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Found 1 result

  1. Here's another idea that I think a lot of players would welcome. I know there's been a lot, and I mean A LOT of talk and complaints about the BCD unlocking process. I'm certainly not a fan of the system myself. BC.game doesn't want to use the type of bonus most casinos do - you get a chunk of extra money when you deposit but can't withdraw the money until you have wagered a certain multiplier. My guess is that they don't want people to deposit, get bonus, lose the bonus and log off to wait for the next opportunity to obtain a bonus. That might be a decent way to attract new players, or at least make them aware of your casino. But as soon as the bonus is gone, they'll leave - most likely to hunt for a bonus somewhere else. So BC.game rather build the community slow and steady and gain loyal customers who stick around. Therefore, no fast bonuses. As a customer though, I kind of feel that it's a bit pointless to give me a deposit bonus that I can't use right away. In fact, I can only use $10 for every $4000 I wager. That's a bit of a let down for me, because that $10 more often than not won't make much difference. Especially not compared to getting $120 in bonus available all at once. The old system was worse though! So this system is at least a sign that BC.game is willing to compromise - some. My hope is that BC.game will compromise a tiny bit more. I Present To You Rakeback/Unlock Combo! Well, kind of. At least similar. Either the rakeback system could be used as is, but for unlocking BCD. Pay 20,000 JB and boost your BCD unlocking process by x% Do as many third party providers do with their slots. Give the players an opportunity to add x% to their current bet (I'd suggest somewhere between 5-15%), in order to speed up the BCD unlock process. For example. Lets say I'm playing Egyptian Adventure, and my bets are ranging between $0.05 - $0.1. I now get an option to add 10% to every bet I make ($0.055 - $0.11). What the players gain from this is the following. For as long as the option to add 10% extra on my bets, I will unlock my BCD 20% faster. If this option is active during the whole process, it will be enough to wager $3200 in order to unlock $10 BCD. Maybe you even get the choice between 5% extra bet to unlock BCD 10% faster, 10% extra bet to unlock 20% faster and 15% extra bet to unlock 25% faster. How about that? Now BC.game is like "Yeah, we can see why it would be great for you guys maybe. But what about us!?". Okay, so here is the sweet part for BC.game. Let's say I enable the option to bet 10% extra on all my bets, to unlock BCD 20% faster. Wagering $100 will inow be to wager $110, so far everyone is with me I hope. Let's take a single bet to make my point clear. I bet $1 (+10%) = $1.1 at whatever game. I lose that bet, so I've lost $1.1. Okay? I make the same bet again, so $1.1 betting at whatever game again. This time I win, and the multiplier is 5x. Normally if I bet $1.1 and win a 5x multiplier I would win $5.5 ($4.4 in profit). But in exchange for the quicker unlocking process, the extra 10% of my bet doesn't count when I win. Instead it's the base bet without the extra % that counts, and my bet is counted as $1 instead of $1.1, so my win is 5x multiplier and gives me $5 (of which $3.9 is profit). Now, what about that!? I think both my ideas are awesome, maybe the second one a bit more than the first one.
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