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About Me

Found 10 results

  1. Available to buy and sell Btc
  2. check this out and tell me what your opinion is Bitcoin to 100K Have a super beautyfull evening! Much LOVE from me!❤
  3. hi I need help unlocking my money and kinda stuck if anyone could send me just whatever it would be helpful I will not forget about you, my wallet is- bc1qn5q3u0mkhxxywrrjwwpwxtyghuut05fgp07uld anything is much appreciated that's my btc wallet
  4. Daj mi napiwek, wrócę podwójnie po 2 godz. PROSZĘ !!
  5. WHO DO YOU THINK IS THE KINDEST PLAYER AT BC GAME?? About a yearish ago I won a contest by being voted in as the kindest player here at BC, since then however we've gained many new members and sadly lost some of our family as well and due to the complete turn over of available participants I feel its only fair to have a re-do so everyone can have a fair shot at the title!!! The contest rules are very simple 1) Reply to this topic with the name of the person you vote in as BC's kindest player and if you're feeling creative add a brief description as to the reason you feel that player should get the kindest player trophy 2) Each player gets only 1 vote 3) Contest will end on March 5 @ noon my time 4) The player with the most votes wins 50 tron 5) The player who's description of why they feel their voted player should win is the most heartfelt, honest and displays an inviting feeling about the Casino itself will win a runner up prize of 25 Tron PLEASE BE SURE YOUR FORUM NAME MATCHES YOUR USER NAME AT THE END OF THE CONTEST IF YOU ARE A WINNER
  6. var config = { bet: { label: 'Apuesta', value: currency.minAmount, type: 'number' }, payout: {label: 'Retirada', type: 'radio', value: 2.0, options: [{value: 2.00, label: '2x'}, {value: 1.40, label: '1.4x'}, {value: 2.20, label: '2.2x'}, {value: 2.30, label: '2.3x'}]}, } function main () { var current = config.bet.value; engine.on('GAME_STARTING', function () { var latest = engine.getHistory()[0]; if(latest.crash > 199) { // verde engine.bet(current, config.payout.value); } }); engine.on('GAME_ENDED', function () { var latest = engine.getHistory()[0]; // If we wagered, it means we played if (!latest.wager) { return; } // perdimos if (!latest.cashedAt) { log.info('Perdimos ' + current + currency.currencyName); current = current * 2; } else { current = config.bet.value; } }); }
  7. Join me on Fire faucet. The best faucet site with best payouts, most offer walls and many ways to earn more crypto https://firefaucet.win/ref/455584
  8. Hey guys, which crypto do yall find is the easiest, smoothest, or just overall the best to use in the casino??? Let me know .!!
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