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Found 42 results

  1. Hello everyone! nice to meet you! I´m a new user here, i´m learning hoy play the games and earn cryptos, but is so hard! what is the basic guide for all the new users?? thanks a lot!
  2. Hey guys, I was wondering if anyone could share their knowledge and help in building a hash dice script. Essentially it’s a simple script with martingale, however, they are specific requirements which I do not know if are possible. 1) switch between high / low based on previous bet outcome. and/or 2) set a specific high/ low pattern. For example H H H switch L L switch H L L with added martingale. 3) increase bet based on balance percentage, to follow bankroll. A way of compounding… 4) it was in my head now it’s gone… to be updated. If anyone could meet my requirements with a working script. I’ll look after you. Thanks in advance
  3. Poratuje ktoś Btc bo cieszą sytuacja jest:( 1zrLPh2d2CJtZcHEZRbmbzaKiNzuphKsY
  4. bc game is scaming new players thinknit just a money laundering site
  5. https://video-usn.xyz/3164178261185103/ I need only 30 referrals to make my first withdrawal. Over the minimum withdrawal in just a few hours of videos. https://video-usn.xyz/3164178261185103/ Help a dude out and give me your casino name, once I make my first withdrawal, I will give a tip to the first 30 people that sign up. Plus I receive 40% of what you earn watching videos. If it actually works tips given will be between $5-$10 possible more, depending on my withdrawal. https://video-usn.xyz/3164178261185103/ Currently just over $ 200 just from a few hours and about 15 videos played. https://video-usn.xyz/3164178261185103/ Watch videos and get 0.60 US Dollar per minute of viewing.(/m) https://video-usn.xyz/3164178261185103/
  6. I have had my account for almost 2 years now and never had any problems. One day I tried to log in and I get an error message telling me that my account was at risk and to reset my password with email. Well it wouldn’t let me reset so I go to message support and when I click on support chat, it takes me right back to the log in screen. So after a few attempts and going back and back to the log in screen. I don’t know what else to do other than make another account just so I can message support. I message support and then they tell me to email support (LOL) and to provide my last deposit tx address or whatever, my IP address, name, email. Then I was told that it would take 24-72 hours for them to make their decision. I sent the email on January 3rd and I just received an email back tonight and this is what it said: As explicitly stated in our User Agreement, all individuals are allowed one account each. Every player must acknowledge that they understand this requirement prior to successfully registering an account on BC.Game. Upon investigation by our risk management team, your account has been linked to one or more additional accounts on BC.Game, which as a result all accounts in breach of our User Agreement will be terminated, effective immediately. Please note that this applies to all past, present and future BC.Game accounts that we find to be in your control/possession. We take such issues seriously due to past abuse we’ve experienced from multi-account users. so since I was forced to make a second account just to chat with support about why my account was locked, that’s the reason for my account being locked? I’m super confused. oh and not to mention this was right after I just recently made a deposit. I have asked numerous times can I withdraw my money or have it sent back and I have yet to get a response. i understand that some people abuse site privileges and maybe that’s the reason behind the firm stance that’s been taken but this is a common mistake and I deserve atleast to get my money out of my account. Is it even legal for them to just take my money? I understand closing an account but literally stealing funds is crime. ive attached the email below.
  7. I'm just asking for a little donation of anything from anyone to help my gambling addiction get settled a little bit
  8. Hey guys can anyone help me please, recently I was playing keno and I was up $4,000 usd then all of a sudden I saw my money drop by 50% out of nowhere and I was shock, when I check my security section I noticed there was multi session running and someone else has log on to my account, I quickly terminate that session but some how they kept coming back in and my money just vanished , I then went through all the withdrawals and saw 3 random withdrawals to an unknown Wallet, I have spoken to help desk and they haven’t helped me in anyway, they said they will investigate and get back to me but it’s been weeks now, what can I do to get my money stolen from me back
  9. So I go to jail tomorrow for a probation violation. I more than likely will be in there for the remainder of my probation(2 1/2 months). To any and all that read this, if you can find it in the goodness of your heart to send a little something my way, so I will possibly have a little bit of chump change for when I get out. It would be super appreciated. I'll be broke as a joke till I file my taxes, and get those back, after I get out. Thanks to those that help a cracker out and to those that could care less, I hope you stay blessed! Happy New Years everyone at bc.game
  10. V45 Eatand 22:01 Wow... I mean just FUCKING W O W .. THIS FUCKING SCAM APP... I really don't bitch very often but man... Yesterday, the site went down right after I made a $40 bet and I lost that money but they won't return it. Now today, the app has been fucking up again. Earlier, every time I plugged or unplugged my phone the app would restart. I lost a $10 bet earlier because of that... Now, I was playing crash and I wagered $40. I moved my phone in my hand and it changed to landscape mode BUT LANDSCAPE MODE IS NOT TURNED ON, ON MY PHONE!!! That caused me to lose that $40 because I couldn't get it to reorient properly (cause it isn't turned on) and therefore couldn't hit stop. What the fuck guys???? Please address these issues. Here's an idea... Can we hire some help desk people who's specific job is to look into issues like this? It seems like whenever I bring the issue to the table, I just get a brush off. Really makes me feel like you guys don't care, which sucks because I love this site...
  11. So, if anyone would be so kind......just kidding......not really...... O, I'm serious. But for real, I've been trying to post so many offers on Facebook and IG. Just started posting here. However, if anyone would like to boost me in the right direction!!!!! Just thought I'd ask. HAPPY FRIDAY Y'ALL XOXO
  12. How fast do I type in shitcodes? I never redeemed one are they super hard to get?
  13. I need help. I have been restricted. My area has anyway. How hell do I get back in I am VIP56. Have lots invested. Someone please please help
  14. Hello everyone, my name is Santina Marie, I am new at this game, and in the chatroom I've asked numerous of times if someone would be kind enough to help me with some answers to my questions, also just saying hi, & NOT ONE person replied to me. I am curious about shit code? Are there certain times that you have to find one, or enter one in? Where do you find them? Do they expire? Can someone be kind enough to drop one in the comments?? How does rain work? I play https://luckyfish.xyz/?c=c_tqdrsgdn3x66 & stake.com if anyone is familiar with them, you would know that the rain is totally different then on here? I wouldn't know though, I just don't see it in the chat room? Where do I find more bonuses? & what are JCB or whatever those odd currencies are?? Pls someone help...
  15. Hello, Firstly I'll point out the fact I've never had to contact support on bc.game in the couple months I've been using the site; great website. But today I was up 200 XRP and tried a new slot game on the homepage "Mermaid Hunter" by KA Gaming. It instantly funnelled my balance within 2 seconds it had bet all my money, I feel scammed. I'd appreciate to hear back from support, thank you.
  16. Srituti


    Bagamana cara saya mendapatkan shitcode
  17. Someone kick down ill pay you back double or ill do favors send you pics whatever mail you stuff in the mail cash app it back to you on Wednesday. Ill mail you some lawn clippings i live in oregon best lawn clippings in the world
  18. Hello, I am player like u on bc. game. I have lost my all depo around 500 DOGE. I need your help. Please tip me so that I can cover my deposit. I will appreciate it a lot. Thank you, Hoping for tips. Bye.
  19. Any help would be appreciated very much =^_^=
  20. Does anyone have a banner file URL for BC they'd be willing to share? For the life of me, I cant figure out how to make it with the raw zip file they provide. Pls help my lord
  21. shitcode or any kind of help , i get that its completely my fault i gambled my b day money but man it was fun lol.. anything helps!
  23. sou novo no bc.com, minha família está passando por momentos difíceis e não tenho dinheiro para apostar apenas essa moeda jb que é inútil. Gostaria de receber um shitcodes para poder mudar meu destino! Eu ficaria muito agradecido
  24. I'm new to the site and haven't really figured it out yet. I'm currently trying to exchange my game coin into Doge but have no idea how to operate those site. Please help, any tips to help me navigate the site
  25. Please if anyone can hear me, help! I didn't know when to hold them crypto or fold em and tiptoe away. Please sirs (or madams) may i have another? My wallet is wide open for your deposit. Hope to hear from you soon.
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