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Found 6 results

  1. Dice Battle Royale Trios; Elimination Rounds Top Prize $1000 - March 1st Till Only One Team Remains Standing ($0.10 Minimum Bet) Description Players will compete in teams of 3 Teams will earn points by rolling specific numbers chosen by the event host Check back here each day to discover the new Lucky Number At the end of each round the team(s) with the least amount of points will be eliminated The last team standing wins the grand prize Points Details At the start of each round the event host will choose the lucky number(s) That exact number must be rolled to earn points The amount of points earned will be the same as the payout multiplier of that bet rounded down to the nearest 10th Example: The lucky number is “10.09” The player sets their dice slider to target under “44.00” The payout multiplier for under 44 is 2.25x The player would earn 2.2 points for their team The minimum is 1.3 points. Anything less will not be added to the team’s score 5 bonus points will be added to the team score for direct hits (the player’s target is 0.1 away from the lucky number) Example: The lucky number is “99.50” A direct hit would be to set the dice slider to target “over 99.40” or “under 99.60” How To Enter Your must choose your teammates before the first round starts Comment on this post with the names of your two teammates and team name. (each teammate must do this) You must choose a team name (you can not change this once the event starts) All event related posts must have your team name at the top (this will make it easier to keep score) How To Post Your Scores Each team member will create only one post per round with their individual scores Post a screenshot of your bet detail To add more bets you may edit your post The thread will be locked between rounds while the points are tallied If you do not post your bets before the thread is locked at the end of each round they will not be added to your score (be sure to get them in on time) You must have your team name at the top of your post (see image below) You must follow this format or your bets will not count towards your score (see image below) Please shrink the size of your screenshots. You can do that by double clicking it on PC or long pressing on mobile. After each round check the reply under this post to see if you made it to the next round. If not your name will be crossed out. Rules You may only join one team. Minimum bet is $0.10 in any coin. No JB Coin. When we catch you using multiple accounts you will be banned from this and all future events and your points will be removed from all teams. No Spamming this thread. Keep it clean and organized so I can focus on counting points and giving out rewards. Please. Tell Coco he is beautiful. Twice. No changing your username during the event. Your BC.Game username must be the same as your forum username. Nag DigiDash for Shitcodes. Also twice. Remember, this is for fun and entertainment. So have fun and be entertained. Good Luck! The BC.Game Team
  2. There should be a medal for “big boss” for an individual that wins the 1 btc on the wheel. This would show people that you can win and it would make people log in more consistently giving more of a chance that they deposit. Sorry this is the only way I could figure out how to post my opinion might be in the wrong place
  3. Give a new exclusive game name at the BC.GAME event!! Have you submitted an entry? Let's do it right away to win $300 entries must be submitted by 7 January 2021 at the latest. So, goodluck everyone! Merry Christmas & Happy New Year's
  4. I pledge allegiance to the red legion!
  5. Tis the season for giving and BC.Game is feeling generous. A special coin called XMAS has just been launched for this special occasion. Check the leaderboard here The campaign starts Dec. 15th and ends Dec. 25th. Each day the top 50 winners will divide a prize of 1 ETH. On the last day, Dec. 25th the top 50 players will divide 15.777 ETH!!! will win 7.777 ETH will win 3 ETH will win 1 ETH The rest of players will divide 4ETH _____________________________________________________________________ We have 4 ways to get XMAS 1 Claim 1000 XMAS for free from campaign page 2 Invite friends to get 1000 XMAS (max 10000 XMAS per day for invitation) 3 Complete the daily challenge 4 Bet and beat coco's bankroll 5 Get rains and the coindrops /—|________|\————|______|————/|________|—\ Daily challenge is as follows: (Make a full screenshot to yoko in the support.The first 200 will get the bonus) On the 1st day of Christmas, BCGame sent to me… A red Partridge on a wheel thingy. Must complete wheel challenges. 49.5x = 100 XMAS 49.5x two in a row = 1000 XMAS On the 2nd day of Christmas, BCGame sent to me... Two Turtle dives. Wager TRTL and win these two Crash bets. Win multiplier 10x then win with Bang(2 total bets) = 100 XMAS Win multiplier 100x then win with Bang(2 total bets) = 1000 XMAS On the 3rd day of Christmas, BCGame sent to me… Three drenched friends. Make rains or coindrops 3 rains or coindrops = 1000XMAS 13 rains or coindrops = 10000XMAS On the 4th day of Christmas, BCGame sent to me… Four calling cards Hit four of a kind on Video poker Four of a kind = 1000 XMAS On the 5th day of Christmas, BCGame sent to me… Five golden reels! Hit 5’s on Hashdice All winning bets must start with “5” Two 5’s = 100 XMAS (example: 51151 or 55111 or 51115) Three 5’s = 500 XMAS (example: 55225 or 53355 or 55544) Four 5’s = 1000 XMAS (example: 55556 or 55755 or 58555) Five 5’s = 10000 XMAS (example: 55555) On the 6th day of Christmas, BCGame sent to me… Six players grabbing Create coin drops 6 people = 1000 XMAS 60 people = 15000 XMAS On the 7th day of Christmas, BCGame sent to me… Seven Longs-a-winning Win Crash with Long Win multiplier 10x then win with Long(2 total bets) = 1000 XMAS Win multiplier 100x then win with Long(2 total bets) = 10000 XMAS On the 8th day of Christmas, BCGame sent to me… Eight pays-a-plinking Hit plinko slots with “8” in the multiplier. Risk - Medium Rows - 15 Target - 88x = 10000 XMAS On the 9th day of Christmas, BCGame sent to me… Nine BCH’s mooning Wager BCH and moon playing Crash 1 Moon 100x or higher = 1000 XMAS 1 Moon 500x or higher = 10000 XMAS On the 10th day of Christmas, BCGame sent to me… Twelve War Drums Crashing Choose Bang or Long or alternate between them. 10 wins in a row = 100000 XMAS. You don’t have to stay on one team for all 10 wins. You can switch between Bang and Long as many times as you want. On top of all that, Coco's father will be showing at random times to tip random players random amounts of coins! So keep collecting those coins. We haven't had a person last in first place for more than 24 hours.
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