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Found 13 results

  1. I created this topic because Plinko is one of the games that is easy to play but hard to win and i know many of you been in confusion while dropping balls ,so i explain the exact posibility of each drop ,these are my own mathematics and will be published with more details in my twitter page,please note that these results can be used in all the websites and casinos if their scripts don't go off the table ,here are odds for plinko high risk ,16 drops from 1000 to 0.2 : for hitting x1000 : 1 outta 32786 ( 1 hit in every 32786 bet is your chance ) 1÷2 x negative power 15 for hitting x130 : 1 outta 2131 (1 hit in every 2131 bet) 32781÷2÷7.69(17-1& 16393) square root of 16 for hitting x26 : 1 outta 426 (1 hit in every 426 bet) for hitting x9 : 1 outta 147 (1 hit in every 147 bet) for hitting x4 : 1 outta 32 (1 hit in every 32 bet) for hitting x2 : 1 outta 8 (1 hit in every 8 bet) for hitting x0.2 : 1 outta 1.25 (3 in every 4 bet) 4 drops x0.2 is 8 square root =0.5 x 2 =1 ÷ 1/4=0.25 +1=1.25 i hope you'll find this helpful for playing plinko and any reward to Dr.Lakewood will be appreciated.best of luck
  2. Hey guys join me on Rollercoin play games and buy miners and earn crypto online and offline https://rollercoin.com/?r=kk71uh7g
  3. Guys, today is December 3rd, my birthday, 29 years old. I am from Belarus and would like to start playing the BC game, I was deceived by scammers and my crypto wallet was hacked. As a gift, transfer the coins to me: Bitcoin: bc1qpqe3wd53g5glckzjeq5ef2sj4u4e7de5t77pla Ether 0x55FceeE6695F0653689b4b3bB24Bd0B5879d5CdA BNB (bep20 smart chain) 0x55FceeE6695F0653689b4b3bB24Bd0B5879d5CdA
  4. Small challenge #4 Every week,along to the prestige & top challenge,we have a side challenge for you We have considered HILO game for this week (We have prepared a special option Whoever earns more points this month،will receive a $ 20 prize at the end of the month) First place Second place Third place Starts: 21:00, November 3 GMT Ends: 21:00, November 6 GMT What's the Challenge? Earn 2 king cards in a row Minimum VIP Tier Must be VIP4 or higher in order to enter this challenge. Minimum Bet Size $0.05 USD equivalent (please check the individual coin amounts below) - Bets made below this amount will not count Eligible Coins All coins are eligible (excluding JB) Available Prizes 1......$20 2......$15 3......$10 To enter,copy the bet ID of the bet you'd Once you've copied it,post it as a reply to this thread like so: Betting ID:39689264501358651 In the same post,upload a screenshot of your win by clicking the game ID WITH VIEW IN USD mode ENABLED (accessible at the bottom of dropdown menu for your wallet up top.this way,we can ensure that your bet indeed met the minimum requirement at the time of placing it The one with the highest base amount wins In a tie,the one who submits the bet faster will be declared the winner Bets must be posted within 24 hours of placing bet in order to keep things fair for everyone Bets must be made during the specified time window stated above. This thread will lock automatically when the time period is over Each user is only allowed with one account Otherwise,the wrongdoer will be dealt with Failure to follow instructions will result in your submission being null and void Payouts will be made within 24 hours of challenge completion,please be patient Let's go Good luck Betting ID:39689264501358651
  5. Hey! I've been playing some awesome games and getting crypto from it. Come play and earn with me on Womplay — I'm sure you'll love it! https://womplay.io/?ref=VTC8SQB
  6. BOMB CRYPTO Introduction The Bomb Crypto game: Play-To Earn The Bomb Crypto game is in the Play-To Earn genre, where you will manage a group of bomb heroes of cyborgs programmed to search for BCOIN and fight monsters. Each bomb hero has different stats, if you’re lucky you can find bomb heroes with good stats to sell or upgrade them to increase performance and combat ability. Each bomber hero is an NFT which increases ownership as well as tradeability, you can also hunt for other NFT items like decorations. Bomb Crypto: Hero Manage bomber heroes, explore the world together, defeat monsters and bosses to free kingdoms under attack by monsters, and get tokens. BCOIN Token BCOIN - Bomb Crypto BCOIN is the BEP-20 token that allows token holders to play, exchange, invest and also be a part of the game ecosystem development. Taking advantage of cryptocurrency assets, BCOIN has strong security manners, high liquidity, and is easy to exchange. That can help users to play, enjoy, and make profits from the game. The total supply of BCOIN is fixed. Game Currency — Governance — VIP & Staking There are some use cases in using BCOIN: Purchasing and upgrading game characters & items Making payments between users via in-game p2p market Buying NFT stuffs Staking for powerful VIP privileges and rewards Joining the government to decide the future of the game. Rewarding enthusiastic members of the community Users can gain BCOINs via collecting items, tournaments, and seasonal rewards, staking benefits, selling in the auction market, etc. Twitter https://twitter.com/BombCrypto1Facebook https://www.facebook.com/BombCryptoGamewww.facebook.com/groups/bombcrypto/Discord https://t.me/BombCryptoChannelTelegram https://t.me/BombCryptoGrouphttps://t.me/BombCryptoChannelYoutube https://bit.ly/bombcrypto
  7. To be able to master the Keno game effectively and conquer it, you need to keep a sense of freedom and fun when playing the game, winning without losing or getting discouraged. Even if you lose in a row and lose a lot of bets, don't get angry and lose your sense of convenience, it will only make you crazy to want to take back your bet and receive a worse loss. And you can end up being a slave to this mind game.
  8. What do bcgame Coin tell Us? Fell free to share your views, it's a open IQ
  9. Aight so I got a idea, and hopefully the community backs me up , and blows this up so BC will contribute and make this idea a reality, and fun. Ok, so I know we all get tired of losing, right? Well imagine if we had a tag game going on in the chatroom. Like a non stop tag game, where if your tagged in chat by somebody @ your user name, you have to tag them back. TBH, BC it would be a great way to keep people entertained on on your site longer. But, I been playing for alittle while now, and noticed a repetition of people losing, until they get so mad and leave. Some never come back, and one thing i learned about business, is you want to have your customers keep coming back. So what if there was a game running in the chat. NO money invested, but maybe BC can over a price for the winners. Winners would be people who continuesly tag, you lose if you arent able to tag back in a 12 hour time frame. Now wouldnt that be interesting? Or we could even up the stakes? Bet on if someone is going to be able to tag back or not? Either way i think it would be a fun idea. Take the poll and support me, hopefully we can blow this up and make a ripple in the wave.
  10. User can't stop for spin. User just control start spin.
  11. Selamat datang di forum bcgame Indonesia. Thread ini dibuat khusus untuk game dan kontes oleh moderator chat room Indonesia dan akan di update setiap ada game yg berlangsung. ----------------------------- Game #1 Senin, 12 Okt 2020 Peraturan Umum: 1. setiap orang hanya diperbolehkan menggunakan satu akun 2. setiap akun hanya bisa menang 1x dalam satu game 3. dilarang melanggar peraturan forum Peraturan Game #1 1. game ini adalah quiz dengan 1 pertanyaan 2. setiap pemain hanya bisa submit satu jawaban 3. jawaban pertama dan benar adalah pemenang 4. hadiah akan dikirim melalui PM di akun bcgame 5. format jawaban : jawaban #gamesatu ---------------------- Pertanyaan : • Apa kegunaan JB Coin? dan kapan fitur tersebut terbuka? ----------------- Selamat menjawab
  12. How much love BC game...? 1) 0 % - 40% 2) 40% - 80% 3) 80% - 100 %
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