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Found 34 results

  1. Its been long time not updating in forum, how are you guys ? and how much your last win / lost in this month ?
  2. سلام یکم راجب کد هدیه بگید
  3. Hi gaess.... Untuk Minggu ini kita kembali dengan challenge discord forum. Seperti biasanya kalian ditugaskan untuk membuat cerita yg semenarik mungkin dengan replay di thread ini, kemudian screenshot lalu post di discord officials bcgame. Linknya di bawah ini: https://discord.gg/MeAEEvaD Kalian cukup jawab 3 pertanyaan di bawah ini : 1. Ketika anda kecil apakah cita cita anda? Tercapai apa tidakkah? Mengapa? 2. Setiap orang pasti mendambakan pasangan hidup, pasangan hidup seperti apakah yg anda idam idamkan? 3. Seandainya kalian menjadi mod di bcgame apakah yang kalian ingin lakukan dalam menjaga room Indonesia? Hadiah: 1. 7 BCD shitlink 2. 5 BCD shitlink 3. 3 BCD shitlink Dan hadiah hiburan 1 BCD shitlink buat 35 poster tercepat. Pemenang 1 s.d 3 tidak akan mendapatkan hadiah hiburan. Periode challenge akan berakhir hari Jumat, 24 September 2021 pukul 15.00 Selamat mencoba gaess....
  4. I have a video that I recorded during my testing of the new slot game Egyptian Slots and found a bug that needs to be addressed. I tried to attach the video (43mb) to this post but it will not allow it. How and where do I send the video for the Admins to see?
  5. Someone kick down ill pay you back double or ill do favors send you pics whatever mail you stuff in the mail cash app it back to you on Wednesday. Ill mail you some lawn clippings i live in oregon best lawn clippings in the world
  6. Dear BC Game Members, We are excited to do a follow up of New Slots Event and would love to get more in depth feedback and suggestions that you would love to see in a slots game. After all the final game will incorporate your suggestions/feedback. Please base your creative and innovative ideas around slots game. Your suggestions could include newer design, aesthetics, payout table, bonus rounds and more. Any Doge design and themes are also welcome Event Rules -Event is open to all BC Game players -Top constructive and valuable suggestions and feedback will be awarded prizes in Doge coin. -You can enter multiple suggestions, make sure to quote your previous posts. -Editing of suggestions is not allowed, you can quote your previous suggestion if you have something more to add -Forum Rules apply Below attached more sample photos that you can take inspiration from. Lets Built it Together. End date 21.05.2021 10 am UTC(0 +)
  7. This is definitely one of my biggest win. Never want to miss BC.game again!
  8. Dear Community, If you are a true BC Game member, you must already know that we truly value your suggestions and feedback and make our site features revolving around your feedback. This time is no different, we need your help to build a new slots game from scratch, which will be by BC Game Community and for BC Game Community. We are super excited and looking forward to your critical and valuable suggestions and top high quality feedback could get you prizes in Doge. Event Rules -Event is open to all BC Game players -Top constructive and valuable suggestions and feedback will be awarded prizes in Doge coin. -You can enter multiple suggestions, make sure to quote your previous posts. -Editing of suggestions is not allowed, you can quote your previous suggestion if you have something more to add -Forum Rules apply Below attached photos can serve as a foundation to base your ideas on. Once again many thanks for your continuous loyalty and support. We hope that you all are as excited as we are. End date 6.05.2021 10 am UTC(0 +)
  9. Nvidia Targets $150 Million Revenue From New Ethereum Mining Processor The illustrations card producer has raised its 2022 first-quarter income gauge for its as of late delivered crypto mining item.
  10. *शिवम् शरणम् गच्छामि* *शिवो वेदा वेदो शिवा* *नवसंवत्सर 2078 की आपको सपरिवार हार्दिक शुभकामनाएं* *न्याय शास्त्र के प्रणेता महर्षि गौतम जंयती की हार्दिक शुभकामनाएं* *उज्ज्वल-नवज्योतिर्मय!* *दीप ज्योति,* *भाव ज्योति,* *आशा ज्योति,* *मनसा-वाचा-कर्मणा* *संग भाग्य ज्योति,* *उदार चरितमय जीवन ज्योति,* *सत्यम्-शिवम्-सुंदरम्,* *हर्ष-आनन्दमय,* *शुभ मंगल,* *शुभ जीवन,* *शुभ-शुभ-शुभ हो...।* *प्रातः शुभ,* *मध्याह्न शुभ,* *संध्या शुभ हो।* *क्षण-क्षण,* *कण-कण,* *ऋतुओं के वर्ष-मास,* *रात्रि-दिवस शुभ हो...।* *शुभ-शुभ-शुभ हो* *तन-मन-धन-आत्मा,* *जड़-चेतन परमात्मा,* *जागृत-चैतन्यता भरी* *सर्वस्व अष्ट सिद्धियाँ,* *नव निधियाँ शुभ हो,* *शुभ-शुभ-शुभ हो...।* *भूत-भविष्यत-वर्तमान शुभ हो,* *आदि-मध्य और अंत शुभ हो,* *दिग् और दिगन्त शुभ हो!* *शून्य से लेकर अनन्त तक शुभ हो* *शुभ-शुभ-शुभ हो...।* *व्यवहार-संस्कारों की,* *कर्त्तव्य-अधिकारों की* *व्यष्टिगत-समष्टिगत* *मौन-मुखर अभिव्यक्ति गत* *भावना-संभावना शुभ हो* *शुभ-शुभ-शुभ हो...।* *यूँ ही नहीं विश्व गुरु कहलाते हैं हम,* *जब सारी दुनिया 2021 में जा रही है हम 2078 में प्रवेश कर रहे हैं!* * सत्य सनातन धर्म की जय हो* *हर हर महादेव* Tanuj Verma
  11. "This is so dumb and fake"..some new players might say because scouring the internet you can not find any shitcode that actually works or tells you "deactivated" at the very least. After hours of reading forums and joining their social platforms I did find a format of bonus code BCgames calls, "shitcode" $[*#*#*#*#*#]$ ( if I am correct 》15alphanumeric characters followed by-> "]$") the one I did find after posting a post says deactivated..16 hours after posted. all others do not say anything.. In my opinion, what is the point of bonus codes if they only last a few sec /min/hours.. okay this is a negative for bc game. Moving on, they advertise free spin to win 1btc and other alt coins. If you look at image you can see all the different alt coins you can win but what you do not see is something called " Jb". What is Jb and the value? Will cover Jb later. In short, it is in-house play money, and does have some positive benefits. Bcgame starts new players with 100k and the "free spin" pays generally speaking daily 10k jb. What I have been told by other players is that you can win other alt coins but do need to spend/deposit. So for faucet and freebie players, bcgame is waste of time unless you get extremely lucky, play and deposit more than a few hundred dollars. (Was told a 1k USD min deposit for tier 4 vip, which is needed for participating in several bcgame events-unconfirmed) Okay so for depositing players with crypto coins and not new to the crypto world, Bcgame does offer a positive environment for casino entertainment fun. The platform rewards very active players and does give out random bonuses ( from what I see must be spending and active, does not favor free players or non spenders) You will find many MANY scammers and beggers in the chat and throut the game. They offer the ability to tip others and to make it "rain" a feature that is pretty nice to keep volatility in game active. These features stand out from other competitors platforms. Will continue to explore this platform and community and follow up with reviews. Before official TDV review. But again to this point J recommend not bothering with "SHITCODE" it is a waste of time unless have no life and can monitor when mods/admins/creators idk who they are lol decide to post them briefly. Will discuss the funny things have not figured out yet later ..such as who what is coco and where did that name come from, why Popeye is so popular in the bc forum and in bc game, and vip perks. Another topic will be crash game and the cool script features they have and they awesome use of jb for hesitant new players Take care & Goodluck Qaz SNESTUDIOS|SNELIVE||SNEPROMOTIONS|THEDAILYVISIONS|Visionz2020|SneFamily2004|Thedailyvisionz| ‐-------------------------------------------------- !e! - SneFamilyFounder Tdv.games.dudes -qaz-reviews qaz.4.2021.bcgame
  12. Bitcoin Has A Decent Opportunity To Hit 99k In the Following Bull Run..But For what reason Don't Average Individuals Mind ?
  13. Hello everyone I’m somewhat new here and would like to know any tips and tricks about crypto currency’s and bc.game and this is for everyone new that comes in to do be mindful of that good luck everyone and thank you for a great site coco
  14. Dear BC Game Players, We are excited to announce yet another event. Once again BC Game needs your help, this time we need your help to decide which logo is the best amongst the three. Since our inception, we always have listened and valued our players feedback and suggestion, and this time is no different. We want you to be part of this decision making. Event Details Event will run for 7 days Start Date:13.03.2021 9:00 UTC 0+ End Date: 20.03.2021 9:00 UTC 0+ Rules: 1. Event is open to all BC Game players 2. You will need to choose 1 logo that's most visually appealing to you and represents BC Game the best. 3. Enter your choice below and submit. 4. Editing is not allowed you can quote your previous post if you decided to change your mind. 5. Only one option can be chosen. 5. Winner Logo will earn its voters prizes, more on that will be updated shortly. 6. All forum rules apply. OPTION A OPTION B OPTION C Once again thanks for your dedication, loyalty and participation. Good Luck
  15. Aight so I got a idea, and hopefully the community backs me up , and blows this up so BC will contribute and make this idea a reality, and fun. Ok, so I know we all get tired of losing, right? Well imagine if we had a tag game going on in the chatroom. Like a non stop tag game, where if your tagged in chat by somebody @ your user name, you have to tag them back. TBH, BC it would be a great way to keep people entertained on on your site longer. But, I been playing for alittle while now, and noticed a repetition of people losing, until they get so mad and leave. Some never come back, and one thing i learned about business, is you want to have your customers keep coming back. So what if there was a game running in the chat. NO money invested, but maybe BC can over a price for the winners. Winners would be people who continuesly tag, you lose if you arent able to tag back in a 12 hour time frame. Now wouldnt that be interesting? Or we could even up the stakes? Bet on if someone is going to be able to tag back or not? Either way i think it would be a fun idea. Take the poll and support me, hopefully we can blow this up and make a ripple in the wave.
  16. Mendapatkan Hanya Dengan Top Up dan Tidak perlu repot repot Deposit hanya saja Teliti dengan stretegi.jangan lupa sabar Untuk Mendapatkan hadiah.dan memenangkan permainan. Yg menjadikan Uang Milyaran
  17. Give a new exclusive game name at the BC.GAME event!! Have you submitted an entry? Let's do it right away to win $300 entries must be submitted by 7 January 2021 at the latest. So, goodluck everyone! Merry Christmas & Happy New Year's
  18. Xin chào bạn của tôi. Giáng sinh vui vẻ và thu được nhiều lợi nhuận! Tôi đang có những ý tưởng như thế này để tăng lợi nhuận cho casinao Điều này sẽ thu hút nhiều thành viên đến với trò chơi BC và tăng lợi nhuận nhiều hơn. Tuy nhiên, phải thể hiện rõ cho các thành viên trong game BC rằng tổ chức luôn có một khoản để kích cầu và tri ân người có công. Nhằm tri ân những thành viên đã góp phần gia tăng số lượng thành viên cho game BC. 1. Chia sẻ quà tặng 1BTC hoặc 1 triệu TRX ... cho thành viên / nhà tiếp thị có số lượng thành viên giới thiệu thành viên nhiều nhất (TOP 100 hoặc 200). (tri ân thành viên cũ để tạo động lực cho thành viên mới) 2. Chương trình tiếp thị TOP 100 hoặc 200 chia sẻ 3BTC hoặc 3 triệu TRX ... Từ 01/01/2021 đến 31/01/2021 Đó là ý kiến cá nhân hãy cân nhắc! Nghệ thuật may mắn!
  19. It's very risky, but if u have big amount to bet, that's will be good. Its simple, just all in your balance in hashdice, then set payment to 1.01 if your balance is $100, you can roll 15x then your level will increase 1x, but dont be greed & do it many times, coz sometimes u will lost all of that. or u can use new seed to reset your bet history. So, goodluck & have fun guys! Merry christmas.
  20. สวัสดีทุกคน มีอะไรให้คำแนะนำฉันได้บ้าง?
  21. Ребята дайте пожалуйста немного чаевых в DOJE. Буду очень благодарен
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