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Found 6 results

  1. Hey guys, I was wondering if anyone could share their knowledge and help in building a hash dice script. Essentially it’s a simple script with martingale, however, they are specific requirements which I do not know if are possible. 1) switch between high / low based on previous bet outcome. and/or 2) set a specific high/ low pattern. For example H H H switch L L switch H L L with added martingale. 3) increase bet based on balance percentage, to follow bankroll. A way of compounding… 4) it was in my head now it’s gone… to be updated. If anyone could meet my requirements with a working script. I’ll look after you. Thanks in advance
  2. The past few days I've tested a strategy on Hash Dice. I've chosen 1.502 payout. 1. Chose your base bet - I've chosen 0.002 USDT 2. Roll 3. If win, then stay at basebet - if lose, then double basebet Basically everytime you lose, you double the bet. Everytime you win, bet half of your current bet until you reach the basebet. Don't go below your basebet, because this is were you will earn most of the time.
  3. Hi guys my name is younfa, i want to share my exprecience when getting some money by playing hashdice. by playing every game, you need to have some strategy. You can copy my strategy bellow : 1. First one you need to set your amount to bet on 5% from your balance 2. add your profit rate to 50% or 2.0 odds 3. on first bet if you lose you can increase your amount to bet to 2x from the percentage before, if you have won, reset your percentage from the initial 5% 4. Dont be greedy, cause the real enemy is your greed 5. Do this strategy repeatedly I know this maybe just give you small profit, but thats a profit guys. trust me, cause Small + Small = BIG Stay Profit Guys! Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!
  4. Here is a strategy that I have been working on. so far in about 30-45 minutes I went from .002 to .005 EOS although it is a small amount it could be much higher if I had more than .01 cents lol. The strategy is much like the martingale strategy as you will multiply on each loss but on a win in this strategy you will not go back down to your base bet. you will simply go down half of the winning bet. I usually start my bets at the minimum 0.000000100 EOS. If I get to close to the .001 mark I will attempt to change my seed and do a couple of turns. if that doesn't work(which it usually does) I accept loss and start over from my base bet. If I continue the bet and with multiplying and dividing and My bet makes it way back down to the base bet I will change my seed then. My seed does not usually make it past 50 -70 nonce. When doing the bets I usually set my payout to 2.2X I have went as high as 4 X with success. By doing this strategy you are essentially betting till you win then the next turn you are betting half, or a third or a quarter of you last win depending on what multiplier you have set your payout to. It is important to set the multiplier to no less the 2 times for payout anything lower will end up being a long drawn out loss in the end.... trust me. Here are some examples: start betting with .000000100 EOS with a multiplier of 2.2 X 1st bet lose change bet to .000000200 2nd bet lose change bet to .000000400 3rd bet lose change bet to .000000800 4th bet lose change bet to .000001600 5th bet win change bet to .000000800 6th bet win change bet to .000000400 7th bet lose change bet to .000000800 8th bet win change bet to .000000400 9th bet win change bet to .000000200 10th bet win change bet to .000000100 change seed here and start over. If you don't know how to change your seed. There is a button at the bottom of the game that says 'seed' click this button and find the button on the bottom of the seed page that says 'change seed' and click on that button you will notice under the 'current seeds' section some text labeled 'Nonce' this is a really good indicator of how many times you have rolled. HAPPY GAMBLING EVERYONE and I really hope that this helps people out.... Feel free to post your strategies and share your wins with us. I love seeing people win. Makes me happy.
  5. I wanna press the stop button since the bet going to much higher then it hit.
  6. if you are hunting for big you can also lose big. just bet what you can afford to lose..
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