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Found 34 results

  1. Auto collect FREE faucets Choose your favorit faucet and start to collect. Pleace use my ref-linke https://faucetworld.in/app?r=83087 https://faucetworld.in
  2. bc game is scaming new players thinknit just a money laundering site
  3. https://bch.games/play/60f50450 ^^^Click my ref link. Cashout in less than 3 seconds. Forget about waiting. Your BCH deposits and withdrawals are credited instantly. No manual verification. No fees. No BS.
  4. https://bch.games/play/60f50450 Play fun games and earn crypto. Your favorite No-Bullshit™ crypto casino. Start playing now with your free bitcoin cash faucet. 10x bonus on sign up for a limited time!! 10x FAUCET BONUS for using my referral link too now!
  5. » HIGH PAYING FAUCET « » STAKING REWARDS « » BIG WINS « https://trustdice.win/faucet/?ref=u_thoth
  6. » FREE 0.00001000 BTC ON SIGNUP! « https://starbets.io/ref=gwq6Wxquuh » FREE 0.00001000 BTC ON SIGNUP! « https://starbets.io/ref=gwq6Wxquuh » FREE 0.00001000 BTC ON SIGNUP! « https://starbets.io/ref=gwq6Wxquuh
  7. Free LTC Claim 30 MIN Claim Faucet! https://t.me/Free_LitecoinClaim_bot?start=r06741308014 Free LTC Claim 30 MIN Claim Faucet!
  8. Hey I'm going to posts this referral again because it's gotten so many hits and apparently it's popular. If you haven't already sign up to PIPEFLARE. A website where you there are free claims for ZEC, MATIC, & 1FLR. Make sure you do the tria. For 7 days, no credit card required to sign up for it. It just automatically applies it and it's nice, you get bonus amounts added to your faucet claims which are also on autopump. When it ends, you'll have to remember to manually claim each token daily. $$$PIPEFLARE - MATIC, 1FLR & ZEC FAUCET$$$ Also, there are a number of games that you can play (once again best to play then during the free trial you get more 1FLR during gameplay). Each game has chances to win tokens and ooh the airdrops! Can't forget those. Each month they put out their list of drops they'll distribute throughout the month and you have opportunities to gain all three tokens. If you can, collaborate when you sign up for the trial with one of the drops that's requirement is being a part of the "supporter" tier. That way you can get the drop. I didn't do that but I wish I had. Here are a couple pictures of the website. First pic is my referral income alone. And my payouts. Here's a screenshot of this month's drops this is just a page describing pipeflare. Have fun xoxo thanks for using my link
  9. hihi .join and confirm your email to get 200 more spins .after reaching 100$ you can insttantly withdraw via btc ltc eth or doge https://piratewins.io/?pirate=1385947
  10. https://luckydiamond.io/r/smokedrizzly
  11. Luckydiamond:New casino with only dice, limbo but great faucet for ltc,doge,bch,xrp and dash. Also chatgames like luckyguess and rollhunts. For all the affilliate hunter: There is a 3-level referral system. This means that you will earn coins from your referrals and from their referral, and from the referrals of their referrals. Cool, isn't it?https://luckydiamond.io/c/bc.games
  12. Hey guys you gotta try this faucet it's super easy you can claim every three minutes. Can only claim one at a time, but they give you more than a lot of other places and not only that, once again, they have house games to multiply that take from the faucet. And it's actually doable. Unlike faucets who give you 1 Satoshi or 3 gwei and so on and so forth. Also if you deposit 5 bucks you get the faucet for 24 hours at double, so do the math on that every 3 minutes....no seriously you'll have to do the math because math and I are arch rivals and I am not even going to try lol, anyways, my referral is below click if you're interested. Xo. LUCKY DIAMOND FAUCET AND GAMES
  13. Earn FreeCryptocurrencies Are you looking for a easy to use faucet for free cryptocurrencies? What are you waiting for? Grab your free coins today Join FaucetCrypto Here
  14. Hello guys here is another referral for Bitcoin and Binance coin faucet. They also have cool house games to try and up your take from the faucet which is nice since faucets literally drip out coins lololol. Anyways here is my link below. Have fun. Xoxoxo. BTC && BNB FAUCET REFERRAL LINK
  15. Join me on Fire faucet. The best faucet site with best payouts, most offer walls and many ways to earn more crypto https://firefaucet.win/ref/455584
  16. Join me on Fire faucet, a crypto faucet with more offer walls than any other faucet and the best withdrawal system !!! https://firefaucet.win/ref/455584
  17. Paradice is a crypto casino with faucet. You can claim atleast 12 faucets a day. Supports Btc, Eth, Ltc, Dash, Doge and others. Chat actively and catch rains as you gamble your crypto. I catched about 10 rains in 2 hours. Link to site And heres my ref link. Enjoy and have fun
  18. https://casinoroyale.bet/ref/jglfh153846 Use my referral link and let's all win some coin!!
  19. Hey! I invite you all to join OneHash casino which has the best faucet for free btc i have seen to date. I have had cashouts from just the faucet 2 times now! link: https://www.onehash.com/?ap=a675037ae1c445389877a6 Quick and easy to sign up. And faucet can be used every minute for 0.00000100 BTC many times a day! hopefully you enjoy as much as i do
  20. NEW LEGIT BNB FAUCETS! FREE BINANCECOIN Free BNB every hour! Earn BNB by doing easy surveys & more! Referral bonus 50%! https://freebinancecoin.com/?ref=249997 BNB FAUCOIN EARN FREE BNB (BEP20) FROM THE SHIBA FAUCOIN FAMILY (100% LEGIT!) CLAIM EVERY HOUR Note: Add your BNB (BEP20) address, in the "Profile" section Minimum withdrawal: 0.005 BNB! https://bnb-faucoin.com/?ref=70849 FREEBINANCE https://freebinance.co.in/?ref=76469
  21. Registration Reward New users can register to get 2 Dogecoins + 3 tickets, The tickets which can be used to get free Dogecoins in the big carousel game. Daily Sign-in Reward Every user who open the "Freedoge.City" everyday to sign in, can get 3 tickets. Refer Reward Use your own referral url promote to a new user registration. After the new user registration is successful, the referrer will automatically get 2 Dogecoins + 1 ticket, there is no upper limit for the recommendation reward. CLICK HERE FOR FREE DOGECOIN!!!! MY HONEST REVIEW/OPINION: “So all the doubts and questions aside, this is the best free crypto process I’ve found so far. And yes I’ve tried a lot but not all. It really does give you free chances at getting free dogecoin and you just have to be patient with it because…. It’s free. It’s not perfect, nor is it instant snap my fingers, but again…. It’s free! It took a couple days after sign up, due to my luck being pretty awful, but I hit up to about 400 dogecoin and tried to withdraw 300 but didn’t realize I would only get 100 and lose the other 200, but I could’ve avoided that if I read the rules fully. But her, free is free. I hit withdraw, fell asleep and woke up to $30 in my BC wallet. Just give it a go, no harm no foul.” Registration awards will be cancelled in departmental areas. Refer awards are given based on the quality of lower-level users. Free spins try every 1 minute. Malicious registered users will be blocked. The minimum bet amount to withdraw is at least 100. Withdraw up to 100 for the user without depositing. There are no restrictions on the withdrawal of deposit users. Deposit users enjoy 1 to 1 exclusive customer service.
  22. 99.dog/r/838021133210 So far one time withdraw 100, straight to casino without any problems or delays. I would share screenshot but my posts are hidden when they contain images for some reason.
  23. In Rollercoin you can get 24/7 passive crypto income (BTC BNB ETH DOGE) with rewards given to you every 10 minutes automatically. Site is really paying out real crypto! Below in picture you can check my BTC withdrawals to my wallets I've made from this site Link: https://rollercoin.com/?r=km3y6c04 Thank you and have fun earning crypto ^^
  24. Solana is one of the fastest growing cryptos/blockchains out there. Its really fast and effective. Here you can get some free SOL. https://www.botheredotters.com/?ref=3kz7VSWfeHCAV9DmccsqZ325Q4N29ToYiV3vcJF4qb1K
  25. You can get free BTT from this Telegram Bot, already tried myself and actually worked. https://t.me/bttairdrop_officialbot?start=1504344545
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