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  1. I have been playing Blackjack consistently on this site and am wondering if the game has a major glitch in it or is my luck just that terrible on this site? My luck is pretty balanced on other sites so I’m just curious if others experience the same things on this site? I have broken down various things that make me believe there is a glitch—either in the game or in my luck. I have asked customer service to check it multiple times but they usually just tell me the definition of “gambling” and ignore my concern. (I know what gambling is and I don’t mind losing if it’s fair and games are working properly). Anyway, let me know what you all think. Things that happen almost every session of the game: Dealer will get multiple (3-6 in a row) Blackjacks. Odds of getting 4 in a row is 4.2%. Odds of getting 5 in a row is 1 in 4,200,000. 5 in a row has happened several times. 7 out of 9 times if I start with 13, I draw a 10 on my first card. 6 out of 9 times if I start with 11, the dealer gets Blackjack. Of the 3 times on average I get 11 and the dealer gets no Blackjack, 2 out of the 3 will get a 1 or 2 when I try to double my bet. Dealer almost never busts. Things that happen every 2-3 sessions: Dealer beats me by 1 every single hand that it wins on. It will win more times than I will and beats me by 1. Of these times it beats me by 1, 75% of the time it will get 21 when I get 19 or 20. Dealer will tie with me 4-5 rounds in a row out of 15. It’s almost always when I get 20 or Blackjack. The reason I think these are glitches is because when I increase my bet, these behaviors occur more frequently. Also, there’s no way to prove this game is fair because of the nature of it so if a glitch did exist, we can’t verify it anyway because the way to check ends up being just a glorified transaction history. This means that if people report it to the support staff, we have no proof until after the fact so they just think we are sore losers and tell us what gambling is and ignore us. So what do you think? A glitch or just bad luck that has occurred every single time I play?
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