : 1 SOL = 0.01$.
  2. HotMoon Token Airdrop Instant Withdraw 24H Get 1.000.000 $HotMoon for Completing All task http://t.me/HotMoonAirdrop_bot?start=414929318 ADD address $HotMoon Address in Your wallet TrustWallet. NetWork : TomoChain Contract Address : 0x0ADd5EA92ceeB48D6a32Bc873149531A4cCD2E99 Token’s Name : HotMoon Token Token’s Symbol : HMOON Decimals : 18
  3. The Manchester United Fan Community hosts an airdrop campaign for MUFC tokens.For participation in the distribution, you can earn : 10000 MUFC, and for 1 referral : 5000 MUFC.Passing the airdrop through the Telegram bot - http://t.me/MUFC_airdrop_bot?start=0x06DA2BfEeDa768EA37152307Cf04A6814060D027Airdrop budget : MUFCThe distribution must be received by all participants in the airdrop.The distribution of MUFC tokens is planned from February 4, 2022.Social tasks for performing in the Telegram bot are easy:- Subscribe to the Telegram channel and join the Telegram group of the community, you must leave a comment in the Telegram group.- Follow Twitter account and retweet pinned MUFC tweet.- Subscribe to the company's YouTube channel.! And most importantly, you need to send the bot a BSC-compatible wallet (BEP20) with at least 0.001 BNB on its balance.After qualified passage of all social services. tasks in the Telegram bot, after a while, an airdrop of 10000 MUFC will be sent to your wallet.The address of the MUFC contract on the BSC network is - 0xE44946b6A075b2C99fDe1dD0c4dA4a3436211f8C.You can also participate in the IDO of MUFC tokens.Link to participate in IDO - https://mufctoken.io/tokensale?ref=0x06DA2BfEeDa768EA37152307Cf04A6814060D027For the purchase of MUFC tokens by your referrals, you will receive 10% of the amount of their purchase.Maximum issued tokens: MUFCThere are 3 IDO presale rounds planned:1. Presale: MUFC at 0.00001$(From November 3, 2021 to December 2, 2021)2. IDO Round 1: MUFC at 0.00002$(From 3rd developer 2021 to 2 January 2022)3. IDO Round 2: MUFC at 0.00004$(From January 3, 2022 to February 2, 2022)MUFC tokens will be issued on February 4, 2022. If you have MUFC tokens on your Telegram bot balance, you need to click the "Withdraw" button, and the tokens will be sent to your wallet within 12-24 hours.
  4. Register, deposit and trade to open Mystery Boxes worth up to $ 500 each. There's $ 600,000 up for grabs, so start completing tasks now!Register!
  5. 100$ FREE BONUS AFTER REGISTRATION! Shop at eBay, Aliexpress and 1,800+ famous stores to get the free crypto SocialGood (SG)! 1 SG = 1$! More than 300,000 users since 2018! Use invitation code: ES7C3N to get $100! 1.Sign up using the following link: https://referral.socialgood.inc/?id=ES7C3N 2.Within 30 days, spend $30 or more shopping, excluding shipping and tax, under the“Shopping” tab within your SocialGood app. 3.Be patient and wait for about a month or two until they fully confirm you purchased your items and didn't return them
  6. Free LTC 100% Solvent. This link: CLICK ME!
  7. The company "MUSK METAVERSE" - a new cryptocurrency to support Elon Musk and his great projects, carries out an airdrop of METAMUSK tokens. For participation, you can earn : 100 million METAMUSK (~50$), for 1 referral : 40 million METAMUSK (~20$). Participation in the airdrop in the Telegram bot - http://t.me/metamusk_airdrop_bot?start=63179D5F6AFBC4265917E64199869DFE The distribution will be received by all participants in the airdrop. The airdrop budget is large : 2 trillion METAMUSK (~1.000.000$). Distribution of tokens to the wallet : immediately (within 48 hours). Airdrop End Date : December 20, 2021. Social tasks to be performed in the Telegram bot : * Join Telegram channel "MUSK METAVERSE". * Join a group in the company's Telegram and write in the chat - "METAMUSK". * Follow the company's Twitter profile and retweet the pinned tweet. * Subscribe to YouTube channel "MUSK METAVERSE". METAMUSK tokens will be blocked until April 1, 2022. Unlocking plan : 10% per month from 01 April 2022. 50% of the total amount of METAMUSK will be transferred to Elon Musk or burned in 2 years ! The address of the METAMUSK token contract on the BSC network is: 0x734c5F3f8F6ad9697b26eCC6388678aaFd3dB3B2.
  8. The company "SupreSpace" - the world's first metaverse application based on blockchain technology, the DeFi model and the NFT cryptocurrency, is conducting an airdrop of SPACE tokens. For participation, you can earn: 40 SPACE (~80$), for 1 referral: 10 SPACE (~20$). Passing the airdrop in the Telegram bot - https://t.me/SAPCE2ndRoundAirdropBot?start=776434220 All qualified participants must receive the airdrop. Distribution date: from December 31, 2021. Social tasks to be performed in the Telegram bot: * Join the group and channel in Telegram "SupreSpace" - 11 SPACE (required). * Follow the company's Twitter profile, retweet the pinned tweet, and tag your three friends - 11 SPACE (required). * Subscribe to the Medium Metaverse account - 6 SPACE (optional). * Subscribe to "SupreSpace" Discord - 6 SPACE (optional). * Join the company's promotional channel in Telegram - 2 SPACE (optional). * Subscribe to the "SupreSpace" promoter's Twitter account and retweet the tweet with any airdrop - 4 SPACE (optional). The top 10 referrals will share the extra 5000$ SPACE. Total Token Supply: 40.000.000 SPACE (~80.000.000$). 1 SPACE = ~2$. The IDO pre-sale is scheduled to start on November 20, the cost of tokens has been underestimated by 3 times (~0.65$). The address of the SPACE token contract on the BSC network is - 0x6105f0478c12b2a75dd99b14cc710a98bef65ae0. !! In the descriptions of the airdrop in the Telegram bot and on some pages of the "SupreSpace" website there are typos in the name of the tokens, 2 letters are mixed up in places, instead of "SPACE" the tokens are written "SAPCE". The correct name of the tokens is - "SPACE" only.
  9. Trust wallet airdrop dec.31. But you can get instant withdrawals of smaller amounts per.1 : referral..."each=1withdrawal" other bots are 5ref. This one is just 1refer. Regaurdless legitimate airdrop at the end of december. Sign here~ https://t.me/eth_trustwalletairdrop_bot?start=1389056863
  10. OZC AIRDROP Rewards:10$ for Signup Refferal Rewards: 0.5$ Minimum ICO Buy 11$ Price Per OZC is 0.15$ in ICO price increases to 0.225$ per OZC Soon START NOW https://www.ozc.org/invite?ref=3dc61cdc OZC is a new generation of Blockchain platform using the multilayered O-DPoS consensus algorithm, ability to quickly process transactions at near zero cost
  11. The MuskSwap ecosystem - a cryptocurrency to support Elon Musk, is conducting an interesting airdrop of MUSK tokens.For participation, you can earn - 25 million MUSK (~30$), for 1 referral - 5 million MUSK (~6$).Passing the airdrop through the Telegram bot - http://t.me/muskswap_airdrop_bot?start=0x06DA2BfEeDa768EA37152307Cf04A6814060D027The airdrop budget is large - 1 trillion MUSK (~500.000$).The distribution must be received by all participants in the airdrop.Airdrop End Date : November 30, 2021MUSK Token Distribution Date : December 31, 2021Token unlocking date : January 1, 2022Social tasks for performing in the Telegram bot are quite simple :- Join the group and subscribe to the company's Telegram channel.- On Twitter, follow the account and retweet the pinned MuskSwap tweet.- Subscribe to the company's Youtube channel.Maximum Token Supply : 1 Quadrillion MUSK (~500.000.000$).The MUSK token contract on the BSC network is - 0xcD657182A749554fc8487757612F02226355269d .The MuskSwap ecosystem will also include other tokens - TESLA, SPACEX, STARLINK, the development of which will end soon. You can also participate in the lucrative IDO pre-sale of MUSK tokens.Link to participate in IDO - https://app.muskswap.io/ido?ref=0x06DA2BfEeDa768EA37152307Cf04A6814060D027For the purchase of MUSK tokens by your referrals, you will receive 10% of the amount of their purchase. On November 18, the last 4th round of IDO pre-sale started, the price of MUSK tokens was 20 times understated, the 4th round will end on December 17, 2021. The development of TESLA and SPACEX tokens has already been completed. The address of the TESLA token contract on the BSC network is - 0x037dd2eefc39664fcd33cf93ed840d34b50b05d0. Maximum offer : 21.000.000 TESLA TESLA tokens are already available for purchase on Pancakeswap and Muskswap. Cost of 1 TESLA = ~1.5$ The address of the SPACEX token contract on the BSC network is - 0x6657c7ef476927d410e625aeda9a118d2cc488b2. Maximum offer : 210.000.000 SPACEX
  12. Company "CarsAutoFinance" - The world's first cryptocurrency and decentralized car finance platform, airdrops CAF tokens. For participation, you can earn : 60 CAF (~96$), for one referral : 15 CAF (~24$). Participation in the airdrop in the Telegram bot - https://t.me/CAF_Airdrop_bot?start=r0931525586 All participants must receive the distribution. Distribution of CAF tokens by airdrop is made at the end of each month. Social tasks for performing in the Telegram bot are simple: + Join the Telegram channel "CarsAutoFinance" - 15 CAF. + Join the Telegram group "CarsAutoFinance" - 15 CAF. + Follow Company Twitter Profile - 15 CAF. + Retweet a pinned company tweet - 15 CAF. The airdrop budget is outrageous : CAF (~4.800.000.000$). CAF tokens are now traded on the VINDAX exchange, their cost is : ~1.6$. The airdrop will end on January 31, 2022. The counter address of the CAF token in the BSC network is : 0x3E0E21F8CC8F479c43B05fed9ad7beD07F0Eba02. Total supply of CAF tokens: CAF (~$).
  13. The "Ecoball" project is a fast, decentralized blockchain of a new generation, which carries out an airdrop of ECO tokens. For participation, you can earn : 50 ECO, for 1 referral : 10 ECO. Participation in the airdrop in the Telegram bot - https://t.me/ecoballairdrop_bot?start=r0931525586 All qualified participants will receive an airdrop. The airdrop ends on November 30th. Distribution of tokens until November 31st. Social tasks to be performed in the Telegram bot : + Join the group and leave a message in Telegram, as well as subscribe to the project channel. + Follow "Ecoball" Twitter profile and retweet the tweet with the airdrop. + !And most importantly : add the "Ecoball" network to your Metamask wallet.
  14. https://t.me/AmphoriumAirdropBot?start=2016379436 Follow tasks and it will credit you $100 that will be paid out at the end of airdrop date
  15. LunarCrush Airdrop Total Reward: 100 Points Referral: 25 Points Rate: ️️️️️ 1 LUNR = 11$ Points Convert into LUNR every 24 Hours Tasks: Login & Verify OTP Email Complete Daily Task Connect Twitter & Follow Create Portofolio, Price Alert , Etc Additional Information: 35 LUNR Minimum Withdrawal Join: https://lnr.app/s/NEBNm3
  16. First of all, none of the links here are endorsed or supported by bc.game. USE AT YOUR OWN RISK. Some guidelines for posting referral links. To keep things realistic, I'm not going to tell you all that you must show proof of payments of even that you have fully tested. I know referral links are time sensitive and you want to get as many referrals as possible. So here's what you should do. Use one or more of the following tags: "Payment confirmation" - and show proof of payment. "telegram bot" "airdrop" "other casino" "use caution" - and give reason why. feel free to create your own tags too. anything that helps readers understand what the link is helps. The only other requirement is that you update you topic by editing it as you discover more information. Since very few of you are using the proper tags here or bothering to update us with your payout experiences, if any, I will be going through these topics one by one and removing the verified scams.
  17. Hello, today I would like to recommend you a 100% solvent TRX tap with telegram. Here you have the link: FREE TRX TELEGRAM FREE ETH,TRX, BTC, LTC Free BTC TELEGRAM FREE LTC TELEGRAM Soon I will add links with free ETH, LTC, BTC
  18. Are you a crypto trader? Input your BTC or ETH wallet address to claim up to $500 for free from this airdrop to your wallet https://t.me/Btc_airdrops_bot?start=r05009230990
  19. I'm mining in VNSMART. Here you can mine VNcoin quickly and withdraw money at any time. Click my link to register and make money together! My Referral Code: vnc286777 Соpy My Referral Link: https://app.vnsmart.com/r/QYtqY
  20. 1 HANA ≈ $0.0004749 USD ️️️️️ Reward: 100000 HANA ~$50 Referral: 20000 HANA ~$10 Airdrop Link: t.me/HanacoinAirdropBot?start=414929318
  21. Win up to $300 worth of Binance Coin tokens (BNB) every hour. Share this link to your friends and run for the big prize of 5 bnb referral url : http://bnbfaucet.win/0x06ad8ccffe5d23fbed793b09bd2be7f379290540 Every time your balance reaches 0.1 BNB you receive them directly in to your bnb wallet.
  22. Claim guys do not forget https://betfury.io/?r=6144aa778ea9a659ad5d13af
  23. Hi. You will receive $250 worth of Vinecoin follow the telegram airdrop bot instructions to recieve the tokens, from the official Airdrop.io website. I last month I got $150 worth of $seedify coins. Hope you all take advantage of this opportunity The first 5 people who complete the airdrop bot instructions. Will receive a 5 doge tip just PM and I will send the tip Yunalesca Use the link below Airdrop.io $250 Vinecoin https://t.me/vineprotocolbot?start=r02655627870
  24. wow new airdrop, let's hurry up and work on a 0.001 BSV coin bonus ... https://tpow.app/4c3f8b6c
  25. AIRDROP Heard of black bitcoin? new decentralized crypto coming in the market. Free 36$ - 3600 BCB(black bitcoin). https://bitcoin.black/#a_aid=60038d07d421f join now.
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