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Found 9 results

  1. Hello, just sharing two 500x I got today, big fan of Keno, I’m happy it decided to land on my squares today.
  2. W0NGA

    Keno upgrade

    I am a massive keno single fan. Some suggestions on improving bc games version as it falls behind other sites. Add an instant bet feature, the current game can be slow paced and we want a faster betting option. Add the option to save your favourite numbers on keno single. this has been done on the classic version, why not keno single. Auto bet, add more advanced controls . Example, allow a user to choose increase on loss on x number of losses . The ability to change patterns on each win/loss whilst on auto ( this will make your keno an exception to the competition ) Good luck keno fans
  3. I'm not very technically savvy so I don't know how to do this, but I'd really appreciate it if someone could help with this project, basically I just want to track the numbers called in the keno game multiplayer. ThereS tons of data in the history already, and I think it would be interesting to see the patterns of numbers called. Unlikely to get a edge with this information but I would still like to see it, even if it was just for like the last 1000 games. So like i know how many times a 11 was called in the last1000 games.
  4. To be able to master the Keno game effectively and conquer it, you need to keep a sense of freedom and fun when playing the game, winning without losing or getting discouraged. Even if you lose in a row and lose a lot of bets, don't get angry and lose your sense of convenience, it will only make you crazy to want to take back your bet and receive a worse loss. And you can end up being a slave to this mind game.
  5. Welcome to Keno Single Week 2 Challenge! Start Date 10.03.2021 10:00 (UTC 0+) End Date 12.03.2021 10 :00 (UTC 0+) Challenge duration 48hrs Total Prize Pool will be 50 USDT Top 3 winners will be awarded accordingly: 1st 25 USDT 2nd 15 USDT 3rd 10 USDT Winners will be awarded within 48hrs after the challenge is over. Rules: 1.Challenge is open to all players who are VIP 5 or above 2. You need to get 7 hits (26x multiplier) in the game of Keno Single with following number (2,3,4,12,13,14,23,32,33,34) Only given number pattern to be used, you can get combination of any 7 hits but from the given numbers. Risk will be Medium 3.Only ETH , TRX, USDT and DOGE can be used to place bets , minimum of 0.00006 ETH or 2 TRX or 0.1 USDT or 2 DOGE. 4. The top 3 that have highest ETH/TRX/USDT/DOGE bet and get (7 hits 26x multiplier) with given 10 numbers, will be the tournament winners. 5.Full screenshot of your bets need to be submitted, (bet id, server hash, client seed and nonce ) need to be visible 6. Do not edit your post, you can quote your previous post and upload new one 7. In case of a tie, the post timing will be counted Additional Info A. Do not place bets before start of the event. Old bets will be disqualified. B. Any cheating or manipulation used can lead to suspension of your forum account C. Bets made need to be submitted within 30 min, D. When you post , your post might appear hidden for sometime, if it exceeds 2hrs kindly contact support E. All forum rules apply Kindly follow the attached example as a guide, good luck everyone
  6. Yet I still end up busted and broke. Degenerate lifestyle.
  7. Sore guys, cara asik bermain keno biar profit caranya gampang, pertama kita siapkan bet sebanyak setengah modal kalian, trus klik auto pick, dan pilih mode low, lalu roll sebanyak 3 kali, selanjutnya kembali ke langkah awal Thanks guys, moga profit lagi
  8. I've been experimenting with choosing fewer numbers. So far I've had the best luck with 3 or 4 numbers. I've hit max payout severl times. The max pay is significantly smaller, but getting 50x your bet is still pretty righteous. Has anyone else been trying this out? I'm curious on everyone's viewpoints/ experience.
  9. If you've ever spent a long time picking different amount of numbers and choosing different risks to see what the different payouts and win percentages your up against? I have. and its almost impossible for me to remember all the info. so, after 6 hours; and my cat having her litter finally I've listed down all the different payouts for all the different risk levels and how many numbers you've chosen 1-10. and then i went and listed the win chance for the numbers you've chosen to play with. Now its easy to compare and choose your best strategy. I have triple triple triple checked and i am currently 99.99999999% sure there are no mistakes in the tables below when compared to the information on bc.game's Keno. but, just in case, and so no worry's of misleading information, i have these saved on my computer and if anyone finds a mistake in these please let me know and ill fix them. I'm posting this format of it which was created using Microsoft paint. only because my subscription to Microsoft expired so i couldn't use word the way i would want to I may redo it to make it exactly the way i want later though. if so ill post it as a reply to this thread. here you go; Any questions, please ask. i hope its self explanatory. Enjoy. and good luck
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