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About Me

Found 7 results

  1. How fast do I type in shitcodes? I never redeemed one are they super hard to get?
  2. بچه ها من یک اسکریپت در فایل زیپ جاوا نوشتم. طبق توضیحات موجود در فایل مراحل را بررسی کرده و انجام دهید. کد را اجرا کنید و لذت ببرید. این اسکریپت با رایانه ای که روی تلفن همراه اجرا می شود کار نخواهد کرد منتظر فیلمنامه بعدی من باشید https://www.edisk.eu/download/ 72330/bnb_usd.rar_7.87KB.html/
  3. HILO PRESTIGE CHALLENGE Starts: 10:00, October 4 GMTEnds: 10:00, October 11 GMT Upon listening to your feedback, we've created a new challenge made suitable and fair for any VIPs level at BC.Game! Introducing PRESTIGE, a weekly challenge where the goal is simple: To get the highest possible multiplier you can on the specified game, this week being Hilo. At the end of each week, the post with the highest multiplier will win $500. That's correct, 500 US Dollars. Winner takes all. Everyone else cries. Here are the requirements for your bet to qualify: - Must be a Hilo Bet - VIP08 or higher - Minimum bet is $0.05 and up - Must be a WINNING bet - Skipping cards is NOT allowed - Hilo bet must be made within time window - No Minimum Multiplier HOW TO ENTER To enter, post a screenshot of your bet INCLUDING the bet ID, which is required for bet verification. Please don't be a scam and try to submit photoshopped bets, obviously they will fail verification. And you will look ridiculous getting banned. Let's please work together to avoid such awkward scenarios : ) Below is an example of a screenshot you should submit. Additionally, please copy + paste the bet ID in the post to make it easier for us to verify. Betting ID: 468185795008882 ----- You may resubmit posts if you end up getting a higher multiplier, just update your original post rather than creating a new one. Pretty ez challenge, right? Good luck to everyone, and look forward to seeing some sky high multipliers! 20/20 BONUS - In addition to the $500 grand prize, we'll give away Twenty (20) $20 bonus vouchers to random (valid) hilo bet posters. Post a 250x or above for a GUARANTEED additional bonus!
  4. Hey Guy GTRDaD here I would love to know some strategy ideas and advice that's not a secret. I'm just struggling to get my level up and would like to know your strategy that worked best for you. If anyone is feeling generous enough to send a tip or code shit my way I'd really appreciate it. Btw I can level up playing with JB as well correct ?
  5. Hi, Names Jeff. kinda new here. Been playing for about a month now. I like this place allot. There is just one thing I don't like. I'm beginning to think these #shitcodes are fake. I have searched the internet, social media, and here. not one anywhere to be found. Prove me wrong. Until i see one with my own eyes... they dont exist in my eye's...
  6. Hi I'm a beginner im here out of my comfort zone into the unknown I am an New Zealander keen and willing to learn also here to have some fun and win sum money
  7. Check me out new to this space https://invt.co/?invite=NuiPUAytI
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