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Found 36 results

  1. Welcome to ShitCorner. This is the place where you can ask for shitlinks/shitcodes. It will be dropped on random basis, at random times. Do check forum everyday and keep an eye, you might find a shitcode waiting for you. Good luck! Note: Do use the code as soon as you find one, dont wait for anyone
  2. Hi I can't find a shitcode, so help me please
  3. There is instant 140$ promotion without any restriction ,you cab withdraw maximum 200$ profit when you wagered 5000$ with this prize ,i get error to put link here so message me on telegram for link ,this is my telegram @Frtyfrty
  4. "Master Medals" As some of the users are confused about how to obtain the medals so here you can check the list below on how to get those medals. There are 20 total medals and 4 rewards to claim: 5 Medals: 3000 DOGE 10 Medals: 1 ETH + 10,000 DOGE 15 Medals: 0.1 BTC + 2 ETH + 50,000 DOGE 20 Medals: 1 BTC + 10 ETH + 100,000 DOGE Now lets see how to obtain these 20 medals: Talking & Talking: This medal can be obtained by chatting frequently in any of the chat rooms it needs at least 3-7 days of active chatting (in literal terms you need to talk whole day every few minutes) and this medal is rewarded only once per day that means only 1 user can get in a day. Fearless: This medal is rewarded when a user has lost approx 5 BTC worth of coins in a single day. Local Tyrant: This medal can be obtained by depositing around 10 BTC worth of crypto. Highest Contribution: This medal can be obtained by reaching Level 9 and a wager of more than $ 2 million Highest Level: This medal can be obtained by reaching level 10. Rainer: This medal can be obtained by receiving rains 50 times Coco Trainer: This medal can be obtained by hitting coco (spider which you get every 6 hours) 200 times in total. Invincible Lucky Dog: This medal needs you to hit 66,666 x multiplier which can be done on Crash, Limbo and Hash Dice. Faucet Master: This medal can be obtained by claiming the Faucet which you get after reaching level 2 and the faucet is like cashback system which you receive on bets. I'M Biggest: This medal can be obtained by winning the ROLL point game by 1st rank once. (Roll game is available once every day at specific time for 10 minutes, you have to be level 1 and must play at least once in the whole day in any game.) Protagonist: This medal can be obtained by raining $100 worth of coins in the chat. Chicken Dinner: This medal can be obtained by winning overall profits of $10,000 (even if you lost the winnings they are calculated towards the 10k) Loyal Player: This medal needs you to make 1 million bets on any of the games. (You can do that on hashdice easily by betting on lowest multiplier in around 5-6 days) Call Me Richman: This medal is rewarded when your total wager reach $1 million in total. Veteran: This medal is rewarded when your account reach the age of 1 year. Boss: This medal can be obtained by tipping 50 different people in the chat room. (Not 50 tips but 50 tips to 50 different users) DOGE Top 1: This medal is rewarded when you reach number 1 ranking of profits on DOGE coin (Current record holder won 23433146.8280 Doge) BTC Top 1: This medal is rewarded when you reach number 1 ranking of profits on BTC coin (Current record holder won 20.05 BTC) EOS Top 1: This medal is rewarded when you reach number 1 ranking of profits on EOS coin (Current record holder won 5776.2464 EOS) ETH Top 1: This medal is rewarded when you reach number 1 ranking of profits on ETH coin (Current record holder won 263.0463 ETH) Medals are difficult to obtain and as of now we have players with maximum 10 medals lets see us know how many medals you have in comments. And if you have any questions about any medals let us know in the comments.
  5. Is there any ETA for the JB Gifting center? I stuck with the site to reach level 5 and unlock it only to be informed that its "coming soon", it's been months since its listed as a reward...
  6. Hey guys , I'm pretty new member of forum so i wanted to ask you guys is there any prize or bonus which we get from being active here? or here is just for fun?
  7. Lets say "LMAO" on reply section hahaa, Lets go!
  8. Did u all get notification from coco ? Claim it and enjoy your Xmas Bonus guys! Merry Christmas & Happy New Year
  9. Give a new exclusive game name at the BC.GAME event!! Have you submitted an entry? Let's do it right away to win $300 entries must be submitted by 7 January 2021 at the latest. So, goodluck everyone! Merry Christmas & Happy New Year's
  10. Hello world - We’ve been hard at work here at BC trying to include new and exciting bonuses/incentives for our players. Our latest addition is an incentive called RECHARGE, a limitless VIP Cashback perk with wager-incentives. WHAT IS RECHARGE? -> Recharge is a new wager-based comp we now offer to our VIPs here at BC.Game. Players with Recharge activated have the ability to receive cash back at set intervals based on recent wagering. The more wagered, the higher your comp amount will be. Currently, we’ve left it open without a max cap! HOW IT WORKS -> Its quite simple - Once you activate Recharge on your account, it will calculate an hourly rate based on the last 7 days worth of wagering. The calculated amount is then locked in for the next 7 days. Comps are received by claiming them at the end of a user-set interval. You can choose from every 10 minutes, hourly, or daily intervals. On the players side, we’ve added the unique ability to change claim intervals on-demand. Know you’ll be busy tomorrow but want to get maximum comps now? You have the ability to set to 10-minute claims, and at the end of the session change to daily so you don’t miss any of them while busy the next day. Our recharge program was set up to work dynamically with your constantly changing schedules in life. After all, gambling should be fun - not another chore. ELIGIBILITY -> In order to be eligible for Recharge, you need to have achieved at least VIP Level 22 or above - In addition to this, you need to have wagered a minimum of $1,000 in the past 7 days. — Keep in mind that we built this program from the ground up, so its likely that there will be flaws that need to be updated along the way. If you have any discrepancies with the platform, please let support know so that we can review it.
  11. I'm new and could use all the tips and tricks to get started.. (and maybe some SHITCODES?!) You're up is appreciated and will be passed down to future newbies like me.
  12. https://www.earnbitcoin.io/?r=10222 https://www.earnbitcoin.io/?r=10222 BONUS: Earn $1 Per Friend, Limited Time Only Receive $1 in Bitcoin per friend you invite, your friend will receive $1 in bitcoin too! You get 10,000 sats (0.0001 btc). To qualify for 10k sats bonus your friend must:-Be a real, unique, active EarnBitcoin.io user. -Confirm their email address. -Use the Faucet one time. https://www.earnbitcoin.io/?r=10222
  13. Greetings BC.Gamers! Some of you may have already received rewards for your posts made here in the BC.Game forums and already know about this program - For the ones that aren't aware of this, I'd like to introduce to you our forum rewards program. We've started giving out rewards (yes, in real coin) for posts that we deem as high quality and/or interesting to the reader here in the forums. The rewards are directly sent to your BCGame account and there's nothing extra you need to do to claim your reward. How Much Can I Receive? What Kind of Posts Qualify? The amount you can receive is variable, and is based on things like content quality, relevance, post length as well as a few other hidden attributes when reviewing posts for rewards. Just about all categories are eligible, other than ones under the Junkyard section. Helpful posts, such as helping a fellow BC.Gamer in the Support section can also qualify. How Do I Ensure that I have the Best Chance of Receiving a Reward? One secret that I'll share with you is that we also look for user engagement. What i mean by this is creating posts that naturally promote user engagement (aka replies) amongst other BC.Gamers. Note that it is very obvious when users are attempting to create content just for this reason, and such posts will just be taken down for spam. Also note that any attempts to manipulate the system or using plagiarized content from another site will result in the content being removed and your forum account getting restricted or banned depending on the offense. With all of this being said, we look forward to seeing your quality posts here in the BCGame forums - Remember, the better the quality the bigger the reward! - Dash
  14. Goodwin Casino is all about bringing it's players a good time ,and nothing says a good time quite like an exclusive Bonus. That is why Goodwin has partnered up with Bitcoin Chaser to bring you 20 no deposit FREE SPINS for Planet Fortune and a First deposit bonus of 150% bonus + 100 FREE SPINS. Head down to Bitcoin Chaser and get your exclusive bonus: https://bitcoinchaser.com/exclusive-bonuses-for-the-week-june/
  15. Ego Casino and Bitcoin Chaser have come together to bring players an exclusive bonus that you won’t want to miss! Receive 20 no deposit FREE SPINS on Kraken’s Lair slot. Once the first deposit is made players accounts will be credited with 120% Bonus up to the value of 500 EUR + up to 50 FREE SPIN tracking link. Get your exclusive bonus here: https://bitcoinchaser.com/exclusive-bonuses-for-the-week-june/
  16. Kingbit has partnered up with The Bitcoin Strip to offer players a bonus fit for Royalty. Kingbit is serving up a solid deposit match bonus up to 1 BTC! Head down to The Bitcoin Strip and make sure to get your hands on this extravagant bonus ! https://thebitcoinstrip.com/bitcoin-hotshots-12-june-2020/
  17. Ego Casino has partnered up with The Bitcoin Strip to offer their readers an exclusive bonus that you won’t want to miss. By heading to their site you will be rewarded with the following funtastic exclusive bonus: 20 *no deposit* Free Spins on Brazil Bomba slot PLUS 150% first deposit bonus up to 500 EUR and up to 50 Free Spins! So head doe to The Bitcoin Strip and Enjoy! https://thebitcoinstrip.com/ego-casino-and-the-bitcoin-strip-offer-exclusive-juicy-promo/
  18. Get ready to take on the Kraken with 20 no deposit FS on Kraken's Lair slot. Not only that but you will also receive 120% FDB up to 500 EUR + up to 50 FS ! https://rd1.ia.hhg21lhdhye74ixs.com/C.ashx?btag=a_512b_590c_&affid=510&siteid=512&adid=590&c=
  19. Win big with Casino Bonus Club and GoodWin casino! Casino Bonus Club and GoodWin Casino have teamed up to bring the platform’s readers an exclusive deal like no other. The unique promotion will consist of a week long endeavour with plenty of daily challenges, prizes to be won, and fun to be had! Find out everything you need to know about this funtastic event here: https://casino-bonus.club/articles/exclusive-promo-from-goodwin-casino-free-spins-cash-and-bonuses
  20. Join us for Happy Hour every day, between 6am EDT and 10am EDT, to get 100 FREE SPINS to play during those hours only. https://www.cryptothrills.io/?cid=D05K748
  21. GreenSpin is delivering the treats once again with an Exclusive bonus at The Bitcoin Strip. The Bitcoin Strip players can enjoy the following Bitcoin bonus delights that are exclusive to them: 100% up to €500 + 220 Free Spins 150 Free Spins on fourth deposit Also claim one of these 3 tiered bonuses based on the size of your first deposit: -55% +55fs on deposit 10$ -80% +80fs on deposit 30$ -130% +115fs on deposit 50$ Check out the full article here: https://thebitcoinstrip.com/greenspin-dazzles-with-exclusive-bitcoin-strip-bonus/
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