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Found 10 results

  1. Someone kick down ill pay you back double or ill do favors send you pics whatever mail you stuff in the mail cash app it back to you on Wednesday. Ill mail you some lawn clippings i live in oregon best lawn clippings in the world
  2. दुनिया में इस खेल को प्रत्येक व्यक्ति तक पहुंचाने के लिए हमें सभी देशों ने अपने कार्यालय बनाने होंगे और उन्हें अपने मुख्यालय तक जोड़ दिया होगा हमारे कर्मचारी जो वहां लोगों को साइन अप कर आएंगे और इस खेल के खेलने का तरीका बताएंगे धन्यवाद TANUJ VERMA
  3. Don't you think, BC GAME, World number one !!
  4. Bitcoin Has A Decent Opportunity To Hit 99k In the Following Bull Run..But For what reason Don't Average Individuals Mind ?
  5. Aight so I got a idea, and hopefully the community backs me up , and blows this up so BC will contribute and make this idea a reality, and fun. Ok, so I know we all get tired of losing, right? Well imagine if we had a tag game going on in the chatroom. Like a non stop tag game, where if your tagged in chat by somebody @ your user name, you have to tag them back. TBH, BC it would be a great way to keep people entertained on on your site longer. But, I been playing for alittle while now, and noticed a repetition of people losing, until they get so mad and leave. Some never come back, and one thing i learned about business, is you want to have your customers keep coming back. So what if there was a game running in the chat. NO money invested, but maybe BC can over a price for the winners. Winners would be people who continuesly tag, you lose if you arent able to tag back in a 12 hour time frame. Now wouldnt that be interesting? Or we could even up the stakes? Bet on if someone is going to be able to tag back or not? Either way i think it would be a fun idea. Take the poll and support me, hopefully we can blow this up and make a ripple in the wave.
  6. Mendapatkan Hanya Dengan Top Up dan Tidak perlu repot repot Deposit hanya saja Teliti dengan stretegi.jangan lupa sabar Untuk Mendapatkan hadiah.dan memenangkan permainan. Yg menjadikan Uang Milyaran
  7. Flag


    sbiasa aja dan tes
  8. How much love BC game...? 1) 0 % - 40% 2) 40% - 80% 3) 80% - 100 %
  9. Disini kalian akan tau betapa mudah nya dengan 1 hari bisa mendapatkan 1000 btc wow. Hal yg sangat memungkin kan kunci terutama ialah yaitu. Kunci sabar dan memahami dgn kepala dingin seperti apa Jenis permainan yg kalian mainkan. Oke sekian dan terimakasih saya ucapkan assalamualaikum wr.wb
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