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Found 49 results

  1. Paradice is a crypto casino with faucet. You can claim atleast 12 faucets a day. Supports Btc, Eth, Ltc, Dash, Doge and others. Chat actively and catch rains as you gamble your crypto. I catched about 10 rains in 2 hours. Link to site And heres my ref link. Enjoy and have fun
  2. https://www.swanbitcoin.com/Sickboy
  3. https://casinoroyale.bet/ref/jglfh153846 Use my referral link and let's all win some coin!!
  4. Hey guys, which crypto do yall find is the easiest, smoothest, or just overall the best to use in the casino??? Let me know .!!
  5. Hey! I invite you all to join OneHash casino which has the best faucet for free btc i have seen to date. I have had cashouts from just the faucet 2 times now! link: https://www.onehash.com/?ap=a675037ae1c445389877a6 Quick and easy to sign up. And faucet can be used every minute for 0.00000100 BTC many times a day! hopefully you enjoy as much as i do
  6. GUYS , HOW COOL IS THAT?! Getting free bitcoin for doing what we do every damn day, browse the internet. Click my link and sign up through that avenue and we will both receive boosts to our haul! Also, you can then get your own people to use your link and so on and so forth. Let's get all of BC on! One big crypto mining gang. Lol, anyway.....SIGN UP IF YOU LOVE FREE MONEY $$$$$ CLICK HERE FOR FREE BITCOIN $$$ 《《《《《《
  7. https://dropbit.me/r/5ac7c465b567
  8. If you have telegram and want to get some free crypto, click the link and pay it forward! https://t.me/Btc_airdrops_bot?start=r05138484780
  9. Are you a crypto trader? Input your BTC or ETH wallet address to claim up to $500 for free from this airdrop to your wallet https://t.me/Btc_airdrops_bot?start=r05009230990
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  16. Hello, I am player like u on bc. game. I have lost my all depo around 500 DOGE. I need your help. Please tip me so that I can cover my deposit. I will appreciate it a lot. Thank you, Hoping for tips. Bye.
  17. var config = { bet: { label: 'Apuesta', value: currency.minAmount, type: 'number' }, payout: {label: 'Retirada', type: 'radio', value: 2.0, options: [{value: 2.00, label: '2x'}, {value: 1.40, label: '1.4x'}, {value: 2.20, label: '2.2x'}, {value: 2.30, label: '2.3x'}]}, } function main () { var current = config.bet.value; engine.on('GAME_STARTING', function () { var latest = engine.getHistory()[0]; if(latest.crash > 199) { // verde engine.bet(current, config.payout.value); } }); engine.on('GAME_ENDED', function () { var latest = engine.getHistory()[0]; // If we wagered, it means we played if (!latest.wager) { return; } // perdimos if (!latest.cashedAt) { log.info('Perdimos ' + current + currency.currencyName); current = current * 2; } else { current = config.bet.value; } }); }
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  19. I have to say That I have been gamblers for 12years, an I have never experience a online casino with so many different entertainment. Well done @coco. SLOGAN B.C.GAME "The only ONLINE CASINO , where everyone becomes a LEGEND @@@@@@
  20. Please sirr,, tip me ,,, iam need coin
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  24. Gratis btc https://freemining.co/1498283 salin link dapat kan 0,02 btc gratis rolling cepat promo buruan !!!!!
  25. Buenas noches. ¿Qué consejos dais a alguien que acaba de empezar? Muchas gracias.
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