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Found 12 results

  1. https://social-dk.xyz/326014904183 30 SECOND SIGNUP!!
  2. The "Solana Farm" project - The first BSC token available for staking for Solana, is hosting a random airdrop of SOL tokens. For participation you can earn: Up to 3800 SOL (~38$), and the best 75 referrers will share 2 million SOL (~20.000$). Passing the airdrop in the Telegram bot - https://t.me/SOLFarmAirdropBot?start=776434220 10.000 qualified participants will be randomly selected by the project team. Distribution to wallets will begin at the end of February 2022. The number of referrals is not limited. Social tasks to be performed in the Telegram bot : * Join the group and channel "Solana Farm" in Telegram. » 1000 SOL (Mandatory task). * Follow "Solana Farm" Twitter profile, like and retweet the pinned tweet by tagging one friend. » 1000 SOL (Mandatory task). + Subscribe to the project's Facebook page, like and share the pinned post. » 600 SOL (Additional task). + Join the project group on Facebook. » 600 SOL (Additional task). + Subscribe to the project promoter's YouTube channel, like and share the video about the "Solana Farm" Airdrop distribution in one of their social networks. » 300 SOL (Additional task). + Subscribe to the project promoter's Twitter profile, like and retweet the tweet about the "Solana Farm" Airdrop. » 200 SOL (Additional task). + Join the channel of the project promoter in Telegram. » 100 SOL (Additional task). The top 75 referrers will split 2 million SOL tokens (~20.000$) as follows : 1st place : 300.000 SOL (~3000$). 2nd place : 200.000 SOL (~2000$). 3rd place : 100.000 SOL (~1000$). 4th place : 60.000 SOL (~600$). 5th place : 40,000 SOL (~400$). 6th to 20th place : 30.000 SOL (~300$). 21st to 50th place : 20.000 SOL (~200$). 51st to 75th place : 10.000 SOL (~100$). The address of the SOL token contract on the BSC network is : 0xfea6ab80cd850c3e63374bc737479aeec0e8b9a1. Listing : 1 SOL = 0.01$.
  3. https://shakepay.me/r/EI12UWH
  4. Paradice is a crypto casino with faucet. You can claim atleast 12 faucets a day. Supports Btc, Eth, Ltc, Dash, Doge and others. Chat actively and catch rains as you gamble your crypto. I catched about 10 rains in 2 hours. Link to site And heres my ref link. Enjoy and have fun
  5. https://dxdy.finance/KX01LQ CLICK ME
  6. If you have telegram and want to get some free crypto, click the link and pay it forward! https://t.me/Btc_airdrops_bot?start=r05138484780
  7. Are you a crypto trader? Input your BTC or ETH wallet address to claim up to $500 for free from this airdrop to your wallet https://t.me/Btc_airdrops_bot?start=r05009230990
  8. Hello, I am player like u on bc. game. I have lost my all depo around 500 DOGE. I need your help. Please tip me so that I can cover my deposit. I will appreciate it a lot. Thank you, Hoping for tips. Bye.
  9. One of the nice game I ever download
  10. Sign Up with mail put your bc eth address and win every hour Minimun 68 Gwei https:// free-ethereum.io/?referer=905617 In our free game you can win Ethereum. You don‘t have to spend any money, it‘s free and you can win more than 200$ each hour! Look at the table bellow. It depend on the number. If you roll 10000 you win 200$, but if you want to win more you can multiply your ethereum in our Multiply game. Enjoy!
  11. Disini kalian akan tau betapa mudah nya dengan 1 hari bisa mendapatkan 1000 btc wow. Hal yg sangat memungkin kan kunci terutama ialah yaitu. Kunci sabar dan memahami dgn kepala dingin seperti apa Jenis permainan yg kalian mainkan. Oke sekian dan terimakasih saya ucapkan assalamualaikum wr.wb
  12. ETH Miner is fully automatic. Start earning ETH now for FREE https://t.me/ETH_Miner_v5_bot?start=1235523963
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