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About Me

Found 2 results

  1. Provably Fair Hackathon Transparency and fairness go hand in hand and is very vital for Casino's reputation, image and most importantly trust. We are proud to be honest and fair casino, giving the player all the tools to verify and check fairness of our games. BC Game always values and listens to player's valuable feedback and the community suggestions. As you all are aware of, in recent months we have added quite a few in house games, which too will require new verification tool/script. We request our loving community and beyond to create a third party verification tool/script to verify fairness of the listed Original games. Rules Must be usable by non-devs. (We suggest codepen.io with clear instructions on how to use it. Anything that is user friendly is acceptable.) Submitted work needs to be open-source so that anyone is able to fork and replicate it. Submit an original work, do not copy others work and blindly paste it. Only one entry per game. Multiple games per entry is ok. BC Game admins/staff will make the final decision on who the winners are after testing for quality. Prize distribution 1.One prize will be awarded per game basis. 2. You can give entries for multiple games and if the verification/script is good enough, multiple prizes can be collected. Do make it more user friendly 3. Visual tools will be given more preference. 4. Contest will run until all prize spots have been claimed. Once again we are looking for user friendly and preferably visual verification tool/script Prize Amounts Mines 500-800 BCD Beauties 500-800 BCD Sword 500-800 BCD HiLo 500-800 BCD Keno Single 500-800 BCD Egyptian Adventure 500-800 BCD Keno 500-800 BCD Would love to see Wizard coders take this thread by storm. Good luck
  2. Opening Disclaimer: In an effort to engage a bit more with the community, I came up with an idea to host community pool on the 7 scratch off, slot games. I will currently be running this idea as a trial and may or may not continue to do so in the future. To my understanding, this does not violate the rules of BC. However, the obvious potential is open for me to scam for your coins and not return profits. Therefore I will only be hosting one game at a time, and the results will be posted here including the winning returns to each included pool member. Operating this pool is a privilege and participation demands responsibility without any room for foolishness or false accusations. BC has the ultimate authority to allow or discontinue the activity for any reason. Outside of BC involvement, any suspicious behavior, false allegations, or negative involvement that would damage the reputation of this activity will result in my personal decision to restrict your participation. Again, the first few pools I run are trials and I may not continue to host pools depending upon any issues that arise. Dependent upon the amount of interest, or lack of, I may opt to increase or decrease participants per pool. !!!!!!!!MSG to MODS!!!!!!!! If this is in any violation whatsoever to the rules or any issues are present please inform me to make necessary changes, or to remove the post entirely. !!!!!!!!MSG to MODS!!!!!!!! End of Disclaimer - How this pool works: I will announce the current running pool for the game to be played here. With the announcement I will include the total buy price, each participants buy in requirements, and a numbered list 1 - 5. A total of five (5) participants will make a full pool with myself being included as the first. Each participant will have an equal buy in as well as an equal return of the winnings amount. When all five participants have fulfilled their requirements, I will run the 50 scratch offs. Following the game, I will send each participant their share of the winnings and post the results here including the amount each participant is returned. If any mistake or error has occurred, immediately notify me and I will correct it as such even if doing so would result in a loss of my winnings as I wish to be transparent and allow for the community to be able to trust such activities. A false accusation of an error will be handled with extreme regard up to and including restricting future participation as well as completely eliminating this activity all together. Once the game results have been posted, I will set a new pool announcement to start and the cycle repeats. I will choose the game to be played at random and all game buys will be for 50 tickets. Only BCD will be used for the community pool scratch off games unless a future announcement is made.. How to participate: When a new pool is posted, you will see what game is to played, the total buy cost, a list 1 - 5 of participants with either a name filled in or an empty slot, and the buy-in requirement from each participant. To join, simply reply to the game pool post and I will add your name to the list. When the list is full I will message everyone for their buy-in, however, you may go ahead and send as soon as you've been added to the list. (DO NOT SEND UNLESS YOU ARE ADDED TO THE LIST) Tip the requirement amount to me and I will add a "###" to the post next to your name to signify you have already paid your buy in. Once all buy-ins have been received I will run the game and post the betting ID to be verified as well if desired. I will then distribute the total winnings (if any) equally back as tips to the participants. In the event you fail to send your requirement after the list is filled, I will reserve the option to remove and replace your position or fill it myself to allow the game to commence. BCD is the only currency I will allow for this. Sample pool post: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- SAMPLE Community pool for "PIGGIES 5,000" / Total Buy-IN $11.25 BCD / Requirement $2.25 BCD / TICKETS - 50 ###1. TAZ3TY - $2.25 2. Someonewhohasntpaid - $2.25 3................................. 4................................. 5.................................. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
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