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Found 2 results

  1. Hey Coco fans ! I am usually not the first guy to look for referrals, but I would really wish for someone to show me this Casino. My betting strategy, in general, is setting very low bet, like 0.00001 with "increase on loss" in a way I am safe, for lets say one hundred reds, and I run this strategy for many hours without a stop. A strategy like this is either dangerous - cause some casinos actively seek to give you enough reds to rek your account, or its very slow, and time consuming, because 1 bet per second of 0.00001 takes forever to win 1 TRX. And here is what I have discovered : https://www.gigabet.com/c/cocofriends At this casino , from first level, you can use the "Lightning mode" at 10 bets per second! I have already advanced to Bronze status, so I can enjoy up to 40 bets/second : thats average 2,000 bets / s ! and my session just after 2 hours running non stop : I have set up a very small bet, on a really safe amount of bad bets, but because it runs 2k bets per minute, it turns into a nice amount, I average the withdrawal (its 400 TRX to withdraw, the limits on all the coins are a bit bigger than BC game) in just 2 days of runing the algorythm, and I run it with breaks for about 10 h a day without loosing. just look at the screens. The algorythm doesnt actively look for your loss, like Betfury, so if you know what you are doing and calculate it properly you are going to win long term. If I only knew about this casino from the begining, I would be very happy. Not only that , but rain drops are every half an hour on the chat, so you can get them very often as there are not so many people like on BC.Game. There is also a small faucet, that when you loose, you can start again. I wanted to share it with you , just so you can also benefit. Register from my link please, although if you do it without, enjoy it anyway its a good place. I honestly recommend it: https://www.gigabet.com/c/cocofriends
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