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Found 28 results

  1. The No.1 Slots in the universe I am Satoshi
  2. Hello sir we want new coin on bc game for play games Pleas add news coin wallets Kishu inu and fun coin please add this both coin in bc game for play
  3. Hows everyone doing today in the BC community! I am kind of new to the site, but not new to gambling. I been playing BC for about 2-3 weeks now, and I probably invested a total of $10 USD. I have profited allot already, but still havent been able to cash out, but I know its coming! But a quick fun fact for all BC users, if you go to the wallet symbol, you will see a vault selection. Click it, and utilize it!! One thing about real casinos, they dont let u put ur profits away, and they definitely dont let you stack interest. But a benefit of BC is the vault option, when i profit, I put my profits away into the vault and keep bare minimum to play with. This will help you keep your profits, build interest, and not lose everything. Whenever you sit with your balance while you gamble, itll only be a matter of time before you spend everything, its just human nature! There are no cheats in gambling, to my experience, its best to look at gambling the same way you focus on building your business. Invest minimum, Profit, save your profits, and capitalize, but on top of all that, while you save with BC you also build 5% interest holding coins in the vault, and to withdraw all you need is the 2FA code, which makes it easier to not pull it out and spend it! This site is very fun and addictive, but like any addiction, it can take everything from you. So play smart, save, and GOOD LUCK TO ALL!!!!!!!!
  4. Myself Rana Sarfraz i'm from pakistan... i want to tell you about this game. This game is a real casino you can Earn Real Cryptocurrency from this Panel and take withdraw in just 10-20 minutes. So invite to your friends and get more rewards. Thank you Bc.game
  5. I pledge allegiance to the Red Legion
  6. renemy

    baccarat history

    Certainly one of the first games ever played, Baccarat comes with an intriguing history dating back tens of thousands of years. As stated in much of this written Baccarat record, the match dates back to 1490AD and its own "name comes from the word" zero. " There are only two interesting stories about the way the game was designed in general, along with these based on mythology and another around an Italian gamer. The mythology behind the Baccarat background is in regards to a blonde virgin who had been to perform an antiquated ritual along with nine gods patiently waiting for fate to be revealed. The gods waited on tiptoe as the virgin wrapped a nine-sided perish. Once the die is acquired, your destination has been set. Depending on how the die landed, it would have between three different destinations. Landing on the 9th will mean that the virgin could become a priestess. In the event that luck fell on all seven, it would be sidelined by the church and then banned for all spiritual actions this afternoon. Even the fate of the virgins was not good when expiration should occur to the property at any number below the usual 6 as it would indicate that their fate was supposed to sink into the ocean along with the parish. There is the question of whether the party. The traditionally believed source of Baccarat is that it had been devised by an Italian champion, Felix Falguirerein in 1490 AD. using a deck of Tarot cards. Tarot cards have also been used to predict that the fates of people along with the 4 suits of the Tarot were based on their four suites that the card decks now used. Throughout the early years of Baccarat the game was played only with noble and has been played in secret as it was forbidden. Once France realized how much cash was changing hands, they made it legal and began to respect the gains. Subsequently, the taxes were used to create lower locations for the nation. During the period when Napoleon upheld the principle of France, baccarat was again banned; However, after Napoleon's reign came to a halt, the game was re-legalized and played at sexy baccarat casinos. Baccarat has been a very popular sport and people all over Europe are starting to play and the prevalence is spreading outside of Europe. Baccarat has also been played.
  7. Mình là người mới nên không biết diễn đàn hoạt động thế nào và phải bắt đầu từ đâu, hi vọng đc mọi người giúp đỡ ạ!
  8. Exchange where you can buy or sell coins for the game! Convenient menu. Good account protection! Has many languages on the menu. Gives trading bonuses. Minimum rates for the purchase and sale of cryptocurrency! Register a new account here ---> Registration
  9. I just want to tell you that I have spin the lucky wheel every day. But I only get JB tokens and never won any other currency. I don't think that my luck is so bad that I can't win any other currency. So I requesting you that please solve this issue.
  10. gampang, bray... pada dasarnya game bc.game ini menggunakan bilangan biner pada tiap script. tapi, kita jangan terlalu berambisi buat win terus, entar kena bank!!! bertubi-tubi. biasakan atur modal anda supaya anda tak banyak kehilangan modal. 1. biasakan main cukup 10x win aja. 2. jangan main di script... biasakan yang manual aja biar gak kena bank!!! bertubi 3. biasakan main di minimal dengan modal kecil anda dan apabila lost ke 1 langsunng gandakan ke 3x agar modal anda bisa balik ini berdasarkan pengalaman saya main menggunakan JB kalian bisa liat di captur ane nih...
  11. Hello we here today, I have seen that ecoin is not a joke any more as the now back themselves with wombat or telos wallet and the are now play lottery in their platform. Click this link to join https://ecoinofficial.org/referral/iesant0
  12. A letter to the newbies… Welcome to BC. You’ll find this site is unlike most you are accustomed to. When it comes to the games or the community, we are most definitely unique. Here’s the low down you’ll need to know.., . *Don’t ask for coins from people. It’s tacky and against the rules Under the Bonus tab you’ll find some tasks that are super simple & you get some coin to play with. Don’t whine about missing a drop or rain. The bot can’t hear you and we don’t care. Every six hours there is a twenty min window of when Spidey comes ( read Where’s Coco under the bonus tab) Roll Competition is the same time every night. There’s is only a ten minute window to participate. Read up about Bankroll!!!!!! We are adults. We speak that way in chat. If it offends you, PM a MoD Chat is a great place to come vent or to have fun. After a big loss you might be surprised how much we can cheer you up or at least make you laugh. This is also a great resource to learn about the site. Pop in and ask away, there is always someone there to answer. If you have any issues there is a support button down at the bottom of the page, use it! Don’t be a dick. Mutual respect goes a long way Keep positive and remember this site is to have fun!
  13. Is it ok to start a thread where we can post links to get legit free coins? I know I’m always looking to find some to play at BC. Hell, I think that’s how I found BC.game.... Here’s a link for a Lightning wallet app to get $1 fee in btc. Just download and sign up. DropBit / $1 free in Bitcoin https://dropbit.me/r/5ac7c465b567
  14. Fedupkpc

    Savings wallet

    You know what would be flippen awesome, for me at least, if we could have an auto savings function. Where when I am playing a game like dice, when my balance reaches a certain point, X amount is automatically deducted and put into my “savings wallet” where it can’t be touched until I specifically move it back into my regular wallet. For example, I have my auto grab for 100 xlm for every 1,000 Xlm I win. I’m am playing Xlm on dice and my balance reached 1,000, it will automatically take 100 and put into my reserve wallet. I don’t know, maybe for every 1000 it’d take a 100 or it’d be cool to be able to set rules....balance reaches 1000, take 100; 2000, take 200 etc.
  15. @Coco Bcgame @Cocosis @FoRum_Ass_ter @Big_Earny Why I'm KingDem
  16. I am olrady send ltc bc.game walet. But no deposit my bc.game walet. Place chack help me
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