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Found 5 results

  1. I have always wanted to test a strategy for days or even weeks. So now im gonna start it. Start is 5000 BTT My strategy: 6.6x payout, 20% on loss with 0.0001 BTT BB If my calculations are correct, i have a 0.000072% chance to bust. I will keep yall updated!
  2. Gladiators,get in line It's show time August challenge Combined trilogy CCC Challenge title: Earn 100X in Crash,Classic Dice and Cave (Base amount 0.1$ Of any Coin) start and end time: Aout 1th,2021,00:00 _ Aout 5th,2021,00:00 (UTC +8) reward: 145$ 235$ 325$ 415$ 515$ 610$ 710$ 810$ 910$ 1010$ Competition conditions: 1_From level 5 and up you can participate in the challenge 2_Don't use multi-account (If we recognize multi accounts,the user will taste hot pepper) 3_Take a screen shot of the desired bet and send it The image should be as clear as the shot sample Don't pay attention to the my base amount Your base amount must be $ 0.1 Those who act sooner will be recognized as winners Bets submitted before or after the due date are not accepted Your username on the site and forum must be the same Winners will be announced 48 hours after the end of the challenge BC Game wishes you happy and profitable moments Good luck
  3. how to print tens of dollars on classic dice •Deposit with solid capital, minimum $ 100. (TRX or DOGE is better) •Place a max bet of $ 0.02 • Setting On lose at 150% •Don't forget to use the Turbo Bet •Pray and don't be greedy •Happy Profit Note :.Never increase your Bet if the capital has not grown. Doing so will risk losing money. !!!! THIS STRATEGY IS ONLY FOR PEOPLE WHO HAVE PATIENCE, NOT RECOMMENDED FOR PEOPLE WHO ARE GREAT AND WANT TO BE RICH FAST !!!!
  4. #livepoker #royalflush of #heart :X
  5. The latest statistics of the longest consecutive rounds in the classic dice game when the result does not reach the specified payout ** The condition to judge as a win here is that the result is under or equal to the specified payout. Payout : The payout specified in the classic-dice game. Longest : The longest consecutive rounds when the result is lower than the specified payout. Usually : (MODE) It usually takes how many rounds before the specified payout appears. This data is collected using the latest formula to sample 200 million times. Example: If you are looking for the longest round of payout 2.0, its longest round should be 27. And it usually appears after 1.08 rounds.
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