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About Me

Found 4 results

  1. Hello everyone, my name is Santina Marie, I am new at this game, and in the chatroom I've asked numerous of times if someone would be kind enough to help me with some answers to my questions, also just saying hi, & NOT ONE person replied to me. I am curious about shit code? Are there certain times that you have to find one, or enter one in? Where do you find them? Do they expire? Can someone be kind enough to drop one in the comments?? How does rain work? I play https://luckyfish.xyz/?c=c_tqdrsgdn3x66 & stake.com if anyone is familiar with them, you would know that the rain is totally different then on here? I wouldn't know though, I just don't see it in the chat room? Where do I find more bonuses? & what are JCB or whatever those odd currencies are?? Pls someone help...
  2. Hi, Names Jeff. kinda new here. Been playing for about a month now. I like this place allot. There is just one thing I don't like. I'm beginning to think these #shitcodes are fake. I have searched the internet, social media, and here. not one anywhere to be found. Prove me wrong. Until i see one with my own eyes... they dont exist in my eye's...
  3. Hey guys, im BikBoii! I came i saw i fell in love BC has actually succeeded at making true community. No other online casino can truly give a sense of home, period. First Truly fair and transparent in the world. Coco has done so much to achieve this. im making this thread in hopes of gathering like minded professionals to maybe collaborate on ideas, maybe BC game soundtrack, content, etc, so we can show the world what true home is like and a comfy home , is a home we all took part in building. At least its worth a try thank u coco
  4. Hi this in Anil from India Any one here from Mumbai
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