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About Me

Found 3 results

  1. Checking the forum, Twitter, Instagram, and other Social Media platforms may be the best way. I also believe maybe if you post in the forum and get lots of like, comments, followers etc, Master CoCo may send you something. I don’t know. Make sure to like and follow me and if I ever get sent something I’ll let you all know!! if you have any other methods also be sure to comment them below to help everyone on BC out!! Cheers, Rummel34
  2. Updated promos section to include archive subcategory for easier viewing Created Site & Forum Updates under Announcements which will be used as a changelog Updated spam filter to reduce the number of posts that need to be reviewed before visible Popular posts updated to display from the last 12 hours - updated from 1 hour Minor CSS updates That's all for now! If there's something you found that needs to be updated/fixed, feel free to PM me. Please DO NOT PM me regarding bonuses or anything related to them. I don't do that, thanks. - Dash
  3. Hey guys , I'm pretty new member of forum so i wanted to ask you guys is there any prize or bonus which we get from being active here? or here is just for fun?
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