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Found 6 results

  1. Hey BC.Game Community. We Need Your Help Again! Dear community, we are very near the release date of our brand new, exclusive and unique slots game. Once again, we can't figure out what to call it. It's not that we lack imagination and creativity. It's because we are very immature. Every name Coco suggested had the word "ass" in it. I don't even want to tell you what Yoko suggested. I'll give you a hint, though. You can probably find the same title somewhere on the first page at PornHub. This is where you come in.... We will be giving big rewards to the player or players that suggest the best title and the best back story. Anything is better than "SlotAss" or "BC Slots" . Details: Best Name(Title) = $100 Best Story =$200 How To Enter: Reply to this topic with your suggestion. Entries must be related to the game images. You do not have to submit a title and a story. You may create a story for someone else's title. You may create a title for someone else's story. Each player may submit 3 different suggestions. That's a maximum of 3 titles and 3 stories each. Rules: All entries must be submitted by January 7th, 2021. Entering from multiple accounts will lead to a ban from this and all future challenges. Your BC.Game Forum name must match your BC.Game username that you use in the casino. VIP Level 2 or higher may participate. Reply to this topic only. Do not create a new topic thread. Do not quote anything on this Topic thread. Thank You For Your Help In Making BC.Game The Best Crypto Casino In The World. BC.Game Team
  2. Dear Community, If you are a true BC Game member, you must already know that we truly value your suggestions and feedback and make our site features revolving around your feedback. This time is no different, we need your help to build a new slots game from scratch, which will be by BC Game Community and for BC Game Community. We are super excited and looking forward to your critical and valuable suggestions and top high quality feedback could get you prizes in Doge. Event Rules -Event is open to all BC Game players -Top constructive and valuable suggestions and feedback will be awarded prizes in Doge coin. -You can enter multiple suggestions, make sure to quote your previous posts. -Editing of suggestions is not allowed, you can quote your previous suggestion if you have something more to add -Forum Rules apply Below attached photos can serve as a foundation to base your ideas on. Once again many thanks for your continuous loyalty and support. We hope that you all are as excited as we are. End date 6.05.2021 10 am UTC(0 +)
  3. This game is very good and I really like it but I have to lose the bet and my coin is not sad enough anymore
  4. BC GAME LOVE AWARD CONTEST! Here at BC we've all seen our share of up's and down's in the moods of both the playes and staff however every now and then we find a certian someone whos wonderful and uplifting nature relly stands out over the rest. Recently a player by the name of Vanjess was trying so hard to earn a medal but could not understand why she just couldnt get it as she had been trying so exceptionally hard to get it, you see Vanjess was mistaken as to what the awrd was exactly and had the impression that to win the award you had show love to the players, there was one thing however that really had the mod Lillybitch take a swecond look at this young lady... after Vanjess was told thet she had not understood properly and would not be receving any award, Vanjess continued to show the love and encouragement on wide scale to the players, when asked if she understood, Vanjess agreed that she did infact know there was no award but that she lied to be uplifting to the other players, this touched LIllybitch"s heart and she thought to herself "there really should be a love award" and decided that the only reason there isnt is because we havent made it yet so she comtacted BitsCheerful and the two of us went over a few ideas in our heads and came up with the BC LOVE AWARD... The BC LOVE AWARD will be made in limited edition with only 20 to be won, there will be many players competeing for this award and its monetary prixe of 500 DOGE per winner and will be paid out by both LIllybitch and BitsCheerful. When a winner is chosen they will have their own personalized award photo posted her to this forum post and the prize will be paid to their wallets as a tip from either Lillybitch or BitsCheerful Winning is simple in the sense that all you have to do is be kind and positve to other players, special attention will be placed on those who find ways to go above and beyond in their quest to show the people here at BC just how great love can be Winning is also very difficult as again only 20 players will recieve this award and many people will be competeing so you will have a better chance at being chosen for the 500DOGE prize if you can find the most positive ways of helping out or shareing love now, just to be 100% clear, this contest and prize are NOT a part of the BC GAME awards or prizes in any way shape or form, This award is being hosted and paid for 100% and completely by Lillybitch mod and BitsCheerful the most awesomer chick in the world! CONGRATULATIONS VANJESS ON BEING THE FIRST PLAYER TO RECIEVE THE BC LOVE AWARD, YOUR CONTINUED LOVE AND KINDNESS IS NOT UNNOTICED AND YOU ARE A TRUE PATRIOT OF LOVE WHICH IS EXACTLY WHAT THIS WOLD NEEDS, IN HONOR OF YOUR EXCEPTIONAL HARD WORK AND KINDNESS HERE IS THE FIRST EVER BCLOVE AWARD!
  5. The cave was cold dark and deep. Inside of the cave their were these secret chambers where the plunder is stashed. What kind of creatures would coco have guarding the tressure? It almost makes me not wanna find out!
  6. What is BONE? BONE is Coco's second favorite Sh*tcoin. Coco’s first favorite was the XMAS coin, but the Christmas season has come to an end. BC.Game wants to bring in the new year with the first ever “Throw The Dog A Bone” contest. What's the use of BONE? You could eat it if you want, but it is not advisable. Or you can collect BONE coins and win a huge pile of DOGE coins if you are among the top 50 BONE coin holders. DAILY PRIZES 1st- 5th get 10,000 DOGE each 6th-10th get 1,000 DOGE each 11th -50th get 100 DOGE each GRAND FINAL PRIZES 1,000,000 DOGE for 1st 100,000 DOGE for 2nd 10,000 DOGE for 3nd 7,777 DOGE for 4th 3,333 DOGE for 5th 1,000 DOGE for 6th-10th 777 DOGE for 11th-20th 333 DOGE for 21st-30th 111 DOGE for 31st-50th How To Earn BONE Coins: ①Wager 1 DOGE to Mine 1 BONE Automatically. Each Doge wagered will be rewarded automatically with 1 BONE coin regardless of the game result. Win or lose you will still get your BONE. ②Daily BONE Faucet 1st Day 777 BONE 2nd Day 888 BONE 3rd Day 999 BONE 4th Day 1111 BONE 5th Day 3333 BONE 6th Day 7777 BONE ③Invite Friends Invite 1 friends to join the campaign and you will get 1000 BONE (Reward up to 10 ppl *1000 BONE per day) At the same time you can earn DOGE & BONE from your invitee. For example: Each level invites 100 users per person. Each user's total bet amount is 1,000 DOGE daily. Your earnings will be determined thus: Level A: users amount=100,000 Revenue = 100*1%*25%*25% = 6.25 DOGE+ BONE Level B: users amount=10,000,000 Revenue = 10,000*1%*25%*10% = 2,500 DOGE+ BONE Level C users amount=1,000,000,000 your revenue=1,000,000*1%*25%*5% = 125,000 DOGE + BONE Your total revenue = 127,562.5 DOGE + BONE What if their total bet amount is 5,000 or 100,000 DOGE everyday? Returns virtually no risk. Note: ① The campaign will Start at UTC-5 1 Jan 0:00 and end at UTC-5 6 Jan 23:59 ② The Daily Reward be sended at UTC-5 12:00 per day ③ The Final Reward will be sent at 7 Jan 00:00 and BONE will be eaten at the same time. ④ Players can not send Coindrops/Rain/Tips using BONE. ⑤ Any player who attempts to use multiple accounts will be disqualified and banned from any and all collection of winnings and bonuses. ⑥ Alt Cheaters will be subject to trolling by the community, and we will all make fun of how lame you are. Don’t cheat.
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