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Found 2 results

  1. You should add a feature that allows you to Pre-Unlocked a certain amount of locked BCD if you currently have no locked BCD and are wagering. Even if it's half the current rate it would be nice if our wagers still counted toward something instead of having to get locked BCD first. If I wager 500k and then spin the wheel afterwards and get 10 locked BCD I'm never happy about it. Think of it like rested EXP in an RPG. The rate at which BCD unlocks is already a pain unless you have a large bankroll to begin with. If we get a large bankroll while unlocking the BCD and then lose it all after its all unlocked then that big bankroll did nothing to help with unlocking anything and we're back to being broke with a long grind to unlock some BCD. Im sure plenty of people would appreciate such a feature and hopefully I explained it well enough . Have a good day and good luck.
  2. We have total 10 levels and 102400XP to be achieved. Each level is obtained by wagering coins on any of the games (Except JB coin) - Why we need to level up? You need to level up to get different bonuses like chat rains, chat coin drops or coco (spider) so the higher the level the more the bonuses. - What are the benefits and on which level we get them? (A) Level 1: Tips, Rains, Coin drops, Leaderboard, Roll point game, Private chat, (B) Level 2: Can post gif in chat room, Betting faucet (cashback) (C) Level 3: Where is coco (spider which appear every 6 hours and gives free eth) and there will be more features coming in future. - How do we level up? You need to wager different amount of USD on obtain every level for example level 1 can be achieved by wagering $1000 worth of coins. Now the question occurs the most how do we level up faster? Actually you can level up faster with more the money you deposit and play but there are more ways to wager up faster and level up to have some bonus coming in. There are 4 different ways you can wager faster with minimal deposit: 1- Hash Dice: You can deposit like $30 worth of coins lets say we deposit Tron and run hashdice on auto with simple script and multiplier 1.0102x (which is the lowest) and leave it on. 2- Crash: Same as hashdice you can run simple auto script to cashout on 1.01x and keep it going to wager on crashgame 3- Crash Pro: As you know BC has launched new Crash pro game where you can bet on Red or Green you can wager way quickly on that game and with risk of just 0.04% of losses. What you have to do is bet like $10 worth of coins on both sides (yes you can bet on both side) and if red appears you loose just the 0.04% of the amount nothing big. 4- Roulette: Same as crash pro you can both sides on roulette as well to wager faster but there is more risk on roulette if 0 appear you will lose both the hands but its also one good option. So its easy right? lets get the wagering going and reach the highest level! Good Luck!!
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